Daddy used to be around all the time,

A job working manual labor.

But at least Daddy had a lot of love.

Supporting the family with Hamburger Helper and a crappy apartment.

But Daddy had charisma and charm.

Daddy had determination to make it somewhere someday.

So one day Daddy got a job offer he couldn't refuse.

The only price was a couple business trips a couple times a year.

Now Daddy could take his family to fancy restaurants,

they even could support another kid,

a little boy, and they did.

They got a big new house,

one they could finally call theirs.

But those couple business trips a year turned into

a couple a month.

And one day his son called his Daddy to read him a story,

but Daddy wasn't there.

Now Daddy's gone all the time,

he says he does it for love.

But Daddy's missed all her recitals in the past four months,

and he wasn't there to teach him to ride a bike.

Wasn't there when Mama was sick for four days straight,

it was his daughter that took care of her when she wasn't at school.

The same daughter who ran alongside his car screaming when he left the first time,

well, honey, she's a teenager now, and she could care less if he stays or leaves

because he's gone so often.

If she looks deep inside she knows she misses him.

And that baby boy named after Daddy?

Well, sweetie, he's started his first day of school and Daddy wasn't there.

That beautiful wife he married that warm spring day,

she's sad and tired now, Mama's not doing too good.

She always loved Daddy so much,

but what happens when Daddy's not around?

Because now Daddy's gone for days and hours and weeks,

and even when he's here it's like he's just out of reach.