There's a house
that sits on a street
that lies between two little trees
in a neighborhood that doesn't change.
It's a place untouched by time.

Summer seems to thrive
in this small little house.
With children running
and parents laughing,
everyone seems to have a good time.

A father drives to the park
and plays catch with his kids.
The day spent outdoors
eating cold ice cream on the curve
while warmed with the breeze.

The perfect Barbeque
held in the backyard.
The grass freshly cut green.
The hammock up and ready
for a quick peaceful rest.

The long awaiting bike rides
happened every weekend.
With father and daughter
and sometimes son too,
they all take their time
to spend with each other.

The ever present sun
gently shining on their faces
brings nothing but
good times and smiles
with summer.