AN: This is for you. You life-ruining bastard. You are going to lose this race to me. I am going to overcome everything you did.

The wind blows

Through my hair

The whistle in my ears

In front of me

I can only see

Two different things.

A line to be crossed

A runnr to beat

Faster, faster

My brain screams to me

A year long race

That's down hill slope

Just recently hit.

You are far better

The runner than me

So how is it

I run faster

And your legs slow down?

My lungs are on fire

Oh how it hurts to breathe.

I could fall now

Flat on my face

Don't surrender, don't bleed

You can beat it

Just wait and see

I close my eyes

My hands form fists

And yet I run.

I'm going to win.