Author's Note: Soooooooooooo, as you may or may not know, my life has decided to be very flat out rude to me over the past couple of months and we'll just say that life hasn't been fun. Don't feel like going in to it. BUT! On Tuesday of last week I got a letter in the mail that has become my salvation and I am very happy to say that life is looking up. And seeing as that letter had a little to do with my English teacher, I wrote a poem and gave it to her, and am now presenting it o you guys. Maybe everything on here won't be overly emo now… no, that's never gonna happen but this poem isn't so please to enjoy! -ducky


A life that I can live again,

A taste not bitter, but sweet,

A smile dangling on my face,

My victory is complete.

My feet dance

And my heart sings

I'm spinning round and round

My soul laughs

And my face smiles

I'll never wear a frown

Now I can breath again

Now I'm released from my bands

Victory is not within my grasp

It's right here in my hands.