Blood drenched hands,
Raised upward, clear to a
Blind eye, sign of help dismissed,
His crying pleas to souls of
Ignorant blame, turned away with
Their humanity slapping his cheek,
Back handed, shot like lead,
Piercing white cloth,
Shattering skull with a force
Of a country's hate, and bearing
The weight of a mistake,
A plan jumped off its tracks,
Now it's no different, but a
Price was paid, and we are ruthless,
We won't stop, because a light
Craves to be shone on dirt,
We laugh and cry with joy,
'Osama is dead!',
We fail to realize he breathed,
Innocent, he was not,
But after all,
Scapegoats are our closest friends

Bin Laden 5/5/11

A/N: I find this issue very peculiar and also a piece of shit. I believe he was completely innocent in the 9/11 attacks, but yes, he did kill people. I just don't want to explain all of it on here.

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