So i can finally publish this!! I had an uploading isuefor the longest time, but fiction press finally workz :D I'm so HAPPY!!I WANT TO THANK AYJAYSSIS FOR REVIEWING THIS POEM IN ITS WEIRD MESSED UP STATE! (AND i'm so happy its not messed up anymore :D)

I shed tears

For the broken

The falling

And the hearts of millions

The world we live in

Its dieing

And our hearts are weakened

Like babies we cry

Without food

Without hope

Without care

We fall apart

Underneath the ember soft earth

We shed fresh tears

Above the raging whispers

Hope and vanity disappears

Drop by drop

We fall to pieces

Upon crushed dreams and broken vows

We sit and prey

No longer human

Covered by red rimed eyes

No longer speaking

Hollowed out voices cut through like knives

No longer at war

Wiping away stolen land

No longer happy

Blissful and hopeful towards the sun-kissed sky

Falling onto nothing

We vanish into the midst of life

Slowly and steady

We stumble then run

Down into a darkness

More bitter than amber

More deadly then the plague

We go insane

Just like the way

It should have been

We cry

With every ounce of strength

For the sweet sound of chocolate covered tears

Tears of pain

Tears of suffering

Tears of heartache

A bittersweet reminiscence of a human race

No longer is there any laughter

No moments of love that can be spared

Without falling

Lullaby-ed to sleep

By the hushed sound of sea salt tears