• I am not asking you to love me.
• I was always sure you didn't.

• I do not want you as a permanent girl friend.
• Nor any one else for that matter.

• But I will not be the guy that's good enough for you to fuck until you find someone more appealing.

• There are hotter girls out there that wont treat me as shitty as you do.

• I imagined the summer much differently.
• I imagined spending lots of time with you. On the beach. Staying in thousand oaks. You staying in Hollywood. Then sam cam along. You asked if you could fuck him. You asked me permission. like it would be a one time thing. like you cared about me more. then it turns out you care about him more. and you are just using me until you can fuck some one hotter. and now when we hang out it is shitty. you wish you with some one more appealing. and now you can be. I don't want to see you at the beach next week. Or really at all any more. have fun with all the more appealing guys you can handle.
• also why would i forgive you and take you back while your still with sam. Im not going to be your little play thing on the side while some other dick head gets all the boyfriend benefits. YOu come over and kiss me in got little pants but thats as far as we can go. then you go back to sam and he gets what ever he wants. why even tease me. its such a mean ass hole thing to do. and im especially not going to wait till the end of the summer and hes gone and you have to default back to me FUCK THAT

48 minutes ago
• I wish you were absent from my summer
• nothing but horrible stress so far
• and pointless drama
• I dont hate you,
• and im sorry for being so harsh
• i finally snapped after getting my feelings played with for too long