Love is hard, but life is harder. You're just a beautiful lie that I won't fall for again. Don't ever tell me who you love, I know it's not me. I know that I'll never be more than just a friend to you. I know that's not even what we are now. We're not fiends anymore. Leave me alone and I swear I'll be fine, but talk to me and I'll be forever yours. Whether I want to or not. So please just leave me alone. It'll be all the better for us both.

Love is hard, leaving is harder- to know you've lost what could have been. I always want to stick around and hope things will be better. They won't get better. But hope can be a vile enemy against common sense and my own well-being. If I stick around, can you promise me it will be worth it? I think I've lost faith in your promises.

Love is hard, but I can be strong. I will not melt. I will not fall. I will not break. I will be strong, and that's why I'll leave now, so I can go back to being me, and being my own person. Living for myself. I'll make sure my happiness doesn't depend on you anymore.

Love is hard.