Bernard felt a huge weight slam into him from behind, enticing a squeal from him. He almost fell down, managed to get his balance, then squealed again as he felt something wet and slimy touch his ear. However, it also informed him who his assailant was.

"M- Mura-chan!" Bernard cried out. "Get off! And stop licking my ear!"

"But it tastes good," Murasaki purred, nuzzling his neck. "I wonder if thattastes good, too~!"

Bernard's face burned bright red. "Get off! Now! And stop teasing me! You know I couldn't get it up if you touched it!"

Murasaki pouted and removed herself from him. "Darn. C'mon, pretend to be bi for a minute!"

"I can't," he grumbled as he started walking again. "It doesn't work."

Murasaki sighed, then put her idiotic grin back on. "Hey! I can't be sad today! We're starting middle school! I don't have to deal with those tiny backpacks anymore!"

Bernard giggled. "And we have uniforms now."

"Hell yes! Now I can look up Chiyo-chan's skirt!" Murasaki punched the air.

"E- excuse me?!" a soft voice managed out from behind. Bernard turned and smiled a bit at the madly blushing girl.

"She's teasing," he said.

"N'awwwwwww!" Murasaki said as she glomped Chiyoko. "My wife needs to be sexier! This uniform's skirt is perfectly short..."

"Stop touching my butt," Chiyoko managed. "Now."

Bernard burst into a fit of giggles as he walked onto the middle school's grounds. Murasaki was such a pervert. Even though they were only twelve, she had already devoted her young life to porn, especially yaoi. She groped her friends a ton, but it was better than her groping random strangers.

"Ahhh, Bernard!" a voice called, making the young boy's heart skip a beat.

"Sh- Shin," Bernard stuttered, his face heating up as the other boy jogged up to him.

"We're in the same middle school!" Shin exclaimed. "Isn't it great?"

Bernard nodded, not wanting to admit that he had made sure to find out which school Shin was going to before deciding where he was going. "Y- yeah, it is."

"Oh, also, I already checked the classes," Shin said, lightly punching Bernard's arm. "Same class for three years running! Maybe we'll go for a fourth, too!"

Bernard felt a smile more idiotic than the one that Murasaki pulled earlier in the chapter find its way onto his face. Another year with his crush! Another year where he got to be in the same class as the wonderful, handsome, smart, popular, strong, cool Shin!

"Did you see us on the list?" Murasaki asked, pointing to both herself and Chiyoko.

"Ahh, yeah, we're in the same class, too," Shin said, sounding almost regretful. "Maybe next year..."

"Da hell is that supposed to mean?!" Murasaki demanded.

"What do you think it means?" Shin asked. "I'm sooooo sick of you randomly screaming body parts of a more sexual nature during class."

"You got hard, especially when I started talking about Bernard's di-" Murasaki began.

"Shut up!" Bernard squeaked, covering his face. "Don't talk about that!"

"But it's like this!" Murasaki pouted, holding up her pinkie.

"Shut up!!" Bernard screeched, covering her mouth.

"How does she even know?" Shin asked nobody in particular.

"You don't wanna know," Chiyoko mumbled.

After a moment of thought, Shin agreed. He then said that he was going to meet up with some friends, patted Bernard on the heead, and walked towards some other boys.

"Hee hee hee..." Bernard giggled. "He touched me~!"

"Silly little love struck boy," Murasaki sighed, patting Bernard's shoulder.

"I wonder how on earth Shin hasn't noticed yet," Chiyoko murmured, patting Bernard's other shoulder. "He must be more stupid than you think he is..."

"Impossible," Murasaki stated flatly. "It's like dividing by zero; it cannot happen."

"... uh, right," Chiyoko said. "Think we can move him? He looks pretty out of it."

"Nope!" Murasaki said brightly.



"Thank you, lunch!" Murasaki sighed, pulling her chair up to Bernard's desk. "Ugh, so many rules... I'm gonna die!"

"Or you could just follow them," Chiyoko said as she pulled her chair up as well.

"Not as fun," Murasaki snorted.

"J- jeez, though, Mura-chan... shouting scrotum while our language teacher is explaining the books we'll have to read... what on earth was that?" Bernard popped a noodle into his mouth.

"I just-" Murasaki began, but Shin interrupted her.

"Hey, guys, guess what I just heard?" Shin asked, leaning on the desk next to Bernard's.

"What~?" Bernard asked in a lovey-dovey tone while Murasaki gave him her best death glare.

"The math teacher we have is apparently evil," he replied. "Nobody ever talks in his class because you get suspended immediately. Plus, he throws things at you. And, even though this is only his second year teaching, nobody has failed his class because he threatened the kids with a meter stick!"

Bernard paled. "But... math is my worst subject."

"Which is why I thought I ought to warn you," Shin said.

Bernard blushed and stupidly smiled as Shin waved and went to go pass on the message to some other kids. "He cares about me~!"

Murasaki laughed. "Enough to let you know that the math teacher's gonna kill you."

Bernard's expression changed to one of worry. "... I'm scared. I haven't passed math. Ever. What if he really does kill me?"

"He won't," Chiyoko assured him.

"But what if he does?! What if he kills me?! What if the math teacher is actually a mass murderer who goes after adorable and stupid little boys?!" Bernard shrieked.

The class stared.

He shut up.

"I'm sure it's just rumors," Chiyoko said as she patted his head. "Don't worry too much, okay?"

"Okay..." Bernard mumbled. "But if I die, tell Shin I love him. Oh, and tell my parents I was gay. And hit my big brother for not proposing to his girlfriend sooner. And eat cute cookies and cupcakes at my funeral. And have a male stripper be there. And-"

"WTF?!" Chiyoko demanded. "A male stripper?! At a funeral?!"

"I could be watching from wherever I go!" Bernard said defensively. "I've always wanted to see one!"

"I've got the number of a really good one," Murasaki said, flipping out her phone. "Let's just get him to come to class."

"Wha- no!" Chiyoko shrieked, her face bright red. "If you're gonna get a stripper, then-" She stopped herself.

"Then what?" Murasaki purred, leaning across the table to Chiyoko.

"N- n- nothing," the taller girl stuttered.

"Liar face! I'm calling if you don't tell!"

"Wh- what?! No! To both things!"

"It's ringing~!"


"... thank you, bell."

Bernard secretly wished that the bell hadn't rung.


Ahhh, the last period of the day! Many students are filled with joy at the idea!... Bernard was not one of those students.

He was absolutely terrified. After all, his next teacher was the dreaded math teacher who he had heard so much about. He, needless to say, was not ready to face whatever was coming.

The entire class (besides him, of course) was chattering about the new school, the new year, the new friends, the new pencils, and the new teachers. However, as the door to the classroom opened, the entire class silenced themselves.

In stepped the man who was the cause of Bernard's fear.

He brought with him an air of fear and a chill into the room. He had dark hair that was parted to the side, and was rather tall. However, his eyes... they were the things that truly freaked the boy out. They were so cold and angry. Those icy eyes slowly made their way across the room, looking at each and every student.

His eyes, much to Bernard's dismay, stopped on the blond. He slunk down into his chair, hoping that the man's gaze would be averted, and soon. The man's gaze, after what felt like an eternity, released him and moved along. He then walked to the front of the class, turned to them, and leaned against the whiteboard.

"Class 1B," he said. His voice was deep and just as cool as his eyes. "This is the last period of the day and I, Sekigawa Hideyoshi, am your teacher. Welcome to mathematics."

His eyes returned to Bernard, then moved to Murasaki, who, for once in her life, was silent. His eyes then went to Shin before moving over to Chiyoko, whose eyes were firmly on her desk. He stared at her for a while longer before turning away.

"I expect you all to be like this while we're together. I do not give the slightest allowance to talking or disrespect. Showing either of these things will result in punishment the first instant it occurs."

Bernard felt chills running up and down his body. This man was scary. Really scary. And his eyes kept dashing to the young blond, which made him slink further and further down into his seat. Why did he seem so interested in him?!

As he went over the year with the children, Bernard kept glancing at the clock. School needed to end. Sekigawa-sensei was scary and seemed very interested in him. Creepily interested in him.

Oh my god, Bernard thought, his eyes widening. Is he a pedophile?! Is that what he meant by punishment?! And the meter stick... nooooo, my anal virginity!

"Deveraux!" Bernard heard Sekigawa-sensei say sharply.

"Not the butt!" Bernard cried, covering his face. Murasaki snorted beside him, trying to contain her laughter. Sekigawa-sensei's eyes narrowed.

"See me after class," he said flatly.

Bernard felt embarrassment and fear grab hold of his being. He was going to die. Death by teacher. Either that, or be punished while his teacher maniacally laughed, wore all leather, and enjoyed using a meter stick.

Bernard slowly removed his eyes from his desk, trailing them upwards to see what Sekigawa-sensei was doing. He seemed to be finishing up. Bernard glanced at the clock and felt panic grab him. Two minutes left of school.

He very suddenly did not want school to end. If it did, then... punishment. With leather and a meter stick, of course.

"I'm gonna die," Bernard whispered to himself as the bell rang.

Even after the bell rang, most of the students kept to a whisper until they had left the hearing range of Sekigawa-sensei. Even Murasaki's goodbye to Bernard was barely audible. Chiyoko just gave a little wave. Shin gave him a sympathetic look.

Barely a minute had passed before Sekigawa-sensei and Bernard were alone. The young boy hadn't moved from his desk and was even less inclined to do so now. The teacher, meanwhile, seemed to not be inclined from where he leaned against the whiteboard. Finally, after a silence that felt much too long, Sekigawa-sensei spoke.

"Deveraux. I have an important question for you," Sekigawa-sensei said flatly.

Bernard whimpered in response as Sekigawa-sensei removed himself from the board and began slowly walking to him. The teacher stopped just in front of him and leaned against the boy's desk. He folded his arms, eyes on the smaller male.

"Deveraux... are you..." Sekigawa-sensei suddenly sounded unsure. "Are... are you..."

Bernard was terrified. Was he what?! Into kinky things like teacher on student action with leather and meter sticks?!... if anyone asks, the answer is no.

"Are you homosexual?" Sekigawa-sensei asked.

Bernard stared. "... wha?'

"Are you a homo?" Sekigawa-sensei repeated.

"Are you a rapist?" the boy countered.

"Th- the hell... ? No, I'm not!" Sekigawa-sensei snapped. "I was just wondering since-"

"I don't want a meter stick shoved up theeeeeere!" Bernard cried out, tears in his eyes.

"Wh- what on earth are you thinking about?!" Sekigawa-sensei demanded. "Never mind, I don't want to know. I'm not going to do anything weird to you!"

"Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm gonna diiiiieeeee!" Bernard sobbed. "Sensei wants to know if I'm a homo so he knows how bad he can rape meee! Wahhhhh! Scaaaarreeeeeedddd!"

"Listen! To! Me! And! Shut! Up!" Sekigawa-sensei growled in such a way that Bernard was so scared that he stopped crying and reduced the wailing to whimpering.

"Just answer me," Sekigawa-sensei said, sounding much more calm and tired. "I won't judge you or hurt you."

Bernard hesitantly whispered, "I... I... I am."

Sekigawa-sensei sighed and sat in the seat in front of Bernard's. "I thought so."

"You're not gonna do anything weird to me, right?" Bernard whimpered.

"Why do you think I'm going to do perverted things to you? Do I look like a rapist or something?"

"A... a little... you're scary..." The boy prayed that his teacher wouldn't kill him.

Sekigawa-sensei sighed. "To keep things calm in the classroom, I need to be firm. I'm not really that scary of a person, I just am in class to keep order."

"Oh." Bernard brightened up a bit. "So you're scary as a teacher and nice as a person?"

"Grumpy as a person," Sekigawa-sensei grunted. "Screamy, too. I never said I was nice, just not scary."

"Oh," he repeated, more crestfallen than before.

"Also... Deveraux... I know this might be awkward or hard since I am a grumpy teacher, but... I am here for you. You need an adult that can support you and listen to you. Even if I am... er, scary, I'm willing to listen and give you help in any way I possibly can," Sekigawa-sensei said.

"Why? I mean, yeah, I- I'm grateful since I don't have anybody besides Mura-chan and Chiyo-chan, but..."

"B- because, I... I was all alone," he said quietly. "I don't want you to feel like no adults understand. That you can trust anyone older. Deveraux, I... I became a teacher so I could help out LGBT kids just like you."

"S- sensei... um... in... in that way, are you... are you like me?" Bernard asked hesitantly.

Bernard swore that Sekigawa-sensei's cheeks turned a bit pinker as he mumbled out, "A- ah, yeah..."

"Please keep away from me, Pedo-sensei," Bernard said flatly

"Wh- what?!" Sekigawa-sensei snapped.

"It's all to cliché," Bernard said as he did an epic point towards his teacher. "Little adorable boy student gets close to pedo male teacher. I refuse to allow you to rape me, no matter how rapeable I am."

"Damn it, I'm not a pedophile!" he snapped. "Cut that out!"

"But-" Bernard began.

"Nothing! I am not interested in little boys! I want a man, not a child! I will never be interested in you! I am twice your age, kid!" Sekigawa-sensei growled.

"... fine, I'll trust you," Bernard grumbled. "But you are grumpy."

"Told ya so."

"... h- hey..."


"I can trust you, right?"

"Yes, Deveraux. You can trust me."

"Then I should tell you who I like."

"If you want."


"You don't have to if you don't want to."

"But I should."

"I guess."

"My... my crush is... um... Nakazawa Shin."

"The one with the weird colored hair?"

"Wh- what?! It's not weird! It's cute!"

"Yeah, Deveraux. Sure."

Bernard pouted. "Senseeeiiiiiii, listen to me! He's really cute and sweet and funny and cool and nice! Don't make fun of him, okay?!"

Sekigawa-sensei sighed. "... fine."

"Thank you!" Bernard sighed. "I really like him, and I have since fifth grade. He's one of the very few boys I knew that was nice to me, despite the fact that I'm more of a girl than I am a boy."

"He's bi, you have a chance," Sekigawa-sensei said casually.

"I know, but- wait, what?! He's bi?! H- he can get it up for guys?!' Bernard demanded, standing up.

"Your word choice is awkward, but yes. Your gaydar is awful," he added. "I won't generally say people's sexual orientation, generally, but it's pretty obvious to me that he doesn't mind who he's with, as long as the person likes him. You like him, so he likes you."

"Omigod, this is huge!" Bernard squealed. "I have a chance! He could like me back! I can flirt with him and have it not be super weird! I- I- I- I'm so happy!"

Sekigawa-sensei gave an awkward half-smile. "Glad you're happy."

"Neeee, senseeiiiiiii, thank you!" Bernard cried, clapping his hands together. "I'll definitely ask for your help!"

"Great," Sekigawa-sensei said. "I'm here any time you need me. Ahh, also, though, you should probably run on ahead and find your friends. Since I'm scary, they'll probably be worried."

"Ah, yeah, you're right!" Bernard exclaimed. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay, sensei?"

"Mm, yeah, catch ya later, Deveraux," Sekigawa-sensei said as he watched Bernard bound out of the room. He let the awkward smile drop and he stared at the ceiling before murmuring, "Deveraux Bernard... I'm sure you'll make this year interesting for me."

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