Beauty and the Beast

by yllenxxx

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P.S: The poem 'Stephanie' was made by me. The poem written here is the shortened version of the poem. If you wanna see the whole thing (it's not much though, teehee) just see my profile and you'll see it there. :)



"Tale as old as time

True as it can be…"



Sunset High was a fairly normal school. With a population of about three hundred, you could say that there's nothing really extraordinary about it. Most of the students were quite plain-looking, not really dumb but not that smart either, and were the types who don't give a shit about their lives. For them, high school was just a bridge towards adulthood. Another pain in the ass, if they may say.

But of course, being a really normal school, there were also jocks, a group of geeks and nerds, cheerleaders too.

But let us not forget two of the important people in school.

There's the Queen Bee.

The It-Girl.

The girl in every guy's masturbatory fantasies.

And in this school, she goes by the name Stephanie Lee.

Or simply Steffie.

Being the most beautiful, gorgeous human being alive and breathing in school, the students were expecting her to be paired up with her male counterpart. And they weren't disappointed.

The fullest and most attractive Rose for the Queen Bee to sip on,

The quarterback,

And this time, the guy in every girl's 'happy ever after' fantasies.

Drake Hayes.

Whenever the two would hang out together, expect a crowd to gather. Who could resist the charms of the two most magnificent individuals that ever walked upon the face of the Earth?

Or maybe just here in Sunset High.

They were a match made in heaven. If you look closely, they somehow complement each other. Steffie was dark-haired, almost black, with slanted dark brown eyes and rosy flawless skin. On the other hand, Drake was tanned, with sun-kissed hair and a dashing pair of sky-blue eyes.

I dare say they are too perfect.

"Move." Steffie barked at a girl who just so happened to block her way towards the classroom. Together with her friends, they strutted along the hall glamorously, not a single strand of hair was misplaced from each individual's respective hairdos. With heads held up high, they sat on their chosen chairs and waited for the bell to ring.

Her friends, you may ask, are also cheerleaders. There's blonde-haired, blue-eyed Stacey McLeod, curly redheaded Anna Fitzgerald, green-eyed Candice Shivers (or Candy), and petite but quirky Felicity Canfield. Individually, they are worth a second glance, no doubt about that. But when these five are together, well,

All bow down to thy goddesses.

Just as Steffie was about to complain impatiently, their English teacher breezed inside the classroom. Murmurs and whispers gradually subsided as Ms. Matthews announced the objectives for the day and then proceeded to the next activity.

"Now, are your poems ready?" Ms. Matthews asked.

Grunts, nods, and yes maam's were heard.

Ms. Matthews smiled.

"Then let's begin with…" She reached out for her class record on the table and pondered upon it for a minute.

"Justin McKinley." She looked up and stared at the bespectacled young man just behind Steffie. Justin stood up and nervously flattened the piece of paper where he had written his poem. He walked slowly towards the platform. But before he could reach it, he tripped.

Titters circulated around the room. Someone even yelled, "Way to go, four eyes!"

"Class, stop." Ms. Matthews reprimanded. The laughters died quickly.

Justin, on the other hand, grew more nervous with every passing second. She stood up quickly. Looking down, he groaned when he realized that the culprit was his own shoelace. He hurriedly tied it and proceeded to the platform.

"Uhm.." He started and looked at Ms. Matthews for the cue. Ms. Matthews smiled and then nodded.

Justin cleared his throat, took a deep breath and stared down at Steffie. He smiled at her. Steffie grimaced.

And then he started.




Her hair is as dark as a lonely night

Shining and gleaming under the pale moonlight

Dark eyes that could read someone's soul

I wonder if she knows for her I did fall?

I know it's impossible but please hear me out

It would do me a great deal if it would come from my own mouth

A thousand years may pass and time may flee

But I just want you to know that I love you, Stephanie.



The minute he uttered the last word, everybody started teasing. Justin, who was looking at Steffie from the very first word until the last word of his recitation, saw an emotion pass by Steffie's eyes. It looked like..




"Barely even friend, then somebody bends





Justin shook his head gently and pushed the thought away. He looked at Steffie again and all he could see was disgust and annoyance. He shrugged. He was expecting that. But what he did not expect was the hurt in his heart. It pained him to see Steffie with such an expression in her face after his confession.

He silently walked back to his seat and crumpled the piece of paper where he wrote the poem he made, now memorized by him completely in his heart, and quietly excused himself to the comfort room.

There he released him all his embarrassment and hurt. What in the world was he thinking? Steffie had Drake and he was no match for him. He stared at himself in the mirror and examined his face.

A geeky young man with mousy brown hair, pale blue eyes and big, BIG, glasses almost covering half of his face stared back at him.

You're such an ass, Justin, he thought and exited the place.



After English class was Algebra, which, unfortunately, was a class Justin also shared with Steffie. He awkwardly moved to his seat, still behind Steffie and silently endured all the teasing his classmates were making.

And unfortunate of the most unfortunate, Drake was also here, sitting beside him. Justin stayed as quiet as possible and avoided Drake's gaze with all his willpower. Drake still hasn't confronted him, which he does whenever there was a guy admiring his girl (Justin heard), so maybe he still doesn't know (which is really impossible) or he was putting it off for a while.

I've got to wait then, Justin thought.

In the middle of the lecture, something surprising happened. While he was listening intently to the teacher, Steffie suddenly turned around, facing him, and asked.

"Hey, can I borrow a pen? I've lost mine." She said, a shy smile passed on her face.

Justin grew stiff. It was the first time Steffie talked to him. He quickly recovered and smiled back sheepishly, fishing a pen from his bag.



"Just a little change, small to say the least

Both a little scared, neither one prepared,

Beauty and the Beast."



"Thanks," Steffie said with a smile and turned to face the board again. Justin was still dazed. Maybe he wasn't hopeless after all, maybe he still have a chance. Eyes shining, he focused on the lecture, though half of his mind was wandering far beyond the depths of the Earth.



"Steffie! Prom's less than a week from now. Who's gonna be your date?" Stacey asked Steffie as they were shopping for their prom dress. Instead of Steffie responding, it was Candy who replied.

"Duh? Drake of course! Right Steff?" She turned to Steffie who was busy inspecting a dress.

"Hmm," She replied. Drake did ask her to the prom, but she had another person in mind.



Prom night. Everyone was obviously excited. But Justin was nervous. It was the time decided to confess to Steffie face to face and let her know of his intentions. He had dressed especially good tonight. He got rid of his glasses and wore contacts in place of them. He also slicked his hair back and wore an expensive three-piece suit. He looked every inch a man as he walked from the entrance to a table.

He was aware of all the stares he received. Do I look so strange? He patted his suit in place and sat down. He looked at the entrance and just then, Steffie entered. She still looked as good and gorgeous as ever.



"Ever just the same

Ever a surprise

Ever as before, ever just as sure

As the sun will rise."



Steffie's eyes wandered across the room until her eyes met Justin's. Justin felt the world stop for a while. He could not take his gaze off Steffie. It was as though his eyes were made of metal being pulled into Steffie's own magnetic pair of eyes.

But the spell was broken when Drake came in. He grabbed Steffie's arm and dragged her somewhere off his line of sight. He sighed and forced his thoughts to his prepared 'speech' for Steffie.

A little while later, after he memorized his speech by heart, he sought and searched for Steffie. If she's with Drake then, screw Drake! He decided that it would be his night, his and Steffie's only.

After a few minutes of searching, he finally saw Steffie, and was surprised to see her alone. He approached her quietly.

"Hi Steffie."

Steffie looked up and stared at him, eyebrows furrowed. After a few seconds of silence, recognition passed in her eyes.


Justin smiled. "Yes, uhm, may I dance with you?" He asked. He held out his shaking hands, hoping Steffie wouldn't notice. But she did.

Steffie grinned. "Relax."

Minutes later, they were on the dance floor, swaying with the sweet music, their hearts beating fastly. As Justin held Steffie's hands, they felt cold and it was obvious that she was also nervous. It ignited the little glow of hope in his heart.

"Steffie, I know you know this already but I just want you to know that I love you." Justin said fastly. All his prepared speech came flying out the window.

Steffie looked up at him and smiled warmly. Justin's heartbeat beat on wildly, the fire flaming inside of him. Would she say she loves me too?

"I'll give my answer tomorrow." She said and then rested her head on his shoulder.

"Oh, and by the way, you look really dashing tonight," She added. Justin beamed.



"Tale as old as time

Tune as old as song

Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change

Learning you were wrong,"



"I know you will give me your answer tomorrow but can I ask a request?" Justin said after a few minutes of silence. Steffie looked up to him, eyes questioning.

"Can we watch the sun rise together?" He said shyly. Steffie giggled.


After dancing, Steffie left Justin, promising to come back for him after she cleared things up with Drake, who, as Justin suspected, got mad resulting from his and Steffie's fight just after they arrived at the party. He let her go. And as he looked at her back disappearing, he felt worried and anxious.

Would she really come back?

True to her word, Steffie did come back and together they walked down the empty streets, him in his suit, her in her dress, waiting for the sun to rise. And they did not wait long.

As they were watching the sun rise, Justin held Steffie's hand. Steffie smiled at him and said nothing. For ten minutes, they watched the rising sun in silence, awed at the magnificent beauty laid before them.



"Certain as the sun, rising in the east

Tale as old as time,

Song as old as rhyme,

Beauty and the Beast."



"I know I still don't have the right to do this but," Justin pulled Steffie's hand and kissed the back of her palm.

"From now on, you will be my Beauty." He looked deep in her eyes and leaned closer. When their lips were almost an inch apart already, he whispered.

"And I will be your Beast." He kissed her gently.

After letting go, Justin asked tentatively. "So it is already yesterday's tomorrow, may I know your answer?"

Steffie stared at him, took her hand back and stood up.

"Well, what do you think?"



"Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beast."



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