Chapter One: Alex

I woke up in a soft, warm, bright red bed. Where was I? I immediately wondered. Where was Leo? Was he okay? I started panicking. I pulled the covers off me, and stood up, examining myself. Where was all the blood and sand from before? My left hand was in a sling, and I could feel that the cuts and bruises on my face from the journey were all gone. Because of my being-an-angel enhancements, my arm wouldn't be broken in about four to five days.

The room was small. It had a desk in the corner to my left, a bookshelf behind the desk, and the room was carpeted with soft white carpet. It had two doors, one to my right, that I figured leaded out, and one to my left that was either a closet or a bathroom.

I walked to the door on my right, and gently pulled it open. There was a long hallway in front of me, leading to a tiled kitchen. I ran forward, preparing myself to run into an Archangel or at the very least a Warrior. Surprised, I screeched to a halt at what I saw. A woman in her forties was cooking eggs, lightly humming to herself.

"Where's Leo?!" I demanded angrily, no longer too confused to get my priorities in order. "Where am I? Who are you?"

Turning her head to reveal a surprised face, she said, "Alexandra Evernight! Dear? Oh! Why, are you awake? . . . The doctor said . . . Oh! You're at my house! I'm your new mom, Ms. Leila! I adopted you!" She broke into a big smile and pulled me into a bear hug.

My new mom? Adopted . . .? I shook the questions from my head and backed away. "Where's Leo?! What have you done to him?!" I demanded.

"Leo? There's not a Leo here . . . But! There's Scott, who is 15—like you, Jenny, she's 12, and her older sister Dawn. Dawn is 18, she's nice. Hmm . . . there's no Leo—," She stopped as I cut her off.

"How long have I been here?" I asked her.

"About 4 days. You were asleep the whole time though . . . Ah! Leo Frey? Him! Him! I received a letter just today about him!" She quickly turned off the stove and ran for a stack of papers next to a phone. She quickly flipped through them, pulling a small paper from the pile. She read from it, "Leo Frey. . . Leo has awoken two days ago, and has settled nicely into the orphanage he was placed in, he has been moved to a family, where he is now." Ms. Leila looked up at me, putting down the letter. "See, hun, he's fine. He's settled nicely, now what are you worried about?" She asked softly.

If they were planning to send us to orphanages, why'd they shoot at us? How was Leo settled nicely? Didn't he care about what happened to me at all?

"Oh," I mumbled and ran back to the room I woke up in.

"Alexandra, dear! Your breakfast . . .," She trailed off as I sprinted out of sight. I had almost reached my room when I ran right into someone.

He had light blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt with white stripes, light blue faded jeans, and blue and white high tops sneakers, his hands in his pockets. "Oh, sorry," he said, steadying me by holding my shoulders. "Are you okay?"

I nodded mutely. "Who . . .," Then I remembered he was that boy; the one that Ms. Leila said was my age. What was his name? He was quite cute, too . . .

"I'm Scott," he smiled, his white teeth shining. He stuck out his hand. "Who are you?"

I politely shook his hand. "Alex Evernight," I mumbled.

I ran back to my room, and shut the door. Jumping on the bed, I suddenly remembered. That black tracking chip in my arm. Jake had made it, so we would know where each other were at all times. He also made it so only we can take it out by choice. Where was Leo? I had to know. I stuck my arm out to the bedside table and ran it across. My arm opened where I cut it right above my elbow. Jake hadn't put it in too deep, so we could to it easy. Flinching with pain, I saw the black cube and slowly extracted it. I tore the end of my shirt and wrapped it around my arm, where the bleeding had mostly stopped.

I looked at the tiny black cube, and pressed the left button, L for Leo. A small picture video flashed on the screen. It was Leo, smiling at someone, lying nonchalantly on a bed.

I got up from my bed, threw the tracker on the ground, and stomped on it, hard. If Leo didn't care about me, I didn't care about him. It broke, revealing several red and green tiny broken wires. I threw the remains of it away and made my way to the second door, in search of a bathroom for a Band-Aid for my arm.

It wasn't a bathroom, but a small walk in closet, with an assortment of clothes that looked like they could all fit me. I turned away and headed back to the first door leading into the hall.

Scott was leaning against the wall, tapping away on his cell phone. He shoved it back into his pocket when he saw me. "Alex, hey—," I cut him off abruptly.