Stacey's Mom

by yllenxxx

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P.S: This is a two part fic since i'm too lazy to write something so long in MS Word. XD and the next part introduces a new song (still thinking :P)



"Stacey's mom has got it goin' on

Stacey's mom has got it goin' on."



"Drake?" A high-shrill voice pierced the silence of the school garden. Drake Hayes did not budge but instead lied down the bench he was sitting on, grateful that the place was currently deserted. He took a deep breath, taking in all of the flowers' sweet fragrances, and closed his eyes


Stacey McLeod wandered around the garden for a minute and finally spotted Drake by the bench. She smiled as she approached him, admiring the gorgeous beauty laid before her eyes.

Now I'm going to make you mine, she thought.

Stacey had always been in love with Drake ever since the day the Hayes family moved to the house next to theirs. She was seven then, still as innocent as a newborn baby. Stacey can still remember how entranced she was back then at the sight of the blonde-haired boy wearing a blue jumper suit the exact shade of his eyes. Her tummy went tumbling, and even at a young age, she knew the feeling was going to last for a long time.

And a long time it is.

Ten years have passed and she still doesn't have the guts to confess her love to him. Even though she was known as a confident and fearless young woman, when it comes to Drake, her confidence level just drops below zero. When she's around Drake, especially when they are alone, she sinks into a blushing and shy klutz. Drake often teased her about her about her sudden 'personality change' whenever they are alone. She just ignores it, wishing Drake won't notice her feelings for him. It's not that she minds though, it's just that it would become complicated if he would know.

Because he was her best friend's boyfriend.

Stephanie Lee, her gorgeous best friend, had been Drake's long time crush before they became a couple. Stacey wasn't surprised when one day the school was suddenly gushing over the two of them, admiration evident in their eyes. Drake and Steffie could have been born for each other.

Drake, the quarterback and Steffie, the cheerleader.

Both gorgeous, smart and athletic, they became inseparable after announcing their relationship official and childhood friend Stacey was thrown into the sidelines.

Poor old Stacey.

But it seems Fate have a different plan in mind. Last month, on the night of Prom, Steffie broke up with Drake. Every single sane person at school was flabbergasted especially when they knew the reason why. It would have been more acceptable if Steffie broke up with Drake because he's a total jerk and she's so full of him. But no, it was because of another guy.

Another guy.

It's not as if there were no other handsome guys in Sunset High (Drake's just the most jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, eye-popping among them though). Steffie could pick whomever she likes from her pool of handsome admirers. But what shocked the student body was that she picked none of them. Instead chose Justin McKinley, a really ordinary guy, to the disappointment of the whole school population. And the rage of Drake Hayes.

At least Steffie's happy with Justin, Stacey mused.

"Hey Drake! Wanna come over my house?" She offered as she gently shook Drake's shoulders. Drake opened his eyes and got up. Stacey sat down beside him.

"So?" She prodded when Drake didn't answer. He still remained silent.

"Aw, come one Drake. It's been a month now. Can't you just be happy for her?" Stacey said, sensing Drake's mood. She badly wanted him to be hers, but she also wants him to be happy. And she noticed since he and Steffie broke up, Drake has been distant not only to her but also to anybody else. And she was already becoming worried.

"Of course I'm happy for her. It's just that it hurts, you know?" Drake finally replied as he runs his fingers through his hair. And then he laughed mirthlessly.

"How could you know right? You've never been in love."

Who told you that?! Of course I've been in love! I've been in love since I was seven years old! I'm in love with you, is what Stacey wanted to shout to Drake, but then fear set in first so she clamped her mouth shut and mumbled, "Hmm,"

"Anyway, let's go." Drake said and stood up, holding a hand in front of Stacey.

Stacey looked at him, an eyebrow raised.

Drake's smile didn't reach his eyes. "Your home."



Drake felt awkward the very moment Stacey excuse herself. He hadn't been here for approximately three years, not since he was caught doing indecent acts inside Stacey's bathroom.

Yeah, you could guess what.

He could vividly remember that day when Stacey's dad banned him from going inside their house. At the age of fourteen, he was a teenager with raging hormones. That day when he visited Stacey, he sneaked in some pornographic materials inside her room, and excused himself to the bathroom when Stacey offered to get some snacks. As fast as he could, he relieved himself inside her bathroom but he was unfortunately caught by Mr. McLeod from the window of the room, which faced a garden where Stacey's dad was cleaning. Drake never saw someone as angry as Mr. McLeod then. His face grew really dark, his eyes blazing and his nerves were visible in his forehead.

And from that day on, Drake never dared to step even an inch inside the McLeod property.

Stacey came back, a wide grin on her face.

"My mom's here." She said just as a lovely woman followed behind her. She looked about thirty-five, with long blond hair the same shade as Stacey's and a pair of sparkling green eyes. She smiled at Drake.

Drake felt his insides turn into Jell-O.



"Stacey's mom has got it goin' on

Stacey's mom has got it goin' on."



"Mom, you remember Drake, right?" Stacey said, smiling devilishly at her mother. Mrs. McLeod's smile widened, her already sparkling eyes sparkling more.

"Oh, yes, I remember. How are you Drake?" She said good-naturedly. Drake smiled back shyly.

"Fine, Mrs. McLeod."

"Oh shush, just call me Carol." She waved a hand in front of her and touched Drake's left shoulder. Drake jerked at the touch. It was warm and motherly.

"Sure, Carol. By the way, where's Mr. McLeod?" Drake asked, his eyes wary as it wandered around the room. When his gaze fell back to Carol, he saw her avoid his eyes.

"Didn't Stacey tell you? Harry and I got divorced a year ago."

Drake was taken aback. As far as he can remember, Mr. and Mrs. McLeod was a very loving couple, and he was surprised at the news. To his young mind back then, they looked very much in love and were perfect for each other.

Even the most perfect couple breaks up, huh? No wonder, Drake thought bitterly, remembering his relationship with Steffie.

"Anyway, I'll leave you guys alone. Don't do anything indecent okay?" Carol said after a few minutes of tensed silence. She gave a small laugh and left. Drake flushed.

Stacey laughed at the sight of Drake's beet-red face. "You're blushing!"

Drake turned his back from Stacey and said, his voice feigning annoyance.

"I'm not!"

"You are." Stacey retorted.


"You are."

"Whatever. I'm going." Drake said and took a run towards the front door. Stacey hurried after him.

"You're such a sissy, Drake. I'm just joking. Come one." Stacey consoled and then dragged Drake into her room. Drake followed.

They spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games together just like they used to do when they were young. When Drake wasabout to go home, Carol peeped into Stacey's room and said.

"Drake, would you like to stay for dinner? I would love to have you again at our dining table."

Drake looked at the lovely woman and got tongue-tied. She looked so lovely in an apron with her hair carelessly tied in a bun high on top of her head. Drake swallowed.

What the heck, man? She's twice your age! Get a grip!

"O..okay." He finally replied. Carol beamed at him, creating butterflies in his stomach. When Carol left, he was still dazed.

Sweet mother of God, I am not attracted to Stacey's mom. I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO HER, Drake thought strongly. This is just nothing, nothing.

To ward off the unspeakable thought that filled Drake's mind, he turned to Stacey and continued playing with her.

Over dinner, Drake couldn't help but feel uneasy whenever Carol talked to him. He knows she was just being friendly to her daughter's friend but he couldn't help but think some malicious thoughts underlying their interaction. He tried his best to act normal and so far, Drake could see he was doing quite well, for even Stacey did not even notice his preoccupation.

Or so he thought.

Stacey couldn't help but notice Drake's actions. For the longest time they have been friends, she was quite familiar with Drake's attitude towards his friends' parents. His personality would change a little over normal but he was talkative and entertaining. But tonight, whenever he talks to her mother, he blushes and talks a little softer, gentler.

"Stacey honey, I'll be leaving tomorrow for a business trip. I'll be gone for maybe a week, are you going to be all right alone?" Carol said in the middle of dinner. Stacey nodded at her mother.

"Of course, Mom. I'm not a kid anymore." She smiled and took a big bite of her hamburger.

"And Drake, make sure Stacey doesn't do anything bad, okay?" Carol addressed to Drake. Stacey groaned.


Drake froze and a shy smile crept in his lips. He nodded.

"Sure, Carol."

To anyone who doesn't know Drake that much, the difference cannot be seen, nor felt. But because Stacey had been harboring a huge crush on him that eventually led to love, her senses were hypersensitive when it comes to Drake. She could tell there was definitely something wrong with him tonight.

And Stacey intends to find it out.



"Stacey, can I come over after school?"



"Hey Stace, can I come to your house again later?" Drake casually asked Stacey a week later he came by Stacey's house. Stacey was thrilled and immediately said 'yes'. She was glad Drake was already back to his old self again.

After the last bell rang, Stacey took a little visit to the washroom. Drake and she had agreed that they were to meet at the location of her locker. With excitement coupled with nervousness, she fished out her make-up kit from her bag and retouched. She also restyled her hair and dabbed some perfume on her pulse points. When she was finished, she stared at her reflection and smiled.

Get ready, Drake, she thought naughtily.

And off she went to her locker.

By the time she arrived to her destination, Drake was already there. Stacey smiled at him when Drake flashed her a sexy smile. Her heart raced as if it were on marathon.

Darn it, be still my heart.

"Let's go?" Drake said.

Stacey smiled.




"We can hang around by the pool,"



"Make it fast, Drake! I never knew you're such a slowpoke!" Stacey shouted at Drake from a closed door. Drake was currently stripping his pants off and put on Stacey's dad's old trunks.

"Coming! Geez," He mumbled and quickly stashed his clothes into his bag, coming out in only trunks and a towel around his neck.

Stacey gaped at the sight. Drake looked stunningly gorgeous in her dad's old trunk, which definitely left little in her imagination. Her eyes wandered below up.

Strong, muscled legs.

Lean, firm thighs.

(Skipped for the sake of protecting your innocence)

Slim waist.

Six-pack, hard abs.

Fatless and hairless chest.

Broad, broad shoulders.

And Drake's grinning face.

"Did I pass for inspection?" He joked. Stacey frowned at him.

"No, not a chance." she said.

More than pass, she thought with a grin.

"Come on, the pool's waiting!" Stacey tugged Drake towards the pool, Drake laughed.

"Okay, okay. You're too excited."

Stacey scowled at him and released his arm.

"Fine," She said as she marched towards the pool on her own. Drake couldn't help but smile. Stacey was still the same girl he met ten years ago.



"Did your mom get back from her business trip?

Is she there, or is she trying to give me the slip?"



"Is your mother home already?" Drake asked nonchalantly, trying to appear disinterested, when in truth, he was dying to see Carol for a week now.

"Not yet. But she's going to be home tonight. Wanna wait for her?" Stacey replied while sipping her juice at the edge of the pool.

"Is that an invitation?" Drake teased, giving Stacey his most seductive smile. To his surprise, Stacey blushed.

"Of course not!" Stacey suddenly stood up and dived into the pool. Drake wondered at her reaction. He was only teasing her, and yet she reacted a little differently.

Does she like me more than a friend?

Drake shook his head.


A splash of water broke into his reverie. He looked up and saw Stacey smiling at him.

"What're you spacing off, dope?"

Drake smiled back. His recent thoughts were really impossible. Recovering now, he scooped some water and splashed them towards Stacey's direction.

"Who's spacing off, blondie?"



Stacey felt relieved. She knew exactly what Drake was thinking and she couldn't blame him. Anyone who knew her would really think notice something. And she was sure that if she won't do anything, Drake would eventually recognize her feelings for him. And she doesn't want that.

For now.

She still needed to know what was bothering Drake. And by the time she discovered it, she would confess her love for Drake, without any beating around the bush. Simple and straightforward.

"Stacey honey, I'm home!"

A voice sprang from the living room and out came Stacey's mom. Stacey got out of the pool, snatched her towel from the bench, wrapped herself around it and hugged her mother.

Drake, on the other hand, felt his heart beat stop. His eyes unconsciously swallowed everything of Carol's appearance. Tall, willowy figure, silky blonde hair, and her ever sparkling green eyes.

"Drake!" He heard Carol call to him. He stood up, snatched a robe from the adjacent chair where Stacey snatched her towel from, and greeted Carol.

"Hi, Carol." He smiled. His gaze lowered and landed on the paper bags and packages in Carol's hands. Drake felt a sudden sense of chivalry and immediately offered.

"Can I carry your things, Carol?"



"You know I'm not the little boy that I used to be,

I'm all grown up now, baby can't you see?"



"Oh, such a fine gentleman. You surely have grown up already. You can put it inside the kitchen." Carol replied, handing Drake her things. Drake gallantly took it from her quietly walked towards the kitchen.

"You sure have a nice friend, Stace. You sure he's not your boyfriend?" Carol said as Drake left. Stacey let out a deep sigh.

"I wish."

Carol's eyes widened. "So, you like the guy?"

Stacey turned her back from her mother and tugged her towel tighter around her.

"I love him." She confessed quietly.

Carol put a hand around her daughter's shoulders and asked.

"Did you tell him already?"

Stacey shook her head. "I've tried many times, but I just can't. Drake just broke up with my best friend last month and I was thinking maybe it's still too early to tell him."

Carol nodded and hugged Stacey.

"Whatever your decisions are, you know I will always support you. Now go and change, I'll start preparing dinner." Carol gently pushed Stacey towards the stairs and started going to the kitchen. Stacey heaved a deep sigh and obeyed her mother.



"Thank you, Drake. You are such a big help." Carol said the moment she entered the kitchen. She approached Drake and hugged him, momentarily freezing the time in Drake's world until she let go of him. Drake exhaled slowly.

"So Drake, do you like my daughter?" Carol asked out of the blue as she arranged the things on top of the dining table. Drake stiffened.

"N-not exactly, Carol." He replied, unsure of what to answer. Carol looked at him, smiled and returned to her work.

Drake stared at Carol. She looked so graceful and lovely as she diced the onions for their dinner. Drake leaned on the counter and just gazed at her, slipping into obliviousness, not knowing a pair of eyes was staring at him with the same intensity as Drake was staring as Carol, only it wasn't admiration speaking in her eyes.

It was suspicion.



"Stacey's mom has got it goin' on,

She's all I want and I've waited for so long."



Stacey's eyes narrowed with suspicion as she looked at Drake looking at her mother. She knew that emotion in his eyes. Knew it too perfectly.

It was his 'in-love' look.

Drake used to look at Steffie exactly the same way he was looking at Stacey's mother right now. His eyes were shining and some deep emotion was evident in his eyes. And that was when the truth dawned upon Stacey.

Drake was in love with her mom.

Stacey felt as though a thousand tons were hanging in her heart. It felt so heavy that she immediately had the urge to cry. But she steeled herself. Once and for all, she's going to clear it up with Drake first, before jumping into conclusions.

Stacey cleared her throat, gaining the attention of both Drake and her mother. She forced a smiled upon her face.

"Hmmm, that smell's good." She said, looking at her mother. When her mother beamed, she stole a side glance at Drake and witnessed some deep admiration passed in his eyes. Her heart sank deeper.

"Drake? Could I talk to you for a minute?" Stacey asked Drake. Drake nodded, his eyes full of questions.

"But first, can you dress up first? You look ridiculous in a robe." Stacey added as Drake started to move towards her. Drake grinned and said.


Few minutes of waiting and Drake appeared looking as gorgeous as ever by the kitchen's door. He looked at Stacey and smiled.

"I'm ready, Stace."

Stacey took a deep breath and looked at her mother. Carol smiled and nodded in encouragement. Stacey smiled weakly.

If you only knew, Mom.

Stacey dragged Drake towards the den. Before turning to look at him, she took another deep breath again.

Drake noticed Stacey's uneasiness so he tried to lighten up the mood.

"Hey, why are you so nervous? You love me don't you?"

And while Drake thought he was going to brighten up the atmosphere, he actually hit a chord. Stacey was going to confess to him. But she was also going to confront him about something.

"Actually, yes." Stacey defiantly said. She turned to Drake, unshed tears making her eyes shine.

"I have loved you since the very first day I saw you. I have loved you first before you even loved Steffie. I love the way you smile, the way you walk, I love everything about you! And do you know how hard to keep it all for ten years?! It hurts way damn more than Steffie breaking up with you." Stacey blurted out.

Drake was obviously surprised. His eyes widened and his mouth came ajar. Stacey looked away from him and hastily wiped her tears away. When Drake had recovered, he touched Stacey's shoulder and turned her around to face him.

"Stace, I.. I.. I don't know what to say. You do know I love you as a friend but, I don't know. I don't deserve you, I cannot give you my full love." Drake explained slowly. The sadness in Stacey's eyes were suddenly replaced with suspicion.

"Is it because you love my mother?"

Drake was taken aback.



"Stacey can't you see, you're just not the girl for me

I know it might me wrong but I'm in love with Stacey's mom."



"H-h-how did you know?" Drake asked, disbelief in his voice.

Stacey looked away. "I saw you staring at her just the way like you stare at Steffie when you were still a couple."


A cough startled both Drake and Stacey making them look at the door in unison.

"Mom?" Stacey said, quickly drying her eyes.

"Yes, it's me." Carol said, her face serious. No doubt she heard their conversation.

"Stace, can you leave Drake and me for a while?" She turned to her daughter. Stacey nodded and hurriedly went out of the room.

When they were already alone, Drake felt nervous as Carol approached him. She took his arm and yanked him towards a chair. Carol took a deep breath before speaking.

"I heard your conversation a while ago. To tell you the truth, I really am flattered for a guy as handsome as you to love me. But you do know it's not appropriate to feel that way, do you? Especially now that you know my daughter's in love with you." She covered Drake's hand with her own.

"I think all you are feeling for now are not real. You don't have a mother, don't you?" Carol saw Drake shake his head. "Well, that explains it then. I know you just think that you are in love with me because you are hungry for a mother's love." Carol smiled.

"Please stay away from us for a while and think this through. At your age, I know you are confused. And please give Stacey time to heal, okay?" She looked deep into his eyes, hoping to move his soul with her words.

Drake nodded slowly, realization suddenly hitting him. "Thank you, Carol. I will do what you want." Carol smiled at him and stood up.

"Come on, I'll walk you to the gate."

Drake stood up after her and shook his head. "I can manage myself, Carol. But first, can I see Stacey first? I.. I'd like to apologize to her."

Carol nodded and led him to Stacey's room. Once alone, Drake hesitated whether to knock or just open the door. In the end, he decided to just knock.




"Stace, it's me. Can I come in?" Drake asked softly, raising his voice a notch higher for Stacey to hear it from the other side of the door. He heard movements coming from inside Stacey's room. He prepared himself to face Stacey, but instead of opening, a soft click got his attention.

She locked him out.

Drake sighed.

"Stace, I'm sorry." Regret filled Drake's voice. "I'm really really sorry. Please, can we talk?"

"Go away!" He heard Stacey's anguished voice from behind the closed door.

Drake forced his numb legs to move. He knows Stacey needed time. So he went out of the her house and out of her life.





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