You said it feels great to know that I still feel for you.

Do you have any idea what you make me go through?

I wake up every damn morning thinking about

What it would have been like if you didn't doubt

The way I felt about you when it all began back then.

Now that we're standing here can we do it all over again?


I really wish that you had believed in my honesty.

I really wish that you had a little bit of faith in me.

How could you believe their version of the story?

You kept turning away every time I said I was sorry.

You thought all I ever said were lies and more lies.

You couldn't see my love for you shining in my eyes.


I loved you more each day; in return you only gave me hate.

So really, I'm glad to hear my feelings make you feel great.

Because I don't see anything great about waking up lonely.

I can't find anything great about you being my one and only.


All you ever do is boost your ego and ask me for favors.

You don't even care about me, you clearly still love her.

So really, I'm just gonna clap loudly at my wonderful fate.

I'm glad the feelings that are killing me make you feel great!