We're always confused

Always lost

But some never notice.

We're always in danger

Always hurt

But some never notice.

We're always upset

Always crying

But some never notice.

But I notice all of this.

I feel every needle.

I feel every stab.

I can tell that I'm lost.

I can tell that I am sad.

Why am I the only one?

Why does no one else seem to feel it?

Are we all just great actors,

Or are we all just amazing liars?

I have the courage to show my emotions,

While others keep them locked away

I wear black when depressed,

Red when angry,

And light colors when happy.

Why is it that everyone else wears the same thing?

Always bright

Always happy.

Are you always happy when you wear those outfits?

Because if not I applaud you for putting on an excellent show.