stop pause let it play a little
explain it, make sense, justify, account for
just precisely exactly how
time and the universe conspired
and i found you in my space
stumbling blindly, hands folded palms closed
into something confusing and unsteady
but warming
all wrapped up in a blanket with a fireplace in winter
kisses like cheap alcohol, hands like oh, they fit there. And there. And there.
new and not altogether unpleasant
because of the underlying imprint of you

on my lips
in my hair
down my neck
on my tongue.
he touches a kiss to her hand
several times
he isn't going to remember this in the morning
but blushes stain her from cheek
(where he kisses her again)
to collarbone
and this is going to happen a thousand times more
hope for it.

thief in daylight
a string of double dare pearls
if you want me, come and get me:
and she does.
the fact that you can't have me
only makes you want me more -
and the fall into his arms
is jumping headfirst down the rabbit hole.

but being afraid doesn't scare me at all.