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Eighty Five Pounds

By Triple Jynx (Of course, you all know that, but I felt like adding something else =P)

Julie looked into the full length mirror and smiled. She posed in her undergarments, studying every inch of her body-her shoulder length dark brown hair, her hazel eyes that were wide and doe like, and skin a light tan. Jules sighed. But her figured wasn't to her liking.

Julie was anorexic, spending every second on the weight scale, and every other in front of the mirror, wishing she could lose just a couple more pounds. At one hundred one pounds, the girl looked like a child in her mother's clothing, far from her original one hundred twenty nine. Anorexia plagued the seventeen year old from the day she heard of it, and like a blinded man relying on his dog, Julie relied on the malnutrition diet to reach her desirable goal of eighty five pounds.

Julie tried to rid herself of the addiction, but it only got worse every time she neared the mirror. She looked her body over and over again, wishing the flabs and the fat would just leave her be. Julie sighed and ran her fingers through her silky hair and went to lie down on the bed. Eight five pounds seemed so far...

"Come down for dinner!" Her mother called.

"I'm not hungry!" She yelled back, hoping her mother could hear her muffled cry beyond the pillow she had stuffed her face in. Her mother didn't reply.

The fact was that she was starving, but she didn't dare touch the food. A year ago, when her diet first began, all Julie did was eat a portion of it, congratulating herself when the food that went into the garbage was more than the night before, and then punishing herself with only a glass of water for breakfast the next morning when it was less.

What Julie did was eat slowly, breaking her food into pieces so that it would take longer to eat. When her family finished their food, she would be last, only half way through her plate.

"What's taking you so long, Jules? You're slower than a snail!" Her father would joke. Julie only smiled and kept spooning less then bit size food down her throat. When she was sure her family was gone, she would hurriedly dump the food down the trash. Her mother had confronted her of the food found in the garbage three weeks into the new diet, and since then, the food had gone down the drain and through the food disposal. For the past four days, instead of even bothering to fake eating the food, she just skipped it all together.

"I ate at my friend's house" or "I'm not hungry" became common excuses throughout breakfast and dinner, and her mother was becoming more suspicious at her personal goal to achieve eighty five pounds.

Julie groaned and forced herself to sleep, subsiding into the darkness to rid herself of her troubles and escape the cruel world. What she didn't know though, was that soon, she wouldn't even need to bother with it.


It was six hours into her sleep that Julie woke up, to a thumping noise coming from outside her room. Sighing, the high school student tried to slip into unconsciousness again. It was a fruitless effort, so the girl lied awake with her eyes trailing the patterns on her ceiling. It wasn't long until the glass of water she had before the family dinner started caught up with her. Julie sat up and watched the clock in front of her bed, then threw the covers off. Her bare feet padded the wooded floor as she walked towards the bathroom.

[Skipping the toilet scene]

Julie sat against the wall of the bathroom, sobbing silently. Strands of her hair matted the girl's face. She pulled her legs up to her chest and held her head in between her knees. She sniffled as the last of her tears left her tear ducts. Julie got up and walked over to the sink. As she turned on the faucet, something in the mirror caught her eye. She looked up at it. Her own bagged eyes stared back. Shaking her head, she forced her eyes back down to the water running from the metal faucet. Reaching her hands into the cold water, Julie shivered. She cupped her hands and splashed the water onto her face.

Julie's breathe started becoming deeper as she breathed through the water, chilled and frozen. She shook her head and grabbed her towel, opening her eye just a crack to seek the cloth. While she did, something again caught her eye in the mirror, but the water quickly clogged her vision. Wiping her face, Julie quickly looked back into the mirror to see... nothing. She clenched her eyes shut.

"I must be going crazy, from all the stress, and food, and school work, and..." opening her eyes, she nearly screamed. In the reflection, was somebody, standing right behind her, just an inch away from her skin. It wasn't exactly a person, it was more of a... a thing.

Face sullen and cheeks sunken, its skin dragged over its bones like a rag on a rack. It was dirty and full of grime, a sickly yellow color. There were no eyes either. Instead, it was just two, hollow, empty sockets, dark and shallow. The hair, if you dare call it that, was stringy and knotted, a dirty looking black, parted in the middle and chin length. It, was wearing torn clothing that looked more like rags than a shirt, and pants that were loose and looked like it would fall off any moment.

Turning back quickly, she expected that gross thing, but instead, was met with nothing. Slowly, she turned around.

Julie looked into the mirror, and the face looking back at her was not her own. A terrifying shriek ran through the house and a rough, slimy hand that reeked of rotting cheese covered her mouth.


"Julie, Julie was that you?" A groggy mother asked, making her way to the bathroom. Her dark hair was a mangled mess and her plump figure was covered in a laced night gown. As she walked towards the door, she realized that the door was opened a crack and was opened. Julie was a responsible person, and never forgot to turn off the lights when she left the room, so she's probably still in.

"Sweetie, are you in there? Are you okay?" No reply. "Julie, answer me," the woman said, starting to panic. She went closer to the door as there was no "Yes, mom" or "I'm fine mom". What the middle aged woman found in the bathroom when she opened the door, was a sight that would haunt her forever.

The seventeen year old girl, pride and joy of the family, sprawled on the tile floor, hazel eyes opened and bony limbs spread out and mouth stained with her own blood. Her stomach was ripped opened, and it was gory sight, bloody and disgusting. A noticeable large hole was in her chest, and more red liquid painted her white t-shirt. That was all the woman saw as she quickly closed her eyes and turned away, screaming her lungs out and running back into her room.


"Victim's time of death?" A man asked.

"One twelve in the morning, sir," his accomplice asked.


"Julie Sanders."




"Ripped out intestines, a hole where the heart should be, massive blood loss, and missing a right leg from knee down. The incision was in a sort of bite mark, sir..."

"What time did her mother find her?" He asked.

"At one fifteen, Mr. Adam. She said that she heard screaming and went to the source of it immediately," the second guy replied.

"And where was her mother before?" Mr. Adam asked.

"She claimed she was sleeping."

"Any proof, Jonathan?" Jonathan nodded.

"Her husband said that he felt her get out of bed, calling for their daughter." Mr. Adam nodded.

"One more thing," he said.

"What is it?"

"How much does the corpse weight?"

"Exactly eighty five pounds, sir."