The world is filled with dreamers,
All we do is dream, wish, and dream.

We believe that we can change our world,
And yet we know that we can't.

We keep wishing for miracles,
Yet we've never experienced one.

The world is overflowing with sadness,
Yet we don't know what we should do.

But once we jump over that obstacle
We can truly change our world.

If we throw away the sadness
We can fill our life with laughter.

Just smile at the mirror and you will find
That it would brightly smile back.

Laugh and you will hear
Laughter echoing in your ears.

Smile today and you will find a brighter day,
Smile today and the sun will shine it's brightest.

Just forget all that pain and sadness,
Forget it all and just smile.

Take my hand and we will smile,
We will laugh at the world,

Until there is nothing that it can do,
But stare back at us and smile.


Here's a positive piece of poetry that I found while I was going through all my documents, deleting the ones I felt like I didn't need.

It's rare for me to write such positive poetry that I wish this will be good. I really want to write happier poems but they always seem to turn out a little sad or 'wrong' haha! I hope you enjoyed this and please remember to read and review!