Oh even the winds so whisper your name
The cold, the night
Every ring of your laughter, each glimmer of your eye
Lasts on
A way to survive, a way to die.

The day is a waste, time a sorry place
Without you
What emptiness, ill-conceived, embarrassing emptiness
Fills the world entire when you are not here
And pain so original, deserving its own name
Daily morphs
Til I know a million ways of missing you.

Oh if you knew, if I knew
The depths of my heart you have ventured into
Like newfound land, like a colony waiting
For you to plunder and bless, til I have nothing and everything.

With you all else seems small, shadows squeezing for space
Your light, supreme, searches me and finds me wanting
Yes, wanting, to hold you if only once more
See your radiance unclouded, untouchable
It would take all of me to embrace, all my life to never let go.

So return, my love, where are you?
For as they search for you it is my heart
That leaps across the dark dark hills to find
That there is none like you.