You talked quietly at me, made your policy
and inflicted the sonorous gaps
with your tottering apology.
i in turn let peace prevail
through meticulously stenciled phrases
words cocooned in meanings, succeeded by
double-entendres and innocuous jokes about
boy bands and crackpipes

we might as well be alone for all the just good
these mutual friends do;
we waltz back to back
in nautical steps
ever wary of the constant internal predator
which might cause us to lose step, face each other---
lo': no.
we do lock eyes – only –
through the hazy reflectiosn of
antique mirrors

and the volume of gaiety swells volubly
but, you and I, we sink as one
like shards of stone, though the levity
was not lost on our gruesome veneers

as the majick wore thin
you took up your shallow blanket
your bottle of moscato
your scene kid haircut
and bade our troupe gut nacht.

and, instantly, i
coughed up all of my babyteeth
stood terrified

taking great care now
now that we are facing
not to look at me as you administer
your dues

but like lockledges
we had to:

we braised each other's eyes, you
e x t e n d e d your


yet, somehow, I sauntered
past the firing squad

[i] ignored your hand
hugged you instead