Cell phones are very much discouraged at the high school – for the students and especially for the teachers. Teachers and other staff are under no circumstances to have their cell phone on and in plain sight while working. While breaks and lunches don't fall under than jurisdiction, usages during those periods are discouraged.

Normally, I keep my phone off all together when I'm at work. I'll text Juni after work, and sometimes before, if I'm not too tired. On this particular day, however, I forgot to turn it off. Not wanting to break the rules, I decide to turn it off.

But then...I thought of a better idea.

I'll send Juni a "Ganbatte" message – that is, a "Good Luck" message. It's finals week at the college, and I want him to do his very best. I'm sure he will be, even with all that's been going on, but a little extra well-wishing never hurt anybody.

I look to my left and to my right. I'm all alone in the teacher's lounge, as usual. I find it rather funny that while it's just past noon, hardly anyone ever eats in here at that time. Makes me wonder if anyone bothers to each lunch in here anymore.

But I digress.

Though I am alone, I take my phone and hide it under the table as a precaution. My fingers fly all over the keyboard. Ever since I started to date Juni, I've gotten really good at this...

Ganbatte! Sending love and luck you way. You will do wonderfully!

There! No harm done. I look over my shoulder once again. The place is still quiet, still empty. There. That wasn't so bad, was it? No harm, no foul, as they say.

Just as I'm about to turn my phone off...

Thank you, baby. Though at the risk of sounding cheeky, there is something I'd rather do wonderfully, and it's not my midterms.

Cue the tingling to the face. You're right – you do sound cheeky. Mind your manners, I'm at work!

Aw, don't be like that. A little flirting never hurt anyone. How else will I show you how crazy I am about you?

I think you did plenty of that over the weekend, mister.

But seriously, I have to go. I can't use my cell phone here. It's frowned upon.

Do you always do what you're told?

Yes. You're the daring one, and I'm the "mouse".

You didn't sound very much like a mouse last night.

How would you know? You were gone by eight!


Fine, spoil my fun why don't you?

Here I am, taking these important exams that will determine the course of my future.

Your texts are the one thing that help me relax and keep focus, and you don't want to talk to me anymore.

*sniff, sniff* You're so cruel! Cruel!

Oh my lord, he may be mature for his age, but he isn't above acting his age – or less than his age – when he needs to.

Manipulative little...

Okay, okay, I'll text you for a few minutes. But if you get me in trouble with the school board, I'll sic Liz on you.


You wouldn't do that, would you? You love me too much!

I do love you, very, very much.

With you by my side, life is infinitely more wonderful.

But I also love my house, my car, my ability to take care of myself, my pantry full of Japanese snacks, and my satellite TV with shows from Japan.

Oh, and the benefits aren't too shabby, either.

You get me in trouble with the School Board, I'll get you trouble with Liz.

Silence, and then, Well when you put it that way...

I will only ask for a few minutes of your time, dear teacher.

But be warned! These will be the hottest few minutes of your entire life!

I'll have you blushing so much, your students will think you've dyed yourself red!

And just how do you intend to do that?

By telling you all the things I intend to do with you once I've finished writing my exams.

I'm really looking forward to spending more time with you...

Chotto Matte! Chotto Matte, Kudasai!

...what? Translation, please!

Chotto Matte = Wait a minute!

Just because you're finishing up your school year doesn't mean I'm finished!

I still have a month to go!


All right, so I'll tell you about the things I intend to do with you once you've finished up your school year.

And what pray tell, would those things be?

Well, got to all the places we couldn't go to during the winter would be one thing.

...all right, I'll give you that one.

We could go fishing – I'm a really good fisherman. We could catch some King Salmon and make them for dinner.

That sounds fun. I've never fished a day in my life, though.

Make sure no one on this rock hears you say that aloud. You'll be skinned. After all, this IS a fishing town.

Duly noted. What else do you have in mind?

Well, we could play tourists and hang out at Creek Street for a while. We could gasp along with all the other tourists when they see the French lace condoms in the bathrooms.

...you're so cheeky.

And you like it.

Maybe so, but I'll never admit it.

You just did!

Anyway! I should probably get going now. I don't want another co-worker to come in and see me texting.

Wait! Er...chotto matte!

Don't you want to know what I'd really like to do once you've finished school?

Juni, I should really go. Someone could appear in here in any minute. I really don't want to be reprimanded.

This will only take a moment, I promise.

I wasn't sure of if it was a good idea, but after last weekend, I think it's a nifty idea.

Okay, I'm intrigued. Tell me.

He doesn't text for what seems like half an hour. I'm checking the door like crazy, hoping no one decides to pop in as a text comes in. I really don't want to be caught, but I'm on pins and needles here, wondering about Juni's nifty idea.

And then... My uncle, my mom's brother, has a cabin that's accessible via the Clover Passage.

He lets us use it if we want to have a little mini vacation or a party or sometimes. He uses it too, when he's on one of his fishing binges.

It's really nice. My mom helped him decorate it and everything. It's a beautiful place in the woods.

I was thinking that it would be nice to go out there. Maybe stay there for a weekend...

...that is...if you're interested.

A flush sweeps across my face. A cabin in the woods...like, deep, deep in the woods?

Ummhmm. Plus, there are no other cabins around. It would be our own piece of paradise – in the woods.

That is, if we stock up on citronella candles and bug spray.

I blink, taken aback by the prospect of being with Juni, all alone in the woods, far away from civilization. And while I am quite allergic to mosquito bites, that's not the issue that's biting me...

And I don't mean that in a bad way either...

Wow...that actually sounds really nice.

I'm glad you think so. I know it's not like Chicago or Seattle or anything, and we're still on the rock, but I think it's something to look forward to.

Plus, my uncle will let me take his boat, so we could go exploring for a bit. I could show you all the really nice places the tourists wish they knew about.

That would really be nice. I might have lived here for almost three years, but I'm still a bit of a tourist.

Don't know this place like you do.

Then, it's settled. I'll talk to my uncle, and we'll spend a weekend out there.

Sounds good. This is so sweet of you Juni – thank you.

Aww, you're so sweet.

Hey, we should do it the weekend after school ends, as a way to celebrate your freedom.

We don't even need real fireworks...I'll make you set off your own...

...I bet you will...

When I hear the commotion at the door, I hide my phone in my lap on instinct. Putting on my best "everything's normal" face, I turn around to greet the one who's come in here...

I am surprised to see the principal, Mr. Wright closing the door behind him. He presses is back against the door as his chunky fingers navigate his Blackberry Torch, his eyes firmly on the conversation that plays out on-screen.

Chotto matte! The principal of the school – the head chief in charge – in here texting on his phone!

And judging by the sweat on his brown and the licking on his lips (ew), it's a pretty intense conversation.

Oh dear.

I can't believe this! While he isn't going around insisting that teachers keep their phones powered-down and locked away, but he clearly knows the rules. And yet, he's hiding in the most under populated teacher's lounge in this entire school, texting – a big no-no.

A lot of teachers would kill to be privy of this moment.

I clear my throat, and Mr. Wright's head snaps to attention. I watch as the color drains from his face. He clearly didn't expect me to be here. I'm pretty sure he slipped in here because he thought he'd be alone.

"M-Ms. Langely," he stammers, a tremor in his voice.

"Mr. Wright, sir," I reply with a smile. I look over to his phone. "What brings you here?"

He looks down at his phone, humiliated, busted. He slides the phone down and slips it into his pocket. Like that will make a difference.

"Um...nothing." He looks over to me, trying to make the best of this awkward situation. "And you?"

I can feel my voice vibrating in my hands. My palm is overheated. It's all going numb.

"Umm...nothing." Thank God this phone's on vibrate. Juni will just have to wait.

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