Here I was gazing at the stars with the family that I loved most. *Sigh* "This ish pewfect." I thought. But then, mother and father started fighting with each other. It was miserable. Imagine, hearing your own parents break things and say words that they shouldn't say.

It all started when father came back home smelling like alcohol. Mommy was shocked and then started asking Daddy questions. Daddy was too tired to answer her questions so he started shouting. Mommy tried to calm him down but it wasn't working. He started throwing things at us. Mommy told Alex to run back upstairs with us. He carried my younger sister, Alycie and held Alec's hand. Alynne held my hand but I lost my footing and tripped. Alynne tried to help me but she saw Daddy coming so she ran away, saying "I wiww be bacwk por yo Wia!" Daddy came closer and he hit me with a vase. Before I knew it, my shoulder starts to hurt and my upper thigh stats to bleed. Alex tried to stop Daddy but he pushed him to the wall. Mommy then came from behind him and hit him with a glass bottle. Daddy landed with a loud thump on the floor. Mommy sat next to me, calling an ambulance and the police. She held me and cried, shouting to the phone. "My daughter is hurt! Somebody help her!" Mommy said. That was all I could make out when I fainted.

I awoke and found myself lying in the hospital, Mommy crying silently and holding my hand. "Mommy?" I said, getting up. I winced form the pain I felt on my shoulder.

"Sweetie! You're alright!" she said, squeezing my hand. My brothers and sisters started to form a circle at me and started asking questions like "Are you okay?" "Did it hurt?" and the like. I felt dizzy and I noticed someone wasn't there.

"Mommy, where's Daddy?" I said. Mommy started crying again. "Do-Don't yo-you remember, sweetie?" she said, her voice sounding funny. Then, memories of last night started coming back. I felt myself cry, not because I was in the hospital, I cried because I didn't think my Daddy could do something like that to me. Mommy hugged me.

After that incident, we moved to a new house. The house was beautiful- I thought but Mommy was miserable. She starts crying all of the sudden and one day, she made us live with our relatives. One by one, she dropped us off to our relative's houses. We all cried, begging Mommy that we don't want to go. She told us that she will come back for us and we will see each other again.

I was dropped off at Aunt Tiana's house. And met my old childhood friend, Christian Johnson-King of Jerks.


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