She's his Rapunzel

The princess he needs to save

She's his Juliet

The one who completes his Romeo

She's his love

His to protect

She's his damsel

His damsel in distress

He's her knight

The one said to wear shining armor

He's her Romeo

The one who completes her Juliet

He's her love

Hers to shield

He's her hearts desire

A desire like no other

She's his woman

The little girl he sees

She's his lover

Little kisses that they share

She's his fiancé

When they play dress up

He's her man

The little boy she sees

He's her lover

Little kisses that they share

He's her fiancé

In dreams beyond compare

The light the two of them shine

The light the two of them pine

Demons detest

Angels request

Little love that flows

Upon the river rows

Nothing beats the first love

Pure like the wings of a dove

Nothing like a first kiss

Something you shouldn't miss

Together until the end

Hopefully it doesn't rend

Little love I love

Little dove

My dove

Roses and violets

Flowers and smells

The signs of love

A first love never ends