Light covering your smiles,
your lips stained with watery sweetness.
Your words dressed in unique enthusiasm,
and you were looking perfect.

Those words that no doubt
made impacts on my meaningless life;
only you could have made me
realise the importance of it.

Taking a bite into that green apple,
you told me to move on; just move on.
I took it a different meaning,
when you meant to move on in life.

Out of all facading people,
you alone can be the world;
but you've always refused it
by creating this very boundary.

You said it's not meant to destroy,
but meant to protect and guard.
Couldn't take those words into
understanding in the mind.

For the very meaning of my life
was to be here by your side
even if you obviously did not feel the same.
You know, it's because I love you.