Tears stained some pages, hearts and curlicues covered others. She flipped through the pages of her diary, reveling in how much had changed just over the past year. Emotional roller coaster was probably the most apt way to describe it. When they'd started she'd been a beginner at this. Everything was new, everything was fresh. But somehow she knew it was right. Everything was the way it was supposed to be, and things were just falling in place. She'd only ever read about such things before, never experienced them. And she knew better than to expect it to be like a storybook romance, but somehow that's what it had ended up being.

But somehow something had changed. She glanced up at the photo frame on her desk. It was a childish little thing, light blue with together forever written across the top. She remembered when the photo had been taken. They were laughing so hard they couldn't breathe. And at the end of it all, they couldn't remember why they had started laughing in the first place. So what had changed? She didn't really know. But there was one thing she did know.

She slung her purse over her shoulder and headed to the park. She got there and spotted him immediately, just sitting at a bench, staring off into space. Her lips formed a soft smile, almost unconsciously. His soft brown hair framed his sweet baby face perfectly.

Even now she could just stare at him for hours. But today wasn't the day for that. "Hey mister, you've got such a gorgeous girl over here and you're just looking over there?" She called out to him.

He turned his head and grinned widely, "Afternoon milady, how have you been?"

"Good," she said, sitting down on the other side of the bench, consciously distancing herself from him. He took her hand and wove his fingers in between hers. They were dry and rough; a stark contrast with his childish round face.

"Remember the first time we came here together?" He asked her, his voice gone quiet, "You were the only one who bothered to stop and actually listen to me. I honestly don't know where I'd be without you."

She squeezed his hand. She did still love him. Just not as much as he did her. But she now realized that she loved him enough to not want to hurt him by saying those words that she so needed to say.

So instead she just nodded, "That's what I'm here for love." She scooted closer to him. She wouldn't tell him she thought they should break up. That he'd taught her so much about love and life, but that they weren't on the same page anymore, that she wasn't happy anymore. Because at the end of the day, his happiness meant more to her than her own.