Made: Friday, May 6, 2011

Time: 11:30p.m


I'm hurting
And hurting
I just want to see your face

(If I never see your face again
That's not alright)

I see you
Over again
Those lips
That smile

(You were always…
You made my days)

I want you
I need you
Someone please!
Bring him back!

(I would call your name
But it would do no good)

And just as I thought
The night was at an end
You showed up at my side
Just one more time

("Give me a hug."
And I never wanted to let go)

You're gone
Long gone
We'll never see you
Ever, ever again

(I couldn't help the tears
I couldn't help but break down)

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
You'll never know
That I loved you

(But that last moment…
Maybe you did know)

A love
That never was
That I wished
Could always be