A/N: hello, this is my first original slash story, wrote it for a class project and then it ended being that long piece. I feel kinda proud of it though since I'm not perfect...I think it needs more depths than that. Never thought I could write origina slash story though always wanted to try haha anyways, here it is.

warning: unbeta'ed, you've been warned and I wrote this at a pretty late time so I was half blind

Beautiful Monster

You're prodigy lexis.

It's a sentence he's used to hear by now. He wouldn't pretend he understood it when he was just ten years old and that's what his mother would repeat to him when she would glance down at him working. Writing about some kind of project she gave him to do, or working on something when he should instead be outside, playing with other kids of his age. But Lexis didn't complain. He just did as he was told, wondering if she would then look at him like a mother is supposed to. But, by now, he was used too soon at the fact that his mother wasn't like all the other mothers. She was special. And that's why she was raising him like the special son she always seem to say he was.

She didn't look at him with love written on her face or the softness of a caring mother, she looked at him with the proud glint of a woman who'd accomplished her greatest job by giving birth to him. She was like that before he was born he was often told by his uncle, who was the only person who really took care of him like he was a normal kid.

But no, he isn't normal. Maybe somewhere deep inside he knows it. But he was just a kid, what was the use to tell him now? He once heard his uncle ask her when they were talking about how to announce him why she would always repeat the same words and why she was demanding so much from him.

Ten years old Lexis was a prodigy, right.

When he got sixteen, the sentence upgraded. If he could say it like that. No, he still didn't know what he was. But the thing he heard the first time it changed was, you're special, indeed. And it stopped there. It had been said by his father. A man he never thought he would meet again in his life. He'd been raised by only his mother for sixteen long years and now there was this man who looked way too young to be his father, standing at his door one day and before even asking too see his mother told him that. You could say, Lexis was more than confused and lost when later he had to leave the house where he always lived, where he grew up to follow that stranger. Not, this can't be his dad of course. He didn't grow up with him, never knew about him.

A stranger, a stranger who strangely thought he was also special.

But it stopped there. Nothing more was said and the mother he grew with didn't even bid him farewells as he disappeared in the man's car. Cold, she's always been so cold and far from his reach.

Lexis never disagreed or agreed in his life. Like a robot, doing what he was supposed to he just changed life. So easily it scared him and relieved him at the same time. With his mother, all he learned was that he had to acquire knowledge about languages, all sort of different languages. What that would be needed for, he still didn't know. He just knew now, language came last and learning how to fight or defend himself came first. At least with his father that's how it was.

At sixteen, Lexis grew up like a fighter.

Strong enough to even pin a grown and powerful man like his dad. The mystery remained in why he didn't get a single wrinkle even after three years of living together. He still remained as young as he was the first time he came to pick him up. But he could say his entire life was a mystery, so one more or less wouldn't really matter at this point. He'd learned to give up on questioning when no one was supposed to tell him anything until he got to his nineteen birthday.

And today was the day. At a birthday event, you'd think he always got gift and such. But no, Lexis never celebrated any of his birthdays until today. So when he was interrupted on that day by the man he lived with, he was sitting in the library book in hand and reading it so intently he'd forgot his father told him to come down at seven tonight.

Lexis, nineteen, gray-orange iris, a mess of golden locks falling slowly around his face. Strong features, sharp jaw line, looked up at his father with the stern look he kept since he was born. The look of a man who would do something big in his life, his uncle told him before he left the house. He missed the older man. But after he left his mother's house he never got any more news. It's as if they never really existed. Sometimes he thinks he dreamed his entire childhood.

Maybe he did.

"can you come downstairs now?" the voice was raspy, low and held a slow vibrato. The first time Lexis heard him, he thought it was an old man talking. Maybe his face didn't get old but his voice did? Maybe.

Downstairs he was now, sitting on the other of the dining table. His father right at the next extremity. They just kept eye contact for awhile; the older man's gaze was impassible. No emotions, nothing written. But then he let out a sigh. And Lexis could quite guess that it was probably something serious. Which made him frown eventually, he still didn't remember that today was his birthday and today was the birthday where he would know why he's so special.

"it's time to know why you're who you are"

Sure that sounded so clear and easy to understand didn't it? He was getting tired of all the riddles his parents and the people around him put in their words by now. Why couldn't they just come to the main point in one clear sentence that wouldn't make him give up on even trying understanding what they meant? It would make his life much easier. Well, a bit more was easier.

And now it was what? Know why you're who you are. That's what it was. No more prodigies, no more special. Just who he is. Who in the hell is Lexis? He doesn't have the name of his father, eh doesn't have the love of his mother and he doesn't have the treasure of friends supporting him. All he has his knowledge, more knowledge and nothing else. All he has is way to fight against people who tried to do something bad to him, who tried to kill him. Yeah, but is the world so scary that he had to be kept like a secret from it?

Not this world, this world wasn't dangerous for him.

The other world was. The world he had to fight for was dangerous. The world where you couldn't walk in the streets with the shadows hiding your path. The world where there's silhouettes dancing on the walls of clamped spaces, the world where there's nothing but whispers in the silence of the moonlight.

That world.

And in that world Lexis would be precious; in that world Lexis was known as the one who would make the light of hope come back in people's hearts. He was, the son of a slayer and a witch. The only one of this category, the only one existing in this century. And this was of course immediately a great fate for him.

He would be a hero.

When all he ever wanted as the warmth in his mother's eyes and the protection in his father's words, instead he got to save a world he never knew of. Instead he gets to free people from the tyranny of a man who held the power of the shadows against the light. And he was winning the battle against them. Thus why Lexis was born.

Son of a witch and a slayer. He was the only kind alive with a blood pure enough to make any shadows slide away at his approach. Just like that, he got the power of his existence. He was born for a purpose. The war opposing vampires to slayers and witches. He was the one who could finally reach the strongest of the vampires and erase their race. Many died trying to take the last breath of the dominating king of those creatures. Many succumbed to his scent alluring them in his realm and turned them in slaves.

Some even rejected their throne and power to do justice and turned into one of them.

He was dangerous, his dad added after telling him about the goal he had to fix for himself. He was beautifully dangerous, he was alluringly convincing. No one matches his power and Lexis was the one who was going to change that rule. Not because he was special, not because he was a marvelous boy. But because he was the precious son of a slayer and a witch. Yeah, just because of that it should simple for him to take this mission, sure. But for his nineteenth birthday, he did hope it would have been a bit brighter.

No. A bit normal.

But nothing was ever normal when it came to him.

That's probably the first true statement he heard from the only real friend he got once he was left at his own in the streets. After finding out his real identity, at least what he was born for, after his father succeeded on making his life a fuzzed ball of confusion. Lies and life that were just a pass, an illusion. No more mother nor father just him in the world with an empty apartment.

He met her, that real friend, one night as he decided to explore the world. Like an observer finally discovering what was hiding under the shadows covering the streets at night. If he needed to kill a man who was fond of the night, he needed to know the darkness of this city like he knows the fears he keeps deep inside of him, like he knows the deep hopes he keeps inside, like he knows every little detail of how he would have imagined his life to be more than chasing after a king of vampire.

And he couldn't really believe that this city held the evil in its soul. Paris was a beautiful country. Lights shining in the streets to make the men walking along the paths to find their way home. It was ironic, how bright the city looked at night and how in his eyes all he could seem to capture were the lingering shadows running behind them. Around them, circling their prey like the predators they were. Sharp and sly. They knew when to attack, would follow until they caught the victim in a daze away from the crowd.

He saw one of them, a day. No, a night. That's right. In the deepest nights he ever lived. It was after he met Trisha. It was after she found him and decided she would take him under her guard, because Paris is dangerous. And she knew what she was talking about when she said Paris was dangerous. She liked to always remind him of that when he was going out and would tell her he was going to wander in the streets.

And after two years of knowing each other and of her showing him where all the vampires were—Trisha was a witch like his mother—she still didn't believe he could take care of himself alone. He would laugh at that and just shrug—he did like to worry her sometimes—but he would tell her he's learned to take care of himself since he was a baby. It's not now that he was going to get a bad luck and do something stupid to ruin his fate.

But that she knew, she knew how his mother treated him she knew how he grew up. Not because he told her. But because she was a witch, and in their town everyone knew about him. Everyone knew about the man who was going to save their world. Everyone knew about the one who was going to save humanity form the hands of the monster who took it under his palm and was squeezing all the juice out of their lively bodies. Yes, Lexis would make light come back to live and chase the darkness inside of the world's heart.

He hadn't realized how important, how dangerous it was until he met his first vampire.

He was twenty-one, looking for something exciting. Because by now after all the directions, the precautions Trisha took to not let the enemies discover his presence in the town, he wanted to see those enemies. He wanted to know how they operated, he was curious. So curious he couldn't resist when he captured a shadow following a woman down the streets. He kept his feet low on the ground—years of practicing the art of spying were giving fruits—and followed. When the woman turned around the corner of a hall, he felt everything. He didn't see nor understood what he felt.

But he could sense it, hear it. the rush of her heartbeats, the boil of her blood. She was scared. She knew something was after her. She knew something would come up sooner or later, creeps up and would catch her when she tries to glance and run away from it. But she couldn't help it. She was human, she had fears. And right now, she was dead scared. Lexis could perceive them, her fear of the unknown. Her resilience to the shadow sliding along the walls around her, and another thing he would feel sliding in his senses was the arrogant satisfied feeling growing in the creature at the woman fear.

He heard they also fed off the fears of the victim.

And they liked it, they were viciously sadistic. They would just follow you like a second skin, creep you, tear your soul apart, drink off your dilated pupils, drink off your shaking lips. They were monsters, but not the kind of monsters that makes you run away at sight.

They were beautiful. They glowed. At least the one Lexis caught glowed in the night.

When he was tired of chasing, it worked like a click. Lexis felt like he was n the mind of the woman. He felt her stop, freeze on her spot and watched as nothing else passed through her, no more emotions. Nothing but emotionless and impassible shake of her feelings. Nothing, not even a budge of a frown appeared on her face when she fell face to face with the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen in her life.

She had been hypnotized. With just one enchantment, she always done for.

And he watched, knowing it was dangerous and Trisha would scold him later. She would of course, how could he have done something like that? It wasn't a game, she would tell him. It was the whole world fate. It was his life. It was his fate. if he failed this, the world would be destroyed.

But who could really tear his eyes away from the creature leaning down after fisting the woman's throat, pulling her against him with a fluid motion. He wasn't in a rush, took his time to smell in the crook of her neck. Took his time to part his lips against her flesh, and took his time to slide, sink his fangs in the skin. Making the flesh beautifully bleed, marking it with his sharp fangs, he sunk in deeper. And Lexis watched him close his eyes and felt him inhale, suck, gulp down the liquid he could feel burning down his throat.

He was feeling it, like he was drinking the blood himself. Like he was the one taking away the life of the woman. And Lexis was frozen on the spot when dark eyes opened to look deep into his grays iris. They cut through his pupils, caught them trapped them until the last blood was sucked out of the now dead and cold body of the laying woman on the ground. And he found himself face to face with the vampire. Standing and not doing anything, he could feel something tapping against his mind, trying to find their ways through his thoughts. But all it was doing was putting a small pressure against it, it was just unpleasant.

And it seemed to be unpleasant for the monster standing in front of him too.

Lexis wasn't scared. Fascinated, intrigued to the highest point. Yes, that. But not scared. That was probably why the vampire couldn't cut through his thoughts to read them, or control them. Or whatever he was trying to do.

"Who are you?" the question came evidently and that's when Lexis realized he couldn't really start a conversation with this guy. It wouldn't be a great idea knowing he was the one who would exterminate them. So he just kept his eyes on the silhouette sliding near him and now standing so close to his face he could even catch the scent of the fresh blood he'd just drank down.

He watched frozen, not hypnotized like the woman earlier, but just frozen on spot as the man reached his hand to his face. But didn't touch it. his fingers stood in the air in front of him, slid and traced his features without touching, just brushed past them without doing anything at all and they stopped when they found a steady beat on his neck, where his vein was visible.

Lexis closed his eyes, inhaled silently and when he reopened them the creature was gone. Vanished in the night. He didn't get it at first, but then the first rays of sun hit his face and he squinted, nodding silently to himself. Dark couldn't resist the light after all.


If his life wasn't already a big mess of nothing but never ending track of stronger vampires to eliminate on his list, now Lexis had another problem to deal with.

At twenty-five, Trisha took him out, brought him to a vampire and taught him how to use his power. He had them since he was born, but never discovered them. Yet, he mastered them in just a matter of time. With control, such a strong control Trisha told him even her was astonished and now believed more than ever that he could really help them.

"How?" he asked when they got back to the still empty apartment he owned. He never bought furniture. He didn't need it. he was always moving out of that room. He didn't like it, he felt observed and it was as if he could feel eyes on him when he was moving inside of the four walls.

Lexis couldn't love.

He tried, a year earlier. He met this girl. She was sweet, probably the sweetest thing that happened in his life. But after just getting her attention, he already lost his for her. It was as easy as that. And then one night he did the forbidden. He stepped inside of a club. Club were forbidden to him because those were where the vampires always assembled to find their next victims people in the club were too high on something to even notice if this one was a bad guy or a good guy. And they just…didn't care. All they came for was to drink, get dizzy under the flashing lights. Move against a stranger body, and grope at any kind of warm and heated flesh they could find under their fingers. Under the palm of their hands.

They just came to release the stress of life and to finally fall into primitive want of a body pressed against them. The primitive need that never left the humans' mind and flesh, it was marked in their soul like a curse.

Sex, just always sex. Lexis would say, it was the deadliest of things to ever try to get overload in this life. And Trisha had told him. Fuck people. Or get fucked. Or whatever. But never get more than lust. Never ever make the mistake to ask the name of the person you took for the night, never ever try to find out who they are. Just do it, and then forget about it when the morning comes. But first of all. Don't go for people who have darker eyes than normal people do. Those are just there to suck the life out of your soul.

Not that he had anything to be scared of. But most of them still didn't know who he was. Even though he already eliminated at least half of their race. Three of their most powerful princes and now he was just living a life where he had to hide from them, but also from the king of their realm. Trisha came yesterday with a message, telling him that what he was waiting for was finally there.

That he was looking for him. That he knew about him. And Lexis should be aware of the people around him now. any of them could lead him to where he was. And he wasn't ready yet to meet him. He just wasn't ready. And when he asked why, he had been trained for that for years anyways. So why wasn't he ready? She only shook her head, touched her finger on his heart.

"because you lust after men. And there." She pushed her finger against his chest again. "you're too weak there."

That was his biggest problem actually.

He lusted after men. And no matter how much he would stare at the body of a woman, her curves moving around him. It did nothing to arouse him. He was just cold towards them. He was just ice towards them.

"didn't receive enough motherly love maybe?" Trisha joked one night. But she knew it wasn't that. It was just he was doomed from the start wasn't he? Why couldn't he be normal at least in his sexuality if he wasn't in his life? Why did everything have to slip away from his hands? Why did it feel like his world was always falling lower and lower? He never told her his worries about fighting against that king—what's his fucking name anyways?—he never told her and he didn't want to tell her.

Thus why he was back in the club where he'd first stepped to quench his thirst of needing a body warmth or if you want it in a more raw way—getting a good fuck—he lost his virginity in this bar. Lost his straight sexuality in this bar, but from the start he lost his life to a stupid fate anyways. So whatever.

Today he was breaking a rule by coming here. Trisha told him to not go out this night particularly because the ones looking for him would be there, searching for his smell and searching for him through the night. But he really could care less. He was just attracted to the way the night was eating up the lights in the city when he looked out of the window and first of all .he hated this empty apartment; it reminded him that he was empty inside. It reminded him of the heart he held inside, empty of anything but the assurance that he was going to save the world.

Why should he save the world? And after he's done killing them, those vampires. What was going to happen to him then? Would he finally have his mother's love back, would he finally have his father's acknowledgement, would he finally be able to embrace a woman's body? Would he?

Or would his life just stay as it was, empty, denuded of any sense.

The night, the club's light. The drink in his hand. Everything was just a blur of actions taken on the spurt of the moment. Nothing else. But he didn't mind, in fact he liked it. for once nothing was controlled. Nothing was already predicted. If someone came tonight and asked him what he was doing he would look up and say nothing. Would he even look up? Because tonight he isn't working. And he feels free. Free from any constraint. Free from all the precautions he has to take.

Maybe it's the alcohol infuriated his brain cells. And that's why he seemed out of it for a moment—that would explain why he thought he just caught dark orbs looking right in his direction—because tonight was a normal day. Wait, no, when Lexis thinks normal then there's something that isn't right. He learned to be cautious around that word since the day he found himself in a bed after spending a night doing something he didn't even remember ding until a man stepped out of the bathroom and he groaned, just groaned before standing up from the bed and didn't say a thing to the man asking him all kind of things he just didn't want to know or tell. When something was too normal around him, that meant he had to take a second look, then a third one if everything was still normal. And he did so, almost waiting for a blow to come. But nothing of the sort came.

There was just a soft breeze that brushed past his cheek so quickly he didn't even caught it when he turned around. And he was pretty fast, which was why he managed to actually take down most of the half of the vampires invading the world with the city of Paris. But then something hit him. It didn't hurt; it didn't make a sound, not a single noise. It just hit quietly against his face, his eyes closed themselves because it was warm in his face and he couldn't really keep them open or tears would slide down. They tingled his pupils, and made his brain ah hazy blur of last thoughts that didn't make a common sense. Because how else can he explain that he actually heard someone calling his name before he fell into unconsciousness, his body falling first and everything else following.

What he wasn't aware of and he didn't mind much because the world where he was behind his eyelids was safer than the arms that caught him. Were safer than the stretch of lips seated on the face that looked down at him, smirking, because he looked too pure and he was already thinking about how to break this docile and emotionless carapace he wore with him all along.

Maybe also a punishment for forgetting about him.


Ziq, his name was Ziq. Three simple letters he'd forgotten in his life. Three simple letters he vowed to never forget and yet he did. Just because he forgot the face, just because he forgot the way his voice felt when it brushed past his ears, just because he forgot he couldn't keep his eyes away from the flawless skin without any kind of defects.

Lexis forgot that he'd loved that man before even being born as the man he was now. Before even being born as the son of a slayer and a witch. He forgot, he forgot, he forgot. And that's why he was trapped there, on this bed, sleeping peacefully while the king of the dark was looking at him. Impassible, sitting there like he owned the world. Which he pretty much did if you considered how many of his slaves were out in the streets converting and killing humans. He owned the world. And he owned this man's heart.

Yes, he did.

When he heard about a slayer killing his precious associates, he thought it was just some guy who was again trying to kill him and he was right. He lived for years, hundreds or thousands. He doesn't remember. He lost count of how many times he forgot to even count the years he lived. He forgot about that, but never, never in his lie did Ziq forget about gray orbs that looked at him and seemed to fall deep into his own dark ones. Because in those deep gray ink, he found something he never really observed.

It took him a century to find him.

A century is a lot, but not for him. Not after he'd found him and captured him. But fate, fate was really trying to make things more difficult than they seemed like. Or that witch was just trying to take revenge because he made her husband like that. The last time Ziq remembered seeing the one who now wore he name of Lexis, he remembered the man's eyes curving up in a smile. The first one he'd ever seen him stretch on his lips since he knew him. The first and last one before he died, a peaceful death, in his arms. He died because he couldn't go through killing him. He died to protect him and Ziq made him vow to never forget him. Wherever he's going he has to come back. Because he doesn't think this loneliness life, this loneliness soul he is could stand living without the gray light of his eyes. The gold of his locks contrast against his white fingers, contrast against his dark locks.

Everything about him opposed him. From his mind, his heart, the blood running in his veins ot even how he decided to reincarnate himself.

"Silly, now it's just going to keep repeating the same fate." his voice, reprimanding yet smooth against the sleeping man's ears ran in the silent room as he leaned further in his chair and sighed, closing his eyes and trying to think of a plausible reason why the slayer and witch's son didn't remember him. Maybe because he didn't seem him. Never saw him after he was born.

And now it made sense. Why it was only now that he was finding out. Why this had been kept a secret from him.

She knew it, it was her plan. She knew all along. And she made that diabolic pact with that slayer who was trying to erase their race because they were stronger. Because he had been hurt in his pride when he lost to him one time. They dared, they dared and brought him back against him. Once again. Ziq's black orbs darted back to the body he heard shuffling under the covers. Too peaceful.

He looked too peaceful while the vampire's mind was running more than it ever did. When it come to him, he was always on the verge of finding emotions he found buried in his dead soul. He watched him stir in his sleep, squinted trying to see if that power was still there. The power of refusing his thoughts to him. The power of refusing his thoughts to his kinds. And it was indeed still there, stronger even, like a wall clamped against the pressure he tried to put to get to his dreams.

This was a dream, right it was. Lexis could tell, because even if he fisted his hand in the wall it still remained without a single trace of a crack. And that's when he decided he was just dreaming and walked along the walls. Then why couldn't he wake up when he already knew he was dreaming? He lifted his arms in the air, feeling the empty dark spots suddenly filling the white clouds that were around him. Felt something push against the wall but the strong built thing didn't move and just kept still as he explored the infinity of his dream.

He was in an unknown region, unknown to the one he was now at least. Because he'd been someone else? he frowned in his sleep, rolled in the bed and exhaled softly. Someone else, he'd been someone else. Someone who was now looking at him through his own eyes, someone who was talking through him. He was him, but not him. He was at two places at the same time, one and two. And the only thing that came in his dream was a sharp cry, whisper, hushes of words that kept on murmuring incomprehensible words. They sounded like curses or incantation and stirred him once more.

And then he caught a syllable that kept on coming, again and again, three letters he found absolutely strange to pronounce and found strange those even existed. His brains were beating, his nerves connecting and creating this bundle, this storm he never asked for. When the syllables got caught by his cells, they brought it back to his lips, to his voice and the low moan that escaped his lips. The low tortured moan his brains made him squeeze out in a raspy and shaky voice held syllables he thought he'd never hear again in his life.

"Ziq." As simple as it sounded and it was so difficult to put a finger on why all of this felt like it wasn't his life. Why all of this missed something deep within, that while he slept with other men he still had this lingering sensation that this was due to something. And that this wasn't right. That something was missing.

Not in his mind, not in his brains.

In his heart, in his soul. Somewhere where only he could reach, see and notice the emptiness, the lack of everything he ever asked in his life. Yes, when he was first born they told him he was prodigy, then he upgraded to special. Then to the son of the slayer and the witch. But if you asked him when he really felt like he was himself.

Lexis would be one hundred percent sure that it's when he opened his eyes as if he was born tonight and his eyes locked on darkness that imprinted in his gaze and enthralled him enough to only tear another soft whisper of the man's name on his tongue. He was all his father told him he was. He was beautiful, alluring. Even more than he remembered him. Lexis couldn't help the stretch of a smile on his face, and when he moistened his dry lips and turned them back to their initial position. It was to try something that never came out.

Not because he didn't want to talk or was at short of what to say. But more because his lips were covered under cold flesh, taken and pulled in a kind of waking up kiss. Even if he tried at this point, he knew he wouldn't be able to place another word. Because the bed was already sinking with the added weight of Ziq's body.

No, no words were needed right now.


"How did you find me?"

It was the morning after that and Lexis was lying there, chest to chest with the man he thought he would have never seen again in his life. Trying not to look up to see his face, because that wouldn't help. It was a bit too overwhelming right now, finding Ziq, finding all about why he was so important. The reason why Lexis was born in this world, the reason why Lexis was who he was right now. The only reason why he was on earth was for this man right there. This man he's so scared to look at right now.

If he looked right now, he was going to lose balance.

"I did not, you came to me." His voice was huskier than he remembered, sliding to his ears like a delectably sweet melody to lure him into temptation and Lexis couldn't resist anymore, he slowly slid his body against him, moving so they were facing each other and reached his lips to the corner of his lips.

He heard him sigh softly and his breath brushed past his cheek, warm and cozy.

"I'll come to you whenever." He whispered, his lips trailing to the other corner of his lips, "And wherever." He finally let them close touch Ziq's, it took only a brush of his lips to feel a sharp shudder run down his spine that made him arch longing for more and already deepening the kiss to the pace Ziq took up. He missed this, all of this, the way his lips melded with the soft under his, the way his breath got caught when Ziq's didn't even take a deeper breath in after they broke apart, only to find his mouth reclaimed once again.

The vampire's hand travelled to his sides, one of them losing its fingers in his golden locks, his ears picking up delectable sounds he was letting fall out of his mouth and right into his lover's. his forbidden lover. Lexis grew restless at the thought of that and pulled him closer, arms around his neck, he wanted him closer to his body, closer till he couldn't even feel the air passing in between their glued bodies.

"Wait." He was pushed away gently by his hands, the palm warming up his chest and Lexis pulled back to lose his eyes in his dark pool. He wondered for a minute why he made him stop when he realized, this was the thing to do. He had to, because this wouldn't lead anywhere. It would only complicate things; he was here to…take his life away.

How could he do that?

The worst was probably the fact that he knew Ziq wouldn't do anything to stop him, because this was bound to happen the day he was born. This was his fate, this was for the sake of the world and he had been born for this solemn purpose.

"You'll stop me." He mumbled, waiting for his answer, which he already knew.


"Yes, you will. You will stop me!" Lexis raised his voice without thinking and forgot about his strength when he pushed him off the bed, because it didn't matter, he was as strong as the light haired man was.

And indeed, Ziq stopped is fall by landing on the floor with his fist on the ground and legs crouched before straightening up just as he stood on the bed to face him. "You can't leave him again." He groaned, eyes glowing, his gray fading as the orange took over, now he knew why his eyes were so odd. He was burning and his eyes were also two fire trying to make the man he loved listen to him. Ziq couldn't stop his smirk, he really couldn't. it wasn't the first time that he caught this sight, not the first time at all, and when he did back then, it was in a totally reversed situation where he was demanding something else.

"You know I won't."

"Ziq." His voice was suddenly softer, but certainly not calm, it held a tremor of threatening that had the vampire on guard when he observed the tensing of his shoulder, the way his body stiffened, he was going to attack in any way possible. But Ziq wasn't waiting for that attack and when he came he only had the time to hold on tight to the body locked around his before he was forced to back against the way and had to take the lead by pushing him back against it.

This wasn't going to help, he knew it. But centuries, how many? He couldn't even remember for how long he's been waiting to have him like this in hi arms, wanting and moaning his names with a voice that could barely hold on a breath. He was glistening with sweat under his fingers, shivering with his touches and burning under the palm of his hands.

So beautifully arched once he reached deep inside of him that he couldn't regret nor put a stop at this. He simply gave in, he gave in the day he met him. He gave in the first time they fell in love, him, the Lord of darkness, the man who could make the world fall at his feet, the man who was going to destroy this world that Lexis loved so much. But no, he would stop him. Because the man under him is born for this, for fitting so well in his arms and for receiving him with bliss.

His eyes were back to their original gray-orange color, darkened by the desire glowing in them, and so much tenderness he leaned in to kiss away the tears that fell upon his cheeks.

We'll meet again.

He promised without much convictions, without even telling the man screaming his name as he came, squeezing around his cock to bring him to his own orgasm. But he knew it. they were meant to be, and no matter how many centuries he would have to wait for, they would meet again. It was written, just as this moment was graved in his heart; it was written in the same book that made him the one to die by Lexis' hands.

He will die.


Terrified. Yeah? No? he couldn't tell by now. he didn't return to his empty apartment after finding what he searched for his whole life. But, what he searched for his whole life is what he has to destroy. Do you understand it now? when Lexis tell you that his world is a mess of tragedy happening one after another one?

The swirl of the events this past week took him by surprise. But he got used to it as fast as he always does. He was him, but he was a bit different now. Maybe because he felt more complete than he ever did in his life. Maybe because, maybe because even though the man he loved was a beautiful monster who was going to destroy the world, and he needed to kill that monster before tomorrow, he still felt more relaxed than ever.

Because you forgot. You shouldn't have.

He should have remembered the first time, before he was even told about this. He should have asked the name of the man he was supposed to kill. But from what the vampire told him, they wouldn't tell him because of that of course. And now, there was just one day left before the day when it was supposed to happen. And he was standing there looking out from the room where he stayed all this week, watching the city's cars driving faster than needed. Hearing the sounds they made and he was wondering how was he supposed to end everything by tomorrow? Was he supposed to just come to Ziq and tell him, "I love you, I truly do. But I have to kill you?" a shiver ran down his spine just at the thought of losing that. That sense of security. Ziq wasn't evil. He was a monster, okay right.

Because he fed off humans' blood. Because he lived in the night, the shadows. Because he had this twisted mind sometimes that made Lexis look at him and wonder if he really knew the man he loved. When he would think that, legs crossed and a frown appearing on his face he knew the king would know it. he always knew what was going on in his mind, not by reading his thoughts. But with his expressions.

If he doesn't kill him the world will fall eventually into deep darkness. If he kills him, Lexis will fall into deep darkness.

There wouldn't be a ending that would solve both problems. Would they? He never had to choose in this life. And yet when a choice came, it had to be this kind of dilemma where his soul was the price in both case. If he failed he would be damned to live with the reminder that he was the one who destroyed that world. The world he was supposed to protect.

And if he succeeded, he would lose that part of him that completed him.

But the decision was already made.

Tonight, before the moon goes up in the sky. Before Ziq gets home, before everything ends or starts. He would end it for them. And maybe when the man entered the room he found him sitting on the bed, he knew something was wrong immediately. But it didn't matter right now. because if he just stood up without looking in his eyes, if he just walked towards him and ignored the tug in his chest, ignored the ache that pulled on his heart. The pain that stroke down his chest and burned his lungs when he didn't let him time to analyze or even think about what he was doing.

Just do it and get over it.

But no, it wasn't as easy as go eat when you're hungry, or go play when you want to play. It was harder than go take a bath when you feel dirty.

It was kill someone who is the other half of you to save the world.

"How do I do that?" Lexis left out in a soft whisper, low against the man's shirt, the man he just tried to erase from his life. And now he had the man arms around him and the knife that was marked of a dreadful seal to only take the last breath of the king of the dark world. Only made for him. Like he as only made for Lexis. And Lexis was only made for him.

And that's why.

"I love you." That's why he has to do what was good for them, saving the world so the man he loves doesn't turn into the man who would destroy the world that held his first cry. His first steps, his first words.

The knife went deep in. a quick and strong slide inside of the vampire's chest. But nothing like a painful cry came from his lips. There was the light widen of his eyes that showed he was aware he just got stabbed. It wasn't logic for Lexis. He didn't think it would go in, he thought. He thought he would avoid it.

"If you think this is the right choice." He heard him say against his lips, pressed them softly and Lexis arms collected the body of a man he'd never forget in his life.

Cry? Was there even a place for his tears to fall out of his eyes right now? Was there even a reason for him to cry? This, this is the right choice. Right?

His eyes, tingling with salty water, his blurry vision could only catch the sight of Ziq's disappearing body in his arms. He wouldn't last of course; he's been living for centuries and centuries. And now, dust. All that was left was a fist of dust in the palm of his hand. Dust he squeezed and let slide on the ground, and only then, only then did he finally let his tear roll down his cheeks.

You're my beautiful monster.

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