There were things I did for attention
was I successful? do you remember?

you wonder now
how it came to be that your
life lies in the warm, arid
gut of my palm, behind the bowels
of a gun

how the ebb and flow of your
anxious excretions
could be dictated by the absent whim
of my rival indicator.

how, after
years of untampered idleness
of malcontent waiting and
flour-burning night,
your makes of muscle go down and you're
faced with a caul who'll take
no lucre for her pains

how you could be mirrored unto
death at any slight jactation.

well, I'll
tell you.

there was a girl in the room
when you shot him

that was the gambit;
you forgot to put your cigarette out
in her pupils.

you let the bitch

and she
wants revenge like a crackpipe and she'll
sell her tits to get it.

12. 24. 10
10:24 AM