Bernard almost screamed in relief when math was over. The class had taken way too long. I mean, it was nice to stare at Sekigawa-sensei's butt and listen to his deep and sexy voice, but there was only so much he could take. Unless the numbers were talking about other things. Mm, yummy.

Shin was sitting on his desk within a few seconds of the bell ringing, a huge grin on his face. "Hey, Ben-chan! We still up for after school?"

Bernard eagerly nodded. "I already asked my parents. Wanna go now?"

"I'd be happy to!" Shin said.

"Ah, Deveraux," Emi said. "Before you go... don't forget your science book. It's under your chair."

"Y- yes, ma'am!" Bernard squeaked before bending over to grab it. Shin couldn't help but stare a bit. Bernard straightened up, put the book away in his backpack, then turned to Shin, beaming. "Ready to go!"

"Uh, awesome," he said, blushing a bit and somewhat ashamed for staring.

"Please keep your eyes up next time!" Emi said, beaming even brighter than Bernard before her expression became dark. "It is most inappropriate..."

Shin managed to somehow keep calm. "Won't do it again."

"Good boy!" she said, beaming again.

Bernard, meanwhile, was blushing like there was no tomorrow. Had Shin been staring at his butt? I- I mean, it was pretty cute, he supposed, but it was still really embarrassing.

"Shin!" Murasaki called from the door. "Don't rape him, mmkay?"

Both Bernard and Shin turned red while Emi got scary, her voice a hiss. "That would be unacceptable."

"I won't do anything!" Shin said quickly. "This is just a little da- hang out!"

Bernard turned redder before whispering, "You can say it..."

Shin nodded, gulped, then choked out, "Date..."

"Are you two just going to sit there and be all shy and crap, or are you going to get out of my classroom?" Sekigawa-sensei grunted.

"He needs fapping time!" Murasaki called as she pulled Chiyoko out. "And I need some sexy time with my wife!"

Chiyoko's screech, then moan could be heard throughout all the school. Bernard chose to ignore it, but Emi did not, her eyes flashing as she stormed out the door.

"Ha ha... shalll... shall we go?" Shin asked hesitantly.

Bernard glanced over to Sekigawa-sensei. His face was turned away, making it look like he was glaring at the wall. The blond knew, however, that the glare was reserved especially for Shin.

"Um, yes," he said nervously, returning his gaze to the other boy. He then smiled warmly. "Let's go."

Sekigawa-sensei watched the boys leave before sighing and brushing a hand through his hair. It was really hard to deal with. Bernard was... he was... well, Sekigawa-sensei liked him. It was hard to support two people being together when you liked one of them.

Emi blinked as she walked back in, a couple of blood stains coloring her white uniform. "Sekigawa-sensei? What's wrong?"

"Oh, Fuyamoto-san," he said, removing his hand from his hair. "It's... it's nothing."

She sighed softly. "It's because of Deveraux and Shin, right?"

The man blushed. "No!"

Emi smiled slightly at him, leaning over so they were face-to-face. "Is that so?"

He couldn't meet her eyes. "Yes..."

Her voice didn't sound as soft and false when she spoke again. "Sensei. Deveraux is precious to you, isn't he?"

Sekigawa-sensei finally met her eyes. They didn't have their usual scary or fake emotions in them. They were just... just... deep. Deeper than any twelve-year-old's eyes should be.

He suddenly understood. This girl knew the meaning of something precious. Only people who had lost something precious could know what something precious was. It seemed that she knew, the same as him.

"He is," Sekigawa-sensei said.

Emi smiled softly. "And I have a feeling that he will become even more precious to you as time goes on."

Sekigawa-sensei sighed. "As do I..."

Emi looked down. "Sensei?"

He blinked. "Yes?"

"... do you think they'll start dating?" Her voice was quiet.

"Probably," he murmured.

Her eyes moved up to meet his. "I'm sorry."

"I don't have a chance, anyway," he said while shrugging.

"I think you do," she replied. "Tall, handsome, smart... I mean, your personality is kind of bad, but you've got some good points."

Sekigawa gave an awkward smile. "I suppose that's tr-"

His cell phone began ringing. He fished around in his coat pocket for a moment before pulling it out and answering.


"Hey, Hideyoshi!"

"Oh, Kaori. It's you."

"Thanks for sounding excited."

"No problem." He held up his forefinger, asking Emi to wait. "What's up?"

"I wanna know if I can stay over during the summer."

"Ugh, why?"

'We don't have fun anymore! Besides, we need to figure your birthday out."

"Oh... yeah."

"Your twenty-fifth birthday is coming up, after all."

"It feels like it came so fast..."

"That's what she said."


"Nothing. Either way, we've got to get ready. Unless you've found what you're looking for."

"I'm not sure. Maybe."

"The kid?"

"... shut up."

"Impossible. Either way, do you think you can get him by your twenty-fifth birthday?"

"I dunno." "Figure it out. Time is running out."

"I know."

"Listen, I've got an anatomy class now, so I've gotta go. Call me later so we can get all this crap figured out."

"Okay. I'll call you after dinner." "Sweet. Catch ya later!"

"Goodbye, Kaori."

"I love you~!"


He closed the phone, sighing. Emi gave him a questioning look.

"Who was that?" she asked.

Sekigawa-sensei smiled in a tired fashion. "My girlfriend."


"So, this is your house," Bernard said. "It's cute."

Shin chuckled. "Thanks. My mom kind of took over decorating after Dad left."

Bernard blinked. "Your... daddy?"

Shin kicked off his shoes. "Mmhm. He left Mom and me when I was ten for some lady in Kyoto."

Bernard felt his heart ache. "Oh... Shin..."

Shin smiled warmly and patted the other boy's head. "Don't worry about it too much. He wasn't around a ton, anyway. I didn't love him."

Bernard slowly nodded. "O... okay. If you say so."

"So, what me to give a to-" Shin began before a woman with the same reddish-brown hair popped her head out of one of the doors.

"Shin?" she said, then blinked as she saw Bernard. "Who's... who's that?"

Bernard quickly bowed. "I'm Deveraux Bernard! It's a pleasure to meet you!"

She blinked in surprise before giving a small bow back. "I'm Nakazawa Aya. It's a pleasure to meet you as well."

"Mom, this is the boy I've been talking about," Shin said, grinning as he ruffled Bernard's hair. "Cute, isn't he?"
Bernard felt his face burn bright red and he looked to the other boy, stuttering out, "I- I'm no- not tha- that cute!"

Shin smirked. "I think you are."
Bernard felt his cheeks burn brighter red and he looked away quickly, staring at the ground. "Thank... thank you..."

"Ah, I'll... I'll go make some tea," Shin's mother said awkwardly.

"We'll be in my room," Shin said, grabbing Bernard's hand and tugging the blushing boy along.

Bernard felt absurdly shy as the other boy pulled him along, barely managing to return the handhold. It felt so impossible, being in Shin's house, his hand being held by Shin, while going to Shin's room. He wondered what Sekigawa-sensei's house looked like.

He shook his head quickly. What was he thinking of? He was with Shin right now, he couldn't be thinking about his teacher!

Shin opened the door, and Bernard timidly followed. His room was somewhat smaller than his, but not a ton. It had posters on the walls of athletes as well as various balls on the ground.

"Sorry for the bit of a mess," Shin muttered, his face slightly red. "I couldn't find my tie this morning..."

Bernard giggled. "My room is worse, don't worry."

Shin flopped onto his bed, patting the space beside him. Bernard sat down, giving a teensy smile and blushing at how close they were. He face turned even more red as Shin wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Sh... Shin..." he managed out.

"Yes?" he asked, warmly smiling.

"You... you... l- like... like me, ri- right?" Bernard stuttered out.

Shin grinned. "Haven't you figured that out already?"

Bernard looked at his feet. "Yeah, but..." He blushed harder. "I... I wanna hear you say it..."

Shin leaned in closely, his lips brushing against Bernard's ear as he whispered, "I like you, Bernard."

Bernard shook, his eyes wide and his face red as he choked out, "I- I... I like... I like Shin..."

Bernard felt Shin very slowly kiss his ear, making him whimper a little. "I know." Shin smiled into Bernard's neck, his mind on a certain teacher. He had beat Sekigawa-sensei. Bernard was now his, not that teacher's.

"Shin..." Bernard mewled as he kissed the base of his neck. "I... this... this too... too fast..."

Shin sighed and pulled away, pouting slightly. "You taste good."

Bernard blushed harder, covering his neck where Shin had kissed him. "Do not!"

Shin grinned. "Oh, yes you do! I wonder if your lips taste that good..."

Bernard squeaked as Shin jumped on top of him, pinning him down. Giving a very seme-ish smirk, the boy with reddish-brown hair leaned down to the other boy's face. The blond trembled slightly as their lips neared each other's, just centimeters away...

"Shin, I've got got your tea, and I'm coming in," Shin's mom said nervously.

Shin glared at the door before jumping off Bernard and calling to her that it was all right for her to come in. Bernard dizzily sat up as Nakazawa-san came in, kind of shocked as to what just happened. Did Shin really just try to kiss him?

A better question, though, was why had it felt wrong?

He liked Shin. He did! He had liked him for years, and now he was finally going out with him! So why on earth did it feel so... so... so bad when he was on top of him like that?

Quite suddenly, he was reminded of when Sekigawa-sensei slammed him onto the desk. He felt his face redden as he realized how right it had felt then. What was the difference? Was it something that Sekigawa-sensei did?

Or maybe it was just the difference in people.

Bernard felt his eyes widen. Was it possible that he had started to lose his romantic feelings for Shin as his feelings for Sekigawa-sensei grew? Could he be losing that want for Shin, even after praying for them to get together for so long?

"Bernard?" Shin's voice drew him out of his thoughts.

"Oh, um, yes?" Bernard said.

"Do you want some tea?" he asked. "My mom's got it set up in the living room, spacey boy."

Bernard blushed, nodded, and jumped off the bed. "Sorry, my... my mind was elsewhere."

Shin grinned again. "Where was it?"

Bernard looked away, feeling guilty. "Doesn't matter. B- by the way, your mom seems jumpy... is she usually like that?"

Shin was slightly worried by Bernard's tone, but not enough to ask what was wrong. "Ah, yeah, she's a little bit of a homophobe. She's kind of weirded out by us liking each other, but she's still a sweet woman. She won't say anything bad, even if she thinks that what we're doing is wrong or unnatural or whatever."

Bernard felt more guilt grabbing onto him, and he suddenly wished he hadn't decided to come. He didn't want to hurt Shin, but his feelings didn't seem to be the same. Why couldn't he have realized this, like, a half an hour ago? Now things were going to get bad...

Shin watched Bernard's expression, which was one of worry. He wondered what was going through the other boy's head. He seemed nervous. Had Shin pushed him too far too fast?

"Did I make you uncomfortable?" he asked quietly.

Bernard blushed. "O- oh, um, th- that is..." He looked down. "Yeah, actually... I'd just like you to slow down... not do that stuff, yet..."

Shin sighed and patted his head. "Sorry, Ben-chan. I guess... I guess I got a bit excited."

Bernard gave a teensy smile. "It's... it's okay. I'm just not ready yet. Give me a while before we kiss or anything."

Shin nodded. "Of course. At least, like, two or three weeks. Is that good?"

Bernard nodded. "Just... on the cheek or forehead for now..."

Shin leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Okay~!"

Bernard felt guilty... well, even more so. Did Shin know how he felt about Sekigawa-sensei? He would have to tell the other boy at some point. Just as... just as a gentle warning. In case he fell out of like.

Bernard took Shin's hand, leaning against the other boy slightly. Shin blushed and smiled, gently pulling him into the living room. Bernard and Shin sat down next to each other at the small table. Shin's mother smiled at them, still looking somewhat uncomfortable.

"So, um, Deveraux-san," Nakazawa-san said hesitantly. "That's a strange name. Where are you from?"

"My dad is French," he replied. "Our family actually has a house in France. That's where my grandfather is living. We visit it sometimes."

"Ah, I see," she murmured as she poured the tea for Bernard. "What about your mother?"

"She's Japanese," he said.

"I see," she repeated. "Do you have any siblings?"

Bernard continued answering all of her questions. They were generally about his family and friends. He tried not to feel nervous. Shin finally cut in at one point.

"Mom, this isn't an interview. You can get to know him better later," he said flatly as he put his cup on the table.

"Oh, right, sorry," she said.

"It's fine," Bernard said with a smile.

"You're too cute!" Shin proclaimed, hugging him tightly.

"Stop!" Bernard squeaked, face reddening.

Nakazawa-san glanced up at the clock. "Ah, I have to make dinner. Will you be joining us?"

"As long as it's okay with my parents," Bernard said.

"Text them," Shin commanded.

"Get off," Bernard retorted.

Sighing slightly, Shin removed himself from Bernard. The blond pulled his cell phone from his pocket and texted his mom. Shin watched him silently for a while.

"Are you out of the closet with them?" he finally asked.

Bernard blinked in surprise and shook his head no. "I think my big brother may suspect me, but the rest of my family is extremely ignorant, even if I'm a girly gay."

Shin chuckled. "You're fabulous, Bernard."

Bernard grinned and said girlishly, "Oh, I know, right? I'm so pretty!"

Shin laughed louder and Bernard softly smiled. He realized, suddenly, that he was alone with him. Nakazawa-san, he supposed, had gone to make dinner. He couldn't help but feel nervous.

He had to tell Shin that he liked Sekigawa-sensei. He would feel absolutely awful if he didn't.

"Shin?" he asked quietly.

Shin picked up on his scared tone and stopped grinning. "Yes?"

Bernard drew in a shuddering breath. "You know... um... you're... you're not the... the o-" He felt his phone buzz, interrupting him. He pulled it out and read the text from his mom before pouting slightly.

"My mom wants me to go home," he explained as he put away his phone. "She's having cravings for my cookies."

Shin pouted. "Aww... c'mon! That sucks."

Bernard smiled and gave Shin a quick peck on the cheek, making the other boy blush in surprise. "How about I bring you some cookies on Monday? Will that make up for it?"

Shin nodded quickly. "But you have to give me a kiss on the cheek, too."

Bernard blushed deeply. "Oh... um... okay."

"Oh, yeah, Bernard," Shin said, standing up and holding his hand out to the other boy. "Can I have your number?"

Bernard shyly nodded and pulled out his phone. "As long as I can have yours."

The two exchanged numbers. After doing so, Shin called to his mom that Bernard had to go home. She said goodbye, and he returned farewell. In the doorway, as Bernard pulled his shoe on, Shin kissed his cheek.

"I like you," he whispered.

Bernard blushed deeply, feeling guilt grab him once again. "I... I like you, too, Shin."

Shin grinned. "I'll never get tired of hearing that.

Bernard hoped he didn't mean that. He didn't want to hurt Shin; he really didn't. However, at the same time...

You still like Shin, he chided himself. Stop thinking like that. Your feelings could return.

Well, he was praying they would, anyway.

"I'll catch ya later, Bernard," Shin said.

Bernard shyly smiled and waved over his shoulder. "Bye bye, Shin."

He sighed softly to himself as he began walking home. Today had been confusing and stupid. He needed a while to reevaluate his feelings for both Shin and Sekigawa-sensei.

Bernard glanced in the window of a convinience store he was passing by and promptly felt his heart stop. Reading a magazine, right in front of the window, was Sekigawa-sensei.

Bernard's first thought was that he should run for cover, while his second was that Sekigawa-sensei was holding onto an ero-manga magazine. The man was blushing, obviously unsure of whether to buy it or not. The third and final thing that Bernard noticed was that it was a certain magazine that he had noticed Murasaki having; it was a shotacon yaoi magazine.

"Holy shit!" Bernard squeaked, dashing out of the view of the teacher. He leaned against the wall of the convinience store, a hand over his fast-beating heart.

It was impossible.

Completely impossible.

Completely and totally impossible.

"He really is a pedo," Bernard whispered. "I can't believe it. He really is gonna rape me with leather and a meter stick. Except it won't really be rape since I want it. Except I shouldn't because I'm with Shin now."

Bernard sighed softly. This was the last thing he needed to make sure he was happy with Shin. Even the slightest chance that Sekigawa-sensei could even lust after him was too much for the boy to handle.

Aaaaaaaand then Sekigawa-sensei came out of the store with a plastic bag in hand.

The two stared at each other awkwardly for a while before Sekigawa-sensei asked, "Why are you leaning against the wall and clinging to it like you'll fall in a bottomless pit if you let go?"

"Uh..." Bernard said in that brilliant way of his. "No reason..."

"... you're strange," the teacher finally decided.

"What did you buy?" Bernard demanded.

Sekigawa-sensei jumped a bit at his directness. "Uh, well, wh- why do you want to know?"

Bernard grabbed the bag. "I need to know!"

"Damn it, Deveraux, don't just steal my bag!" he snapped as Bernard skipped back a few paces, just out of reach of the man. "Don't look in it! You can't just go through the belongings of someone else, you brat!"

Bernard felt a strange sense of both relief and disappointment wash over him. Several onigiri, instant ramen, and a sports drink of some sort, but no shotacon yaoi magazine. The man was clean.

"Just wondering what you were having for dinner," Bernard said innocently, holding the bag out to the frustrated man.

Sekigawa-sensei snatched it back, glaring at the blond. "This isn't actually for me, kid. And if you wanted to know, you could have just asked! So troublesome."

"Sorry~!" Bernard giggled. "If it's not yours, though, whose is it?"

"The lady who lives next to me," he grunted. "She has back problems, so..."

Bernard stared for a moment before warmly smiling. "Ne, sensei~ you are a nice person, aren't you?"

Sekigawa-sensei blushed. "No, I'm not!"

Bernard giggled. "I think you are!"

"Whatever," Sekigawa-sensei growled, stomping forward.

"Nee, sensei, you live this way, too~?" Bernard asked.

"... yes, but I turn at the next stop," he grunted.

"Darn, I wanted to walk home with sensei," Bernard said with a pout.

Sekigawa-sensei blushed before a scowl returned to his face. "So... how did your... uhm... date with... with Naka... zawa go?"

Bernard couldn't help but notice how much he forced out Shin's last name. "Ah, well... it... um... he..."

"What?" he growled.

"I- I'll tell you la- later!" Bernard stuttered out as they came to the corner. "Bye, sensei!"

"Ah!" Sekigawa-sensei began. "Wai- he's gone..."

The man sighed slightly as he watched the flustered boy dash off. What had Nakazawa done? He hoped it wasn't anything too bad... if it was, he'd have to murder him! Nobody would ever hurt his Bernard!... damn it, the kid wasn't his!

He sighed softly as he pulled open his jacket slightly. There it was. Glad he had felt like he shouldn't put it in the bag.

Still... he sighed as he started walking. He felt like like such a pedophile, buying a shotacon yaoi magazine like that... not only that, but the clerk had given him such a strange look... ugh...

"I am the worst teacher ever!" he shouted, enticing a few strange looks. It didn't matter. He deserved them.

Ahh, time to go home and fap.

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