These two characters are quite close to my heart. Blue belongs to me, Jet belongs to Ceiteag_Morag on Deviant art. She graciously lets me play with him often. Please enjoy.

Brunet hair and pale skin slid almost like a cat slinking up on it's favorite sunning spot towards the short, black haired man. He had never failed to notice just how Blue's natural movements were slow but not hesitant when he approached Jet. Jet appreciated his care, sudden movements and nervous actions put the ebony haired man on edge. Blue had never done anything like that around him, the only time Blue ever moved quickly was to bandage him up or cast spells, otherwise Blue was perfectly fine with moving at a calm, relaxed, observing pace.

"Jet.." Blue's light voice called for attention he already had as he slid between Jet's outstretched arm and his body, just like a cat, but slightly more affectionate.

"Hm?" Jet kept sharp blue eyes focused on his green eyed companion. They had a very complicated relationship and he wasn't sure either of them knew how to classify it. Blue had many times told Jet that he loved and adored him, and he constantly sought to be close, but he never stepped over a boundary that separated close friends or even closer brothers from lovers. Jet was not sure whether Blue thought it was Jet's choice to initiate or if he just didn't have romantic inclinations. Blue had not exactly had easy romanticized relations in the past.

Blue smiled with those gentle, pale lips of his. "Tell me about one of your adventures?" Blue laid to rest his head on Jet's shoulder. The darker haired man didn't mind, Blue was the only one he ever let get so close to him..

"Anything for you." Jet mused, thinking of one perhaps Blue hadn't heard yet. "Which shall I tell you this time? About the forest gardens and the fairies there in?" Blue had always expressed interest in that one before.

Blue shook his head, he did love that story, but he wanted a new one. Jet always told the best stories, Blue was never sure if they had actually happened or if Jet was just a really good story teller. It was impossible for the slightly younger man to tell.

"How about how I swam through the multiverse?" Jet offered. He bent his arm at the elbow, tenderly wrapping his arm around Blue's shoulder.

Blue shook his head again. "Those stories are all good.. But I want the best one, I know you've been holding it back." Blue looked up at Jet with a soft smile.

Jet made an amused face. He hadn't really been holding back anything, he just typically went in the order he thought of them in. "I've walked the world, worn through shoes, pants, shirts.. I've talked to gods and kidnapped fairies." Jet looked up towards the ceiling over his book. "I've crossed between worlds and talked to the dead, I've seen the worst evil imaginable." Jet's eyes slid closed. "I've incurred scars from horrible creatures, I've been cursed by witches and gypsies, I've met kings and seen their kingdoms." Jet opened his eyes and looked back down at Blue. "But the best story I could ever think to tell hasn't happened yet." Jet answered honestly.

Blue's curiosity peaked and he rose an eyebrow, he lifted himself up a bit so he could look at Jet. "What's that?" He asked, feeling his curiosity burn quickly.

Jet let off a wry smile. They were miles away from the children they had once been, from the two people who always seemed to have stick in the middle of the string that bound them together. "The story we're living right now, the one where I'm growing old with you."

Blue's eyes widened and he went the loveliest shade of cherry red, burying his face in Jet's chest.

Bemused, Jet watched the brunet hide his face though his slightly pointed ears still stuck up enough for him to see the pinked, pointed tips.

Blue mumbled something and after one or two promptings spoke louder. "Well.. What do you think it would be like..?"

Jet smiled wider. Blue must have been curious what their future looked like through Jet's eyes and honestly, in Blue's position he supposed he would feel the same. "For one, we have no more time to be separated and you grow a garden with plenty of orchids. Perhaps we live near or around children." Jet mused, staring at the world.

"Live near them..? I always thought I'd have one some day.."

Jet didn't miss a beat. "Maybe we will.."

Blue did not miss the 'we' Jet had most certainly used on purpose. Blue's cheeks calmed down as Jet continued to go over their future.. It was such a lovely future, yet vague enough that it could all happen just the way Jet said. It made Blue happy that Jet saw them together still in the future. He never wanted to leave Jet's side, he never wanted to make an excuse or sing his songs or beg his apologies. Blue liked the idea of just living with Jet forever, or at least until one of them eventually died..

Blue closed his eyes happily.. Jet's vision of their future was quite tame and quite together… Nothing else could have made Blue so happy as to know his friend, his dear companion wanted to grow old with him…