Tell Me Your Secret

Alexis's friend dares her to ask out the school's transfer; a mysterious boy who refuses to take interest in anything, particularly people. So Lexi is shocked when he not only agrees to a date, but declares her as his. Lexi refuses to date him though, since she has a secret to keep hidden, but the new kid is reluctant, insisting on having her. Lexi knows that the transfer student is hiding a secret as well though, and will do just about anything to figure it out, even if it means exposing herself in the process.

Chapter One


Bitterness and hatred.

Bitterness, hatred, and disgust.

Those were the words that played out in my head as I sat awkwardly in front of the new transfer student, our desks turned to one another so we were eye to eye, knee to knee. There were a lot of thoughts that crossed my mind when the teacher assigned us as partners for the day, none of which possessed any sort of positive spin to them.

But I guess it wasn't that bad, if you ignored the whole I-hate-you-so-much-I-wish-you-were-fucking-dead glare he continuously sent. Or the body position that pretty much shunned me out of any sort of interaction with him. If there was one thing that could have been an upside to this at all, it was that he was super massively hot. Or at least, in my eyes he was.

He wasn't like the rest of the preppy dressed kids here (which included myself) in the usual bright or light colors, Hollister, Aeropostale sort of forty bucks a shirt expensive demeanor and he didn't put in any sort of hair gel, spikes or dyed fad the guys seemed to be going through.

There was something very refreshing about him, no matter how many times I saw him.

The most obvious thing to pin point was probably his clothes, which pretty much varied from dark, darker, and darkest. He wore the whole teenage delinquent look well, especially whenever he was glaring (which was all the time). He had light skin compared to the sun kissed flesh everyone else acquired from tanning at the beach or outdoor sport activities. His hair was chocolate brown that looked sort of fluffy and full, giving me the urge to run my fingers through it and feel its softness.

But even if he was a little more appealing to me than half the guys at this school, it didn't make me feel anymore comfortable with that menacing expression his eyes seemed to drill into mine; eyes that probably could have been very attractive as well with their dark black maybe blue complexion.

"Are you guys having any trouble?"

Mrs. Anderson appeared next to our desks, staring at the blank pieces of paper before us. She was probably the youngest teacher here, giving us the "fun" activities she had planned.

"Oh, no. We're fine," I urged her to go and looked back at our packet. I had missed the whole explanation of what we were supposed to do thanks to Mr. Transfer and his either I-crapped-in-my-pants or am-PMSing look.

"So…do you know what we're doing?" I asked, for lack of a name. He had been here for two, maybe three months and no one seemed to know his name. Better yet, no one seemed to even recall him speaking. He was an absolute loner and for some reason it drove me mad.

As I expected, he didn't say anything, and I could count on doing this whole worksheet on my own.

How did he even get here? I grumbled to myself, filling in the problems. This was a private high school, and one that cost a good deal of money just for tuition. How could he get in here?!

I stopped writing. Maybe the private school kids were wearing off on me. Wasn't I just like this guy? I came from a public school and could barely even pay for tuition. The only difference between us was that he could easily show himself for who he was, while I stood behind a glass wall, pretending to be just as snotty and rich as everyone else.

If anything, I should be the one to relate to him.

I sighed, putting down my pencil. I was easily led into guilt, whether or not someone wanted me to feel that. I looked up at him.

"Okay, you can pick partners now," Mrs. Anderson announced and suddenly the scrapes of desks and chatter collided into the room all at once. Kimberly grabbed my arm, dragging me off to another desk across the room as I watched the transfer disappear from my sight.


A/N: This is just a preview to chapter one!