"How beautiful..." Her mother commented with a smile tying the last bow in her hair. Giving her a hug from behind, her mother sent her out of her room with a kiss. "Be safe my little angel..." Roxanne Sapphira Destiny was a member of the richest family in town. Her glittering orange hair and innocent brown eyes were always shown off with a tilt of the head and a smile on her porcelain face. Roxie had money, love from her mother and Brother, really good guy friends and a huge house to live in but Roxie felt she hadn't had it all. She could care less about the mass amounts of money that she would receive one day. She didn't care about the items she got on her command. Sweet little Roxie only wanted one thing: Her best friend to acknowledge her. Andy was her older brother, Max's closest friend, and was a member of the poorest family in town. Roxie, at the age of Nine, felt he cared very meagrely for her.

"Roxie!" Her older brother cried from the bottom floor. "Let's go, we can't keep Gage waiting."

"I'm sorry! Mommy was just fixing my hair." Her high, sweet voice rang out. Her thick eyelashes batted at her elder brother as she grinned her immortal smile. Forgiving her swiftly, he extended his arm out to hold his younger sister's hand. Roxanne had quickly learned from her father that she would get hurt if she didn't listen to the men, so she eventually began to fear them all the more. Her brother was no exception to her fear, and due to this Roxanne refused to hold his hand. "Let's go!" She whispered shyly at Maximilian, simply ignoring his kind gesture. More than anything, this pained him the most. Roxanne was Max's world ever since she was born.

Exiting the gigantic abode, the two made their way to the forest to meet up with the two other boys waiting on them. The two fourteen year old boys stood impatiently, awaiting the arrival of their two peers. Gage Knight and Andy Valitroph stood erectly in the forest, allowing their fairly long hair to blow in the cool summer breeze. Andy was a fairly tall teenager with ginger hair and amethyst irises. Andy lived close to the poverty line, as his mother and father deeply went into debt. His dark personality frequently frightened the young red-head, and his maturity caused his mind to be unreadable. Gage on the other hand was head-strong and loud as well as sweet and kind. The blunette was proud of his stunning orange eyes and muscular figure. All three of the guys were fairly built up well, but this only caused Roxie's fears for them grow. The four of them remained in the forest until they moved to the Chinese restaurant for lunch.

~Roxanne's Point of view~

The restaurant was adorned with red and gold decor to give it the feel of being in an orient house. No matter. I was too focused on not upsetting the three beautiful monsters currently surrounding me.

"So Roxie, I bet I had a better day than you yesterday!"

"I doubt that." I whispered quietly to Gage, my personality mirror. Gage sometimes was too sweet and too much fun to be scared of, unlike Andy who was too mature for his own good. I didn't understand how I could want to like him at my age. My heart seemed to never rest when he passed me by or hugged me tenderly. I was just a kid to him, who was I kidding?

"Oh yeah? My big sister bought me candy and the candy store!"

"Well my mommy bought me another teddy bear!" The two of us argued.

"What did you name it this time? Andy bear junior?"

"Oh, ha ha Gagie." I hissed with sarcasm. I loved Gage because he was fun to play with and joke around with. Sometimes, I wish I could like him instead of Mr. I'm-too-cool-to-talk-to-anyone. All three of the boys were like my older brothers... which shouldn't surprise me considering one of them was. They were always so accepting of me, but how much more could they pretend before they would get fed up?

"So what are you two doing tonight?" Andy finally spoke in a mature tone.

"Roxie and I? We were planning on watching a movie together..." My brother answered sweetly.

"how about a sleepover tonight then?" Andy's snicker was the sweetest of all I had heard. It was kind yet cold to the point that it almost made me shiver slightly. He was so wonderful, and very good looking with his fairly long hair covering his glittering eye with a somewhat excited stare. Max agreed, and said he would ask mommy if we could stay the night. Perhaps, it was because mom loved Andy that she trusted us to stay the night with him or perhaps it was because I had told her my secret yet juvenile infatuation with the boy that that allowed me to spend time with him.

The Gemini trio and I had eaten fairly rapidly, as we bid our farewells soon after. There was school tomorrow, and there was no dodging that. My brother and his friends all went to my school, and they were known as the Gemini trio... they were merely inseparable. I was always left out of everything. It was the Gemini trio and Roxie as the world saw it: The girl with the orange hair...

That was the first part of Roxie's story on Celestial Dance. This is just the introduction, and it will be longer next time. In case you're wondering, Roxanne Destiny is actually a character in our fee video game that is in development alongside Max, Gage, Celeste and Andy. This is a story following through her love with Andy. It's similar to her development in the game, but not as detailed. Celestial Dance is a game where you can grow up from a child to an adult, get married, get a job, go to school and create your life. It has a structured story, but numerous ways to customise it. It is similar to the game 'Harvest moon'. Visit:

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