Trying to get my writing streak since I haven't written in so long so you may find quite a few writings from me popping up here and there ^^

I wrote this in the middle of the night when I suddenly just woke up and I'm sure that I will edit this one day haha!
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I met you;
I loved you;
I missed you;
I lost you.

Sitting on the grass at out park;
I'll paint it with your favorite color.
Curious how crimson turns black.
Oh, I see you now, I'll wave.

I smile;
You stare;
I frown;
You run.

Run for help;
Call for help;
Cry for help;
Cry for me.

It's getting hot.
It was fun;
I have smiled,
I have cried;

Remember meeting me;
Remember loving me;
Remember missing me;
Remember losing me.


Well, I hope that this wasn't too painful to read hehe! Please remember to read and review ;P