"Oh, shit!" She cursed inwardly and immediately scrambled up to assess the whole situation.

She ultimately found herself inside the same room, on the same bed, under the same blanket and naked as the day she was born with none other than Matthew Lee, the basketball team's small forward, and the school campus' resident heartthrob; a former seminarian and a certified ace student, plus a Math whiz to boot.

These, and other than the fact that he was utterly good-looking and drool-worthy, Matthew was almost perfect...

But above all those aforementioned credentials and noteworthy characteristics, nothing could beat the fact that Matthew Kwon was the son of the town's preacher.

Gillian Clarisse Park, the resident nobody, apparently just devirginized the untouchable Matthew Lee.

She just happened to sleep with the preacher's one and only son last night.

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