"Here" he said

He held out his hand

Gave me a comforting smile

But it was tinged with fear

"Take my hand, Val"

I looked away

But only for a second

I accepted his hand and stood up next to him

"Don't look down, Val."

I didn't look down

I trusted him

I loved him

"Are you ready, Val?"

He asked

Like it was something so easy

Like it was so casual

How can he act so calm?
We looked over the ledge

I gulped

And forced back my fear

No time for tears

No time to go back

My eyes shifted

Back to his

He looked at me encouragingly


I nodded

He touched me

My face very gently


Holding back my despair

"I loved you, Val."


Not love

Was it because this was it?

The end?

Or was it because

He did not love me

The end….

Of my story

We jumped