Firelight. I stood up and waited for the maids to put a shawl around me before approaching the fire that was slowly starting to build into something magnificent. The fire had started as a small spark and ember, but as I sat next to it, in a large velvet chair; red in the sunlight but purple in the night, the fire blazed. I ordered the maids to open the balcony window to let in a spring breeze. A fire and an open window made no sense whatsoever, but I was bored with nothing to do. They obeyed without question and soon my left was chilled while my front to my right was burning. I lounged in my chair for a while, letting out a sigh. I had all this power but without fooling around with it, it got dull.

You see, I am the princess here and soon-to-be queen; for I have no brothers to ascend the throne and no other sisters to stand by me. My existence might have been a little different with a couple . Instead of a grey quiet life, with siblings they could have splashed it with rainbows and yelling. I paused. No, I would not put another person in this suffocating encasement. I stood and walked swiftly past the maids, who had not left yet, and I walked out to the balcony. Even there they followed me. I could hear them step out next to the glass doors dividing the outside and my room. I closed my eyes to suppress my annoyance. There was no way to be free of judging eyes.

I looked out in the Gardens underneath my view. I could imagine the sight I see every day when I take my walks when I got desperate in the day. The roses, daisies, lilies, forget-me-nots, morning glories, blue bells, and flowers that have been integrated by the gardeners are in my mind as I gaze into the Gardens; the royal garden that my mother, the queen, cultivated and would not let anyone else take complete charge of. It was the gardens I used to walk with her within, until she thought I was old enough to be left alone. Resentment, once more, filled my heart that was pure no more, thinking about such sour memories. I decided to look at the city that was my future and past the restricting palace walls.

I hate those walls as well. The kept me in and kept all the excitement out. Some days I felt as though they were crushing the life out of me. The houses past those aggravating walls were full of life, and I felt as though I could just reach out and touch the happiness and laughter. They were soon to be my responsibility, so I already felt as though they were mine. I could see the windows lit with the fires inside and the smoke rising from the chimneys. Soon, one-by-one, the lights disappeared and the houses were shrouded by shadows. Only a few houses kept their lights on but they flickered on and off. Someone must be walking in front of the windows. I leaned against the ledge, seeing if getting closer would take me more out of my cursed prison. Then I noticed a figure on the walls.

They didn't belong to those of the guards because they were moving side to side. This dark figure moved stealthily, so I doubted I had even seen something. But as I had suspected, there it was moving along the edge and climbing down the palace wall. The figure moving across the yard until it disappeared into the Gardens. I jumped up, excited by the potential adventure and danger. I only thought for a second about the danger the figure could inflict on me, but reassured myself knowing the guards would come at a moment's notice. I barked at my servants to replace my shawl with something warmer, for I was going for a midnight stroll. I rushed out of my chambers and twisted down the many flight of stairs, until I reached the glass double doors that led out into the Gardens. I flung open the doors, but I halted before taking a step. Who was out there? And what would I say to them? I shook the worry out of my silly head, which was pumped with the ecstasy this adventure brought. I stepped out of the castle, onto its grounds, and I plunged myself into the maze and the journey.

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