Let me begin by asking a simple question: What the hell did I ever do to you? Nothing justifies the way you treat my friends and me, or what you say about me. If I'm correct, you don't even know my name. There's no way you would know something like that about me. And I'm not an idiot; I wouldn't do that at all, let alone where anyone could see me. Quit making things up when you have nothing better to do! Everything you've done has gone too far. I'm through with being the object of your fun. I'm through with being your toy.

Take a look at my friends. I have people that I love, and, more importantly, people that love me back. I won't stop being grateful for them, and for all that they've done for me. When a dark wave of your words threatens to reach my heart, I think of them. They mean so much more to me than you do. Which is why I will not cry because of you. I'd cry for them any day of my life, and I have, more than they themselves know. I'd cry for the things I don't even experience. I'd cry if a friend of one of theirs was hurt, or in trouble, even if I don't know the person. I'd cry over the surgery of one of them, though there was hardly a chance that it would go wrong. And I'd cry for the big things. When one was betrayed and hurt terribly by his own brother. When one's parents neglected to notice the feelings of their own daughter. And I did. I cried for what happened to them, my best friends, my heroes. Because their pain matters to me more than my own. I love them. You can take away my reputation, my happiness, my life. But you can't take away my love. Because of that singular, dear idea, I won't cry. I won't cry because you don't deserve my tears.