A teenage girl lay at the bed with blue sheets tangled in her petite frame. Her jet black hair was tousled in her pillow and obscured her heart shaped face. The expression in her face was serene and calm.

A ringing sound jolted her from her sleeping state.

Alexa June Addison awoke feeling tired. Five hours of sleep wasn't enough for her and the grogginess attested that. Without rising from the bed she reached her wooden nightstand and slammed her alarm clock real hard.

Five more minutes. She told herself.

Moments passed and a knock came at her door.

She raised her head and caught a glimpse of a person standing beside her bed.

"Alexa." She crooned with her gentle voice. "Time to wake up sweetie." She said as she tucked Alexa's hair in her ears.

"Mmmm" replied Alexa.

"You'll be late if you don't wake up." The woman said and exited the room.

Alexa finally managed to rise from her bed. Still tired from last night she forced herself to the bathroom. She discarded her clothes and turned the shower knob. Cold water hit her warm skin and this gave her gooseflesh. But it was what she needed to wake up her half sleeping state.

After showering, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself. Because the bathroom was small it only took her three steps to reach the sink and mirror. The pristine white sink and an old countertop was a feature of the bathroom she wanted to change. But she knew that would have to wait. She was short on cash and she still had a lot of things to pay for.

Alexa sighed and wore her glasses. She looked at herself at the mirror. Her jet black hair was dripping. Her big almond eyes with brown irises were bloodshot. She hoped that her eyes would go unnoticed since they were framed with her thick black glasses. Alexa's lips were shaped like a cupid's bow and hued in pink. Her nose was thin and tall; much like her Caucasian father and that tied her facial features together.

Then she went to find a decent outfit for school. She wore blue jeans and a plain forest green shirt. She grabbed her silver necklace and put it on. It had a long chain that stopped at Alexa's chest and the pendant was circle filigree with a star at the middle extending to the edge of the circle. The necklace was the last gift of her parents before they died from a terrible car crash. Alexa eyed the coloured photograph framed at her bedside table. It was a picture of the three of them- Alexa, her mom and her dad. Behind them were the clear skies and azure waters. She stared the photo with nostalgia. She wished she could have them back. But she knew that was wishful thinking.

"Alexa! Are you ready?" shouted her Aunt.

"Yeah." She replied. Alexa then went out of her room and down the stairs.

Upon reaching downstairs, Alexa saw her Aunt plating the pancakes. Her aunt was the one who took care of her when her parents died. She was her father's sister and like him she had blond hair the reached her shoulders, thin nose and blue eyes. She was in her mid forties but that didn't show. She was a very nice and warm person and Alexa liked her.

The aroma of freshly made pancakes wafted in the air. This made Alexa's stomach grumble loudly. Hearing the sound Elise turned around and faced her niece. She smiled and offered her a plate of pancakes.

"Here." She offered. "Looks like you're hungry." Elise said.

"I am." Alexa replied and started eating her pancakes eagerly.

Halfway through finishing her pancakes, she eyed the paper that was stuck at the fridge. The letter was mortgage notice.

Elise seeing Alexa worried turned to her and said "Don't worry about it. We'll manage."

Alexa nodded.

"Hurry up and finish your food. You'll be late for class." said Elise.

Alexa did what she was told.

A few moments passed and Elise dropped off Alexa at her school.

Alexa walked in the familiar school grounds. The scent of the freshly cut green grass tickled her nose and the sun rays were inviting. She had a hunch this was going to be a good day. She slung her backpack and walked to her locker. Alexa dialled her combination and took out her books. Then a shriek erupted. She turned around and faced the owner of the voice. The girl had a straight light brown hair and a cute face.

"June." She shrieked. People at school call her June. It was during middle school that Ellie called her that and it somehow stuck.

"Geez Ellie. What's up?" Alexa queried.

"Nothing. I just missed you. Josh and I weren't able to hang out with you during the weekend." Replied Ellie enthusiastically.

"Oh. You know I had a job." Alexa said. "Well you do look like you had fun though."

"I did." Said Ellie and paused for a while. "I mean Rob and I had a date." continued Eliie who was giggling now.

"Oh, so how did it go?"

"Well good. He took me out for dinner and then we…"

Ellie stopped at mid sentence because she saw Dylan Foxx walked by. The last name really gave him justice. He was tall, slightly tan with a good body. His chiselled chest was hugged by his blue shirt. His dark brown hair and green eyes were beautiful. Yes, he was beautiful for a guy. Everybody seemed to stop what they were doing and looked at Dylan as he passed by the corridor. That's because he was good looking, popular, athletic and smart. All the girls loved him and all the boys envied him.

"Wow. I would kill for a boy friend like that." Ellie said.

Alexa chuckled lightly. "What about Rob?" Alexa reminded her.

"Oh rob would fail in comparison to that. " replied Ellie but her eyes still lingered at Dylan from afar. "I mean look at the guy's body. So hot." Ellie gestured at Dylan.

Alexa couldn't help but smile. The guy was hot, that was true.

"That's because he swims El."

"Yeah. And they say he's so nice."

A pat came to both of the girls' shoulders. They turned around and saw a guy their age with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Behind his back slung a guitar with its cover on. Alexa knew that a lot of girls liked her best friend. Well he was cute. For a while Alexa did have a crush on her but soon faded because it was against the rules of being best friends. So now they had a platonic relationship.

"Hey josh." Alexa greeted her best friend.

"June." Josh said and smiled at Alexa.

"Hey loser." Greeted Ellie.

"What you guys doing? Ogling at Foxx again?" Josh asked.

"Oh shut it Josh." Replied Ellie.

Alexa just chuckled at the background. Her best friends were bickering again.

"Is she still mad at me for not hanging out?"

"Yeah." Alexa replied.

"But I told you, my mom was—" josh was cut off by Ellie.

"Hey josh, look." Said Ellie and pointed at a girl.

Kate Matthews walked down the hall. The girl's blond curls bounced with her. She was a very pretty girl with hazel eyes. She looked a lot like Taylor Swift except that she was taller and had fuller lips. Kate Matthews was the student body president, valedictorian, and the hottest girl at school. Yes, everybody at school loves her. It was like she was the female counterpart of Dylan Foxx. Dylan waved at Kate and walked with her.

"Hey Josh. Ogling at Kate again?" asked Ellie.

"I was not." Josh replied defensively.

"You really have a crush on her." Alexa said.

"No I don't." said Josh. "Come on let's just get to class." He said.

The three of them went together since they had the same subject. But the two girls still teased Josh.


It was the last class Alexa had and it was English. She didn't pay much attention to the teacher since Alexa had read in advance. Ellie often told here that she was a geek and she took it as a compliment. She was bored and continued doodling on her notes. She soon realized that she had filled the entire page with random drawings. Alexa touched her locket and played with it. She traced the filigree with her thumb, twisted the chain and unclasped and clasped the lock.

"Riiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg!" The bell rang and it was the signal Alexa waited for her to get out of the room.

The teacher was announcing something about homework and she made a mental note of it. Then Alexa slung her backpack.

"Hey June! Let's hang out." Called Josh.

"Can't. Gonna cover for my co-worker at work today."

"Oh. Ok." Said Josh with a disappointed look in his face. "Tomorrow then?"


With those last words Alexa dashed out of the room. She didn't want to be late. Because she was in a hurry she bumped at a guy. Her binder and books scattered on the floor. She hurriedly picked up her things.

"Sorry. I was in a hurry." Apologized Alexa and dashed off without even looking at the guy's face.


A girl had just bumped Dylan Foxx and ran quickly because she was in a hurry. He recognized the girl. It was June Addison. They had three classes togther. He was about to walk off when he stepped at something. A shiny object lay at the floor. It was a silver necklace. He picked it up and held it. It must be June's.

"Hey June you dropped your—"he called out. But as he turned around she wasn't there anymore