Heavy in my hands

But lighter than you'll ever know

As I gather more they grow heavier

Instead of lighter and even with this strain

I look as if I was looking at a loved one

I go until they tower well above my head

Smells of...

Of home warm and comforting

Happy and safe with love and care

(even if I was none of the above)

Fill my nose inciting fond memories

Even in an empty house

I never really feel alone

Surrounded by so many people

Friends I've learned to love

Men I've fallen in love with

Those of both good and bad character

All these different worlds, no different lives

Nothing but black and white, repeating

yet filled with more color

than in my most vivid of dreams

I am a warrior, detective, leader, savior

From the past

In the future,

An alternate reality

Saving the world from evil,

Finding the one,

Or just surviving

I am anyone but me

Anywhere but here

Able to be free

To fall in love

Over and over again

Always with the right person

Because they are who they are

They never change or let you down

Forever in a constant

Equal in my haven and escape

My dear friends and loves

The books in my life

And those who write them

I am who I am because

You guide me