Chapter 1

I fell to the floor, my body on fire. I was burning!!

It was dark when I woke up. My body was tired and my throat was parched. I let out a quite hiss at the scorching pain in my throat.

"Drink this," a girl said. She put a green concoction up to my lips and I sipped at it. I almost threw up. It was the most foul- smelling, weirdest-tasting thing ever but it had helped the pain. I doused it in three gulps.

"Where am I?" I asked. My voice sounded like silk and a bell- a silky bell.

"A meadow," a girl replied. She was pretty- brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"The name's Erin," she replied.

"Nice to meet you," I said. I felt realized we were moving.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Your house," she said.

"How do you know where I live?" I asked scared. Has she been staking me.

"My boyfriend, Adam," she said simply, "He knows were everyone lives and if he finds out he doesn't, all he has to do is some research."
I nodded as if this was okay but honestly he was scaring me.

"Don't worry, we're not staking you," Erin said. I still didn't think this was a good thing.

"I'm going to let you in through your window, 'kay?" she said.

"Okay. I was supposed to be at my best friend's house," I said sadly, "She'll be so worried," I said.

"Don't worry, we'll have that fixed," she said. Then we were in my room. She laid me on my bed.

"See you later," she said. I nodded and fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up late, 6:00. Normally I would be really sluggish but surprisingly I was super energized. I showered and washed my light auburn hair. Afterwards, I took a while to curl my hair. Then I slid on a white cotton racer back tank top, a black three- quarter sleeve leather jacket, and blue jeans. I added a pair of white and black converse, a gold necklace, and gold hoops.

"AUBREY!!" my mother, Robin Denise Hale, shouted.

"Coming!" I shouted back. My voice sounded so light and airy. I ran down the stairs at a breath- taking pace.
"Get something to eat!" Mom said before I could leave.

"I'm not hungry," I said as I slammed the door shut and drove to school in my black Mercedes.

In the hallways of North High School, I quickly walked to my locker and got my books for school.

"Hello, Aubrey," two girls said in unision as they stood on either side of me. I let out a yelp- who were they.

"Don't worry. You met Erin yesterday, right?" the girl with golden blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Well, Erin sent us to help you," the girl with black hair, black eyes, and dark brown skin explained. I nodded slowly.

"I'm Lauren," the girl with black hair said, "Lauren Keith."

"I'm Jessie- Jessie McAlister," the blonde said.

"Um… nice to meet you," I said hesitantly.

"Look, we're skipping class," Lauren said.

"We could get caught," I replied, remembering the time when I got caught for trying to sneak out.

"Don't worry, we won't get caught," Jessie assured. Then we slid back into the throng of students and started on our way to the front door. Our principal, Mr. Clark, was standing out side making sure students got to class. When he turned her back to us, we slid outside and ran to a black Jetta convertible.

"Who's car?" I asked.

"Mine," Lauren said smugly.

"Nice," I replied sliding in the back seat that was made with leather.

Wow this is nice.

I know.

Someone else's thoughts filled my head and I let out a scream.

"Lauren, you didn't just-" Jessie said.

"Of course I did," Lauren said cutting Jessie off.

"We have to-"

"It's the quickest way Jess," Lauren cut her off. Jessie growled and Lauren shut up. After a few seconds of silence Lauren asked, "Do you want me to call Erin?"

"Yes." Jessie answered kindly.

"Um… Aubrey, we're taking you to Erin's house or maybe it's Adam's. That doesn't matter though, we have some very important information you can not- repeat can not- tell anyone," Jessie says turning to face me.

I just nod and rest my head on the back of the seat.

Almost five minutes later Lauren says, "Ok, this is Adam's house."

I woke up from my doze and started paying attention. Lauren pulled up into a huge white house with white shutters, large windows, and baby blue curtains. She took the key out of the ignition and we all walked up to the house. I was hesitant but I really wanted to see this Adam guy who could track anyone he wanted. Jessie knocked softly on the white front door and it opened immediately.

"Oh, you guys made it!" Erin said giving Lauren and Jessie a hug.

"Yup, we've got the newbie," Lauren replied with a small smile.

"Thanks guys," a guy with black, spiky hair, black eyes, and pale skin said.

"Hey Adam," Lauren said.

"Where's the newbie?" the boy, Adam, asked.

"Hi," I said, stepping from the shadows.

"WAIT!!!" Erin shouted, "I'M MAKING INTROS!!"

"Umm… okay," I say softly.

"Aubrey, this is my boyfriend, Adam Campbell," Erin said, "Adam, this is the new vamp, Aubrey Hale."

"I know she's Aubrey," Adam says with a smile.

"Correction," Lauren interrupts, "Adam is Erin's soon- to- be fiancé."

Adam and Erin smile at each other hopefully.

"But- I mean- but- Erin's so young," I stammer.

"Erin's almost twenty- five," Jessie says.

"Oh," I say.

"Vampires don't age the same way as humans do," Erin says.

"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" I shout.