To all those boyfriends out there- take the time to listen.

Did you never notice?

I loved your arms around me.

Protective, secure.

Your hand on mine.

Guiding, steering.

But did you never notice,

When I wanted to change direction?

I loved the look in your eyes.

Hungry, searching, all encompassing.

I fell into your gaze.

(And I'm still falling)

But did you never notice,

That I changed direction?

Now I'm falling out.

Out, out out of a bottomless pit.

I loved your lips round mine.

I even loved your tongue.

Exploring, searching, finding...

But you never paused,

To enjoy your discoveries,

Just moved along to the next rung of the ladder.

Racing at the speed of my heart.

But did you never notice,

When it began to slow?

I loved the way you looked at me,

Like you cared-

Like I cared for you.

I would have stayed with you forever.

Did you never notice?

But then, you never did.

You never did notice anything,

Except my lips,

My hair,

And my chest.

You never noticed.

So I'm glad I finally did.

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