Ivy had grabbed her books as soon as the bell had rung and classes at Tranquility University dispersed for the day.

Next stop for her would be the library where she would hide in one of the cubicles and cram for her midterms starting next week. The classes she had taken this past semester had kicked her ass and she wanted to make the honor roll at the end of the year.

The clouds had cloistered around the campus threatening rain all day and sure enough, as she headed down the walkway towards the ivy-covered library, she felt the first large drops against her face. She didn't mind the rain even though by the time she reached the entrance, the sky had really opened up.

Her hair sprinkled rain and she felt the warmth of the library embrace her as she walked past the desk where that new librarian stood helping a customer. He caught her eye and she felt that familiar sizzle that she did whenever she saw him here.

Not really the bookish type in terms of his physique which hinted at a life spent working hard outdoors. She had heard he was ex-military, but no one knew which branch and whispers were that he had been working on some special project before his discharge. Damn, he could work on her, she thought because the thought of running her fingers across that hardened body, sent shivers through her in places she didn't need to rev up if she was going to get any studying done.

On her way up the stairwell, she ran into a classmate of hers, with long blonde hair and what looked like the tribal tattoo wrapped around one of her upper arms. She couldn't remember her name but they had shared notes once.

"You studying for Tyler's exam," the girl asked.

Ivy nodded.

"Yeah I need an A or I'm off honor roll."

"Bummer…yeah I'll be lucky if I stay off probation," the girl said, "Well good luck…where you studying?"

"A cubicle…if there's one left but it's going to be crowded soon."

The girl nodded.

"Yeah I know that…say I know a place where you can study," she said, "if you promise to keep it a secret."

Ivy felt intrigued because she thought she knew the library inside and out and unless you were a grad student and reserved an office, there really wasn't any good place to study. Other students were always so busy chatting with each other about who broke up with who or chatting on their cell phones apparently forgetting they were in a library.

"That sounds is it?"

The other girl paused.

"It's towards the back…you'll find an old looking door that looks locked but it's not and you'll find a flight of stairs leading to the secret room."

"Is it safe?"

"Of course it is, I studied there a lot," the girl said, "Quiet and a bit dusty but you'll like it."

Ivy shrugged.

"Not much to like about studying but I'll try it…thanks."

The girl smiled at her.

"See you later…"

Ivy watched her go and then followed her directions, and sure enough she walked past the bustling cubicles and mini-offices relieved to get away from that congestion. She found the door right away and it looked as if it would never open, but the girl was right, it did with a simple turn of the knob.

She saw the flight of stairs, dimly lit and looking more than a little bit scary. If she walked up, would the old wood be rotted underneath and would she fall right through them? Okay, she could just step gingerly at first to test her footing and then take it from there. But the steps proved to be stable and she walked up them, holding onto the rail. She saw a closed door at the top and a strip of light underneath.

The room was properly lit and not shrouded in darkness at any rate. Maybe it would be perfect for quiet studying, she thought opening that door. But her eyes widened as they took in the sight in front of her. She saw old furniture layered in dust, including a desk and a couple of chairs and a window seat lined with cushions, and another door leading elsewhere. She put her bag down and looked around fingering the furniture streaking it with shininess amid the dust.

She walked over to the window and looked out its streaked panes into the rain pounding on the lowered roof of the library below what looked like a crow's nest. The room had smelled a bit stuffy like old books and dust when she had walked in but she noticed now a flowery scent in the mixture, like tropical blossoms that had bloomed under rain showers.

"You're here…"

She jumped where she stood at the sound of the voice, spinning around and standing in front of her was the librarian from downstairs. Her skin flushed immediately because the crow's nest had probably been off-limits.

"Look I'm sorry…I'll just grab my things and go…"

She reached over to get her bag planning to make a quick exit before he did something like call security on her ass. But he just stood there looking at her, dressed in faded jeans and a sweater, his dark black hair sprinkled with sand and his face intense, but softening into a smile.

"No…don't go. You're where you're supposed to be."

She furrowed her brow in confusion, what did he mean by that? Then she noticed that the scent of the flowers grew stronger, making her feel dizzy, her legs weaken and still the librarian smiled at her.

"What did you just say?"

"I said that you're where I want you to be."

She frowned.

"No that wasn't..."

He stepped closer to her, silently as if he were a ghost but he looked solid enough of a man to her. His muscles shaped his sweater and his jeans clung to his lower half including…she blushed at the thought, if he caught her looking. But if he did, he said nothing just moved even closer.

"I've been watching you," he said, "You're a beautiful young woman."

Eagerness filled her at that but she kept it in check. After all, she didn't know anything about him.

"Why…why have you been watching me?"

He smiled.

"Because you're so damn sexy," he said, "Can't keep my eyes off of you."

That sounded nice right down to the deep timbre of his voice almost like a purr.

"Why did you follow me?"

He chuckled, again with that deep sexy voice.

"I was here before you arrived."

Okay, so he was but how did he…

"Oh that girl I ran into, you asked her to tell me about this place didn't you?"

He didn't answer, he just moved even closer to her until they were almost close enough to brush against one another which she wouldn't mind at all. Except…

"What are you doing," she said, "Why am I up here with you?"

The smile again, the one that lulled her as if it were a gentle touch. But just when she thought he might never answer, he moved his face closer to hers and damn if he didn't brush his mouth softly against hers. It felt sweet at first, gentle like petals on her mouth carrying that heady scent which surrounded her. He coaxed her into accepting him and then it changed…spicy heat replaced the sweet innocence and she felt the warmth.


"Shhh…..just enjoy it…"

She knew she should push him away because for all she knew his purposes hadn't been good when he lured her up here into isolation. He could do anything to her hear and no one would know, even her screams would be hemmed inside the walls. But so far he didn't seem intent on hurting her.

That wasn't the way he had kissed her at all.

His mouth woke up all kinds of feelings in her, surprise first and then delight, shyness mixed with a dose of assuredness. Arousal followed and then the hunger.

Her heartbeat quickened and her breath became coarse, her skin tingled and she couldn't move. She just froze while he parted her lips, slowly with the most delectable taste of tongue. Infinite patience in how he carefully stroked the inside of her mouth with his invasion.

She felt the backs of her calves brush against the edge of the loveseat, hard and unyielding but not compared to the man kissing her. Dizziness filled her and vivid images of what other times inside the crow's nest…a woman with blonde hair like hers sitting on the crow's nest, her naked legs splayed, with a man's head between them.


He just continued nursing her mouth with his tongue, it burned but she didn't feel pain just a tightness coiling up inside that if released.

No, she couldn't show that part of herself to him, and his lips moved to her neck, leaving a damp trail of slow burn on her already heated skin.

"Ivy…it's time…"

She broke out of her thoughts, which were scrambled between pushing him away and running down the stairs and wanting him to do much more than kiss her.

"Oh God…"

He chuckled.

"I'm the one who's here with you," he said, "Now follow me."

Her brow knitted as if it to challenge him, but the sensations that ran through her, the memory of his kiss on her mouth, and between her thighs, her panties felt wet.

"I …can't…"

He looked her directly in the eyes with his own which shone in the light.

"Oh yes you can…there's nothing in there that will hurt you."

He kissed her mouth hard, and she felt more of his brand of heat and her legs became boneless.

"Are we going to have sex?"

He smiled in that way he had while looking at her.

"Something like that."

So she did follow him, closely and they reached the door into the other room and when he opened it, she saw candles lit on the floor near a bed raised above it just several inches. She just looked at him.

"What is this?"

He arched a brow at her as he placed his hands on her hips.

"I think it's obvious don't you?"

Before she could respond, he kissed her on the mouth again, running his hands up her back and down again, this time reaching beneath her shirt to stroke bare skin. She jumped a bit when she felt his fingers caressing her. Then he slowly inched that shirt off trailing his fingers on her skin and when he raised it over her head, she just let him.

Her silky bra followed and she saw his eyes absorb the sight of her globes of creamy flesh, and rose tipped nipples which hardened from that alone. He palmed both of her breasts as they overflowed while he started kissing her on her mouth, her jaw line, the slope of her neck and then…her eyes widened as he licked the hollow created by her collarbones and then when he sucked a nipple inside of her mouth, she bit the inside of her mouth.

"You like that…?"

She nodded wordlessly, as he started to move his hands towards the snaps of her pants. Then she shook her head.

"No…I want to see you first…without your shirt.

He smiled and removed it, and his chest looked well muscled with a couple of old jagged scars across it, the hair growing in whorls tapered down to his hard abs. She moved her fingers to touch him, tug lightly at some of the coarse hair and to stroke his coppery nipples. This time he flinched but he stood patiently while she explored him and bent her mouth to taste his skin, both tangy and a hint of musk.

Then he moved his hands back to the front of her pants and deftly unsnapped them, then pulled the zipper down with a hollow rasp. Soon enough, he tugged them down her thighs leaving her with her lacy thong.

"You are really something," he said, "Gift wrapped for me."

She just looked at him as he slid his fingers underneath the wisp of fabric covering her pussy. She felt him brushing her curls as he sought out the lips partly hidden by them. When he touched her where she wanted, she felt that jolt of electric shock that jarred her senses and then the warmth begin to spread. She leaned her head back a little as he fingered her there.

"You're so wet and ready for me."

She just moaned because his fingers in the slickness of her pussy just felt so damn good, her clitoris grew beneath his touch and her breath hitched. Then she felt her thong being stripped away from her so she became bare to him. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her closer to him and slowly they sank down onto the bed. So much so, it seemed like she was dreaming. The flickering of the lit candles, the scent of sandalwood that wafted from them and this elation that just filled her as her body reached the firmness of the bed. He laid her flat and looked down at her, as she lay there looking up at him, marvelous in her nakedness. Ripened in all the ways a woman should be and her body ready for him, the slickness of her pussy proof of her arousal. His hands moved to his own pants and after unfastening them, he shucked them leaving him in his briefs. She saw the outline of what they covered and damn, she could tell the man was hung, her pussy twitched in anticipation of being filled to the limit.

But when he lowered his briefs, she almost fainted.

He smiled as if he got that a lot and the timbre of his voice deepened further.

"It's okay…It'll fit and it'll make you feel so much pleasure."

Oh god was all that came to her, because she just stared at his engorged penis, from its mouth watering head, to its thickly veined shaft to his…jewels, which hung loosely in their sac. She'd seen her share of cocks particularly on this jaded campus but she never thought of one as looking delicious before, far from viewing doing oral as a chore, her lips itched to wrap around him…she just didn't know how much of him he could slide in between her lips.

But if he wanted to try, she was definitely cool with that.

He chuckled and she knew he'd read her mind.

"Later…first I want to do this…"

He bucked his hips and his body moved against her with the force, and she winced at the stinging pressure of his erection pushing through the wall which clung to it.


He kissed the cries out of her mouth, then looked down at her.

"It'll feel much, much better in a moment."

He withdrew and she felt the loss and when he pushed inside again, this time the sting had fallen away and had been replaced by oh…something much more enjoyable. Her pussy glistened at the pleasurable groove that his cock was creating for itself inside it as he pushed her against the bed over and over.

She lay there thinking, as his sweat sprinkled her chest, before his own body pressed delightfully against her breasts. But what was she doing…she was up here with some stranger…and then as he whispered enticing words in her ear with each powerful thrust, she seemed to remember a story, a short one, that she had read on the wall of one of the library bathrooms. How did it go exactly…something about staying away from where again?

Oh yeah, it hit her then, the crow's nest and where was she now...the nest or rather the lair of a man doing amazing things to her body right now. Any reason why she should give a damn about being cautious, when ah…another shard of pleasure had ripped inside her even as the pressure slowly continued to build…her muscles tensing, her pussy tightening even more around his erection.

She felt him arch…and she knew that he must be close and then she felt it too…the cascading waves as she'd often heard them come rushing through every corner of herself. She closed her eyes as she felt his warmth penetrate her, fluid in motion and leaving a trail of cinders.

Then she remembered the discussion that they should have had first. She was on the Pill so she was totally but he could be a germ factory especially if luring women up to the Crow's Nest to fuck was truly his thing. But she still felt him moving against her, though more slowly and their bodies meshed more closely as she felt him embrace her against him.

"Oh wow…"

He laughed.

"I aim to please…"

She frowned, because that sounded a bit pat.

"Who are you…I've heard the stories."

He sighed, pulling her even closer to him as the candles flickered low on their wicks, sputtering as they brushed the hot liquid pooling.

"I'm a librarian, I shelve books and I help visitors find answers to their questions."

She shook her head.

"No the truth," she said, "because if that were true, then we wouldn't be up here doing what we just did."

He smiled again, believing that as his experience had taught him, the less said about himself the better. He was getting better at that part of it.

"Let's just say I'm here to give you more pleasure than you can imagine…for a while…and leave it at that?"

As she felt her body already miss what he'd given her and the desire to touch him, turn into a craving…she couldn't say no to him.

He rolled on top of her body again as the room slowly began to darken. he HHhhhh