Chapter 1


I'm standing on a stairwell in a room I don't recognize. There is a, unfamiliar man standing at the bottom of the stairs. His expression is cruel as he stares at me. "Get down here!" he yells.

I have the sudden urge to run. To escape. The man wants to hurt me. I should not be here. I need to get away. Instead I stumble down the stairs and stand at the base of the stair well. As the man examines me again, I tremble.

I notice that I am wearing my school uniform. A black blazer over a white shirt, gray skirt, red neck tie, white knee stockings and black dress shoes. My long ginger hair cascades down my back like a waterfall of flames.

I am still thinking of escaping well I suddenly feel like I'm floating. Levitating in the air as if I weigh nothing. I feel like I could disappear. Maybe teleport away from here.

"Don't think you can fool me, Miss Layla Kieren," I man growls and I drop back to the ground.

"How do you know my name?" I ask nervously.

"Because you're special and have a different personality than her," he replies as he points at me.

"What is this other girl's name," I ask him.

On the floor I spot a lavender piece of paper. There's a name on it. Lilith.

The man's eyes flash a fiery red. "Lilith. Her name is Lilith." A burst of pain rushes through me and all I can do is scream.

"Wake up!" a girl's voice yells. "It was just a dream, Lay."

"Val?" I'm in my bed, tangled in blankets. I'm safe in my dorm room. The man was not real. "Sorry about that. Bad dream."

"Yeah. Very loud too," Valerie replies. She's my best friend and roommate here at Deangelo Academy, the fancy coed boarding school nestled in Evanston, Illinois. "What was it about?"

"Umm…" I start. I'm not sure whether to tell her about the man. It's stupid, I know. It was just a dream, but it feels personal. "I was riding my bike and fell of a cliff," I tell her.

"Scary," she says. I nod. She brushes her straight chestnut brown hair. Over spring break she had it highlighted, so now the blond streak glitter in the mourning sunlight shining through the windows.

I untangle myself from the covers and start making my bed. It's a quarter to eight and that means I only have a half an hour till class starts. I grab my school uniform and head for the bathroom that me, Val and five other girls have to share.

I grab the first open shower stall I see and do not even bother to wash my hair. I can't help contemplating my dream as I wash myself. The man's eyes were just too freaky.

I dry myself when I'm done and throw my clothes on. I skip the make up for now. Back in our room, I grab my bag full of text books. Me and Val rush across campus with only five minutes until the first bell. I wave at her when we splint, and I begin to sprint to my first class.

With only second to spare, I'm in first period Sophomore English. Our teacher, Mr. Greene, gives me a questioning look as I walk to my desk and sit down. Five minutes later he's hading out copies of Macbeth. I let out a silent sigh. Two days back from spring break and he's already giving us Shakespeare?