I may not like getting caught up in the rain when we get a good storm in the on the rock, but I always did enjoy the sound of raindrops falling on my rooftop. There's something relaxing about just closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, and just listening to the sound. And even if the roll of thunderstorm or a flash of lightning frightens me, it's never enough to get me to close my eyes and turn everything out.

All I have to do is just lie in my bed and listen.

Sometimes my eyes will drift to the windowpane, and I'll just watch the raindrops splash again the chilly glass. It's all so calming, like a meditation or a quiet prayer. My chest rises and falls to the beat of the watery drum, at one with the rhythm of nature.

"Penny for your thoughts?" The sound of his voice floating into my sleepy head makes me smile. His arm is like a bar around my waist, and the heat of his body warms my back. "Or is that too cheap?"

"For you, it's just the right price." I snuggle into him more, craving such splendid warmth. "I'm not thinking of anything, really. I'm just listening."

"Listening?" His lips rest against my earlobe. Sweet Jesus… "To what?"

"The rain outside." His lips continue to graze against my earlobe, and my body goes completely soft. "I like to listen to it. It relaxes me. Sometimes, if it's raining and I can't sleep, all I have to do is listen to the storm, and eventually I'll just drift."

"Is that so?" He snickers. "I thought that's what I was for."

"Oh, trust me, you have your uses." I purr. "But you know what I mean."

"Do I?" He's clearly mocking me. "I just heard you tell me that you use the sound of raindrops to relax you. You've clearly negated my reason for being here."

"I thought your reason for being here was to please me." The memories of our intimacies make me shudder in delight. "After all, it's what you do best."

"Is that a fact?" A playful growl rumbles in his throat and he moves atop me. My body seizes in temporary fear before giving way to excitement. "Now, see, I was just thinking about pleasing you." His smooth hands make their way to the hem of my nightdress. "I want to see if you can be as loud as the rolling thunder."

He knows he can – and I do as well.

"Always playful, always cheeky." I brush his hands away as I sit up. My eyes never leave his – I could stare into them all day. "But because it's you – I enjoy it very much."

"We'd have issues if you didn't." He runs his fingers through my hair, and I sign in contentment. "I'm like this for you, Ami – just you. I'm cheeky because you're special. You're a special lady, Ms. Langley."

I smirk. "You know, Liz says the same thing from time to time, but I'm hoping that her 'special' is different from your 'special'…"

Juni's lips capture mine before I'm able to finish my sentence. Our kiss deepens immediately, and I wrap my arms around his waist, pulling his closer. I can never get enough of this – he makes me so happy. To be so close to him, to feel so safe in his warmth – it's what I've always needed and always have craved.

"You keep kissing me like that and I'm going to want you to tug at my gown," I tell him with my own brand of cheekiness.

"Well, in that case…" He kisses me over and over again, and I can't help but laugh at his tenacity. "Just give me the word, and I'll take care of the rest."

"I bet you would!" His lips attack my neck, and now I really can't stop laughing. "Dang it, Juni, I was really trying to relax to the sound of rain in order to fall sleep. I'm not going to get any with you pecking at me, am I?"

"On the contrary, you'll get plenty." He pushes me on the bed, moving atop me once more. "And it won't be just sleep, either."

"Juni, wait – Juni!" His lips find and attack my weak spot, and I know he's absolutely right.

My eyelids are heavy with fatigue, and at any moment, the slumber will take me.

He is warm beside me, arm draped across my waist, already fast asleep. The sound of his breathing and the quiet raindrops marries well, and I'm filled with a wondrous peace. For me, this is happiness, and happiness is my life. I've weathered the storm, and for me, Juni is my rainbow.

"Suki," I whisper quietly as fall fast asleep.

I pray that this never ends.

Author's Note: I haven't forgotten - I've just lost my way. Maybe this is the way to find it. To the dear who sent me the review - thank you for being so kind, and to help me to remember.