suma. when he catches my eyes, and he does so with his hands over my thigh I think, I
can't prevent myself from reacting. my eyes widen and I, fold my fingers so they do not
crawl into the corner of my mouth and dangle on my teeth while I am, encapsulated. by his
looming figure that has, sucked up all the space between us and I am, looking up his
nostrils. but he is speaking words I do not hear, because this close all sound is the
movement of his lips and hips while he, watches me watch him.
suma. with stars in his eyes for me climbs up onto my rock over the river where I am
baking in the sun and he says "you are a very beautiful girl." and when I smile he smiles
and comes down next to me, he pulls out his flute and puts it to his –
suma. naked by the river and I am not watching. he, watches me wade through the water
and asks with his eyes around a hole in his throat 'who in the world are you?' and I
pretend not hear these thoughts that he has near me. fishy thoughts that swim around and
caress my ankles as I am walking next to him that night, high.
suma. his "would you like to wear my hat and stay so near me that I am almost a part of
you?" smile. and that moment where me he runs his hands over my bare thighs and
reminds me how good I actually am at it. touching my potential he, lights and ignites my
smoldering embers with his straight forward tongue rolling. foreplay in the desert sand is
all of my favorite rocks laying in he palm of his hand.

.suma; boy from psytribe rave.