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Chapter One: Breakeven

Spencer Sharp didn't like living alone.

She liked the feeling of her best friend, Katie Finch, in the kitchen cooking when she was still asleep on an early Sunday morning. She liked the feeling of fighting over the remote control when Katie wanted to watch dramas, but she wanted to some documentary on the Wildlife Channel. She liked how they went grocery shopping with Katie and they'd always spend hours cruising the supermarket aisles for the most fancy but affordable buys.

And now, she was going to miss all of that.

"Do you really have to go, Katie?" Spencer asked.

Katie looked at her with sorrow. "Spencer, you know I want to stay, but Mike and I are getting serious. I can't tell him I don't want to live with him when he asks me to move in with him, can I?"

"Of course you can! You've only been dating for a year- that's nothing!" she protested while Katie rolled her eyes. Even Spencer herself knew she was lying.

"You can't really expect me to stay after you launch that one at me, do you, Spence? You can't say one year isn't long when you haven't even been in a relationship for that long!" she snapped.

Spencer stayed quiet. Relationships were a sensitive topic for her. She wasn't extremely determined to find a husband, considering she was still young, though she did long for a stable relationship. But she always believed in her career, family and friends first before being involved in love. She looked up at Katie, who had her hands on her hips, looking defensive for the next blow she was expecting from her supposed best friend.

"I'm sorry, Katie. I shouldn't have said that," Spencer smiled weakly. Katie folded her arms and gave a brief nod for her to continue. "We should be enjoying our last day together, not complaining and fighting like idiots!"

Her best friend sighed. She had a pensive look on her face, and Spencer gulped nervously. Usually, Spencer and Katie didn't fight much. They were the best of friends, ever since they met in freshman year. Since then, they had pretty much been inseparable. Although they had a lot in common, including food and living conditions, they were quite different in physical aspects. Katie had beautiful blonde hair and bright hazel eyes to match. She looked amazing all the time; being blessed with sun-kissed skin and mile-long legs tend to do that to you. Spencer was shorter than Katie by half a head, and though she had similar blonde hair to her, her eyes were a bizarre seaweed colour, though her mum kept insisting it was green.

"You'll find another room-mate, Spence, and possibly a better one," Katie laughed; breaking the long but comfortable silence.

"I doubt that, Katie. You've been the best. I mean, you have to put up with my irritating habits all the time," Spencer answered humourously. Suddenly though, she was reminded again that her best friend would be leaving in a few hours. She sighed. "I really am going to miss you though. I never thought I'd see the day my best friend Katie Finch leaves me for a boy,"

"It's not like I'm leaving the country, Spence," Katie replied quietly as she wrapped her arms around her best friend's form. Spencer didn't want to cry but her tear ducts refused to co-operate as she felt moisture gather in her eyes. "I'll visit, alright? And we can go for lunch one day and- oh Spencer, please don't cry!"

Spencer pulled away from the hug and smiled at Katie reassuringly. "I'm fine, you know me- always the emotional one!" she chuckled.

Katie opened her mouth to speak, but the chime of her phone silenced her. She fished her phone out of her pocket and Spencer saw her eyes read over the screen.

"Spencer, I need to jet, Mike just invited me to dinner," Katie said almost sadly; though Spencer didn't miss the giggle in her voice.

"Sounds fun," she replied sourly. Sometimes, her best friend could be so damn selfish and blind. It was the day before they would stop being roommates, and even when she'd be seeing her boyfriend every day for god knows how long, Spencer still had to be her second choice.

"Come on Spence, don't be mad! I'll be back-"

"Whatever, Katie," Spencer waved off; walking back to her room. "Don't forget to lock the door when you leave,"

"Miss Sharp, your five o'clock appointment is here. Can I send him in?"

Spencer looked up and saw the bubbly face of her secretary, Rick, in the door way. She smiled politely at him as she hole-punched a stack of papers and placed them neatly into her binder folder. She was beyond exhausted from the work today, and even though she was craving a little alcohol right now, she was still glad to hear her last appointment would begin shortly.

"Of course, Rick," she confirmed, "But you know you can always call me? We have phones for a reason,"

"I would've and I did, Miss Sharp- but you never answered," Rick laughed. Spencer furrowed her eyebrows and checked that the phone on her desk hadn't been charged at the dock and wasn't currently working.

"Sorry about that Rick," Spencer cringed rather sheepishly, "I must've forgotten to charge it when I left the office the last night,"

"It's alright, Miss Sharp. And I'll tell your client that your meeting has commenced," Rick announced professionally. Spencer mouthed thanks as he left the door.

She took a key out of the pocket of her pencil skirt and unlocked the filing cabinet. Spencer took out several folders to prepare for the meeting she was about to have. Unlike most women of her age, she took her real estate job very seriously. Being a twenty-four-year-old successful real estate agent couldn't be achieved easily, so when the opportunity came along, Spencer couldn't afford to take any chances. She was never a second late; never took many days off and never took any risks when dealing with a potential home-buyer. Spencer liked to maintain her high reputation within her firm.

"Mr Reynolds, right this way; Miss Sharp will see you now," Spencer heard Rick say as he gestured her client in.

Even though her back was to the door, her ears picked up the sound of this 'Mr Reynolds' sitting down on the leather seat that was positioned opposite her currently messy desk. Spencer turned around and prepared to give her client a dazzling smile.

"Spencer Sharp, it's a pleasure to meet you," she grinned; extending out a hand, "And your name is?"

"I'd like to go by Mr Reynolds, if that's alright with you. I'd like to keep this as professional as possible," he stated profoundly as he coldly took her hand and shook it.

Spencer frowned for a brief second. It was so quick that she hoped that Mr Reynolds hadn't noticed. She had never met a client that wasn't friendly. He wasn't old- in fact, he looked around her age, though his attire of a suit and tie gave him a more formal appearance. He didn't look grumpy and threatening like some mature people she had met previously, so she couldn't understand the reason for his odd behaviour. She decided to look through some of the documents on her table and organise them into a pile before sitting down in her seat. Through her thick eyelashes, she looked at him again. Mr Reynolds had dark-chocolate-coloured hair and stunning blue eyes that made her heart constrict. There was something vaguely familiar about him.

"Of course, Mr Reynolds," she replied curtly, "How can I be of assistance today?"

"I'm looking for a place to rent temporarily. All I need is one bedroom, bathroom and shared living room and kitchen and I'm set for a few months," he explained. Spencer was a little surprised at how quickly he had responded to her question. It seemed like he had certainly come prepared.

"I'm sure there will be plenty of options for you to look at, Mr Reynolds," Spencer said as she started to tap her keyboard to view a range of suitable properties for her strange client. "Are there any specific needs you'd like? For example, to stay in an apartment, or house, or duplex, or somewhere with a garden or-"

"An apartment would be nice," he murmured; incidentally cutting Spencer off. She remained silent, quietly hoping she hadn't hit a sensitive note, until she found a list for Mr Reynolds to inspect.

"Here," she offered kindly as she turned the computer screen for Mr Reynolds to look, "We have some lovely apartments available for rent at the moment,"

He glanced at the screen and scowled immediately, and before Spencer had a chance to speak up, he already did.

"I find none of these appealing, Miss Sharp,"

Spencer widened her eyes in shock. Never, had she met such a rude and ignorant client who didn't even properly investigate the amazing properties up for rent. Even she herself would've considered the places that came as a result of her search if she didn't have her two-room apartment at home.

"Is there something wrong with these apartments, Mr Reynolds? Are they out of your price-range?" Spencer asked with sarcastic sweetness, before she had the chance to stop herself.

"I'll have you know, Miss Sharp, that I am perfectly capable of finding my own place to live without your help," Mr Reynolds spat out through a clenched jaw. Spencer instantly regretted what she had said. Even when he was being a complete pain in the ass, she still wanted to take the high road and not snoop to his level.

Luckily, her office door swung open and Rick's face appeared in the doorway.

"Sorry to disturb your meeting, Miss Sharp, but I'd just like to let you know I'll be going home now. It's already six and normally, I'd stay, but it's my mother's birthday and-"

"It's fine, Rick, go and enjoy yourself," Spencer responded in a cheery tone- which was strange considering she had been regretful only a mere second or two ago. "You've done an amazing job, so I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early at nine!"

"Thanks Spencer, have a great night!" Rick winked; closing the door as he left.

"You and Rick an item?"

Spencer adjusted her gaze to meet Mr Reynolds'. His eyes were still an incredible blue and as improper at it sounded for her to be lusting over a client, he was so damn good-looking. If Katie was still single, she'd definitely try to nab him.

"No, we're not," Spencer sighed; somewhat coldly, "Didn't you say you wanted this meeting to be strictly professional?"

He remained silent.

Spencer wasn't going to give up her point. She was stubborn as hell, but she was quite annoyed at the strange man's behaviour. He was rude and ill-mannered to her, and even when he required her services, he wouldn't give her the chance to impress him and satisfy him with finding a great place to live in. Even when she was curious on why he was only interested in temporary placement, she still stayed reserved throughout the entire meeting.

It had been a minute since the last of them spoke and Spencer knew she was wasting time. She could've been home, making dinner and drinking wine as she relaxed herself with a shower and television. It had been a busy day and she was more than eager to get out of this office.

"Look, Mr Reynolds, I apologise for my previous questions. It was out of line and certainly most unprofessional," Spencer smiled hesitantly, as she pushed her glasses up with her finger, "Perhaps I could arrange for you to see someone else in my expertise. I'm sure someone can find what you're looking for,"

He stayed silent.

"Well then, with no objections to my suggestion," Spencer said dejectedly. She had never lost a client before. "Meeting over,"

Without waiting for him to reply, she pushed herself out of the chair, shot a warm but brief goodbye at Mr Reynolds, grabbed her bag and preceded to walk out the door.


Spencer turned around and saw a tall, young and very handsome man stand up from his chair with a softer expression on his face than the one he had on before.

"I'm sorry, Spencer," he whispered softly; his eyes now clear. She shuddered at the vulnerability his blue orbs were showing and how he had said her name. It sounded so feminine for once. "I need your help,"

"And I need to go home," Spencer blurted out. He arched an eyebrow and looked at her with a curious expression on his face. She could've slapped herself at that exact moment. "I didn't mean to sound rude like that! I was just saying that it's after hours and I haven't had dinner and I'm irritable and tired. I'd love to continue our business though, but it is getting late and I do need to head back to my place and I'd ask you to come over but that'd be-"

"Great," he smirked gently; cutting her off once again, "Let's go,"

"Weird," she finished as the two headed out the door.

If Katie had decided to visit and collect the last remaining things in her now empty room, Spencer would be so screwed.

It wasn't like Spencer to have guys over, and Katie knew that. Spencer had a few relationships in high school but certain events led her to decide on a love-less life for the meantime. She wanted to know she was ready to commit and her partner was ready too before they actually entered the unknown worlds of love and relationships.

But there was, surely, nothing to worry about. Spencer didn't even know Mr Reynolds, let alone like him.

"Nice place you have," he remarked as he sat down on her black leather lounge. "Comfy,"

"Thanks," Spencer laughed, "Would you like a drink?"

"Some coffee would be great, thanks,"

Spencer locked the door and dropped her bag down by the table. She walked into the kitchen and looked through her cabinet for a mug. After pressing a few buttons on her newly-purchased coffee maker, the beverage was brewing along quite nicely when Spencer had a huge realisation.

She had let a stranger into her house.

She ran out the door and with wide eyes, searched the area for Mr Reynolds. He was nowhere in sight. And so, she began to panic. What if he was a psychopath? What if he was going to kill her, or worse? What if he stole some of her valuables and snuck out the window?

"Mr Reynolds, where are you?" she screamed. Her heart thudded against the thin material of her shirt in an erratic manner as she began to worry and stress even more.

"Relax, Spencer," a warm chuckle erupted from behind me, "And please, Mr Reynolds sounds stupid. After work hours, I'm Jack,"

Jack Reynolds. Spencer smiled; it was a nice name. But somehow, it made Spencer have vivid déjà vu. The name seemed so familiar yet so distant. Did she know this man? She nodded at him and then went back to the kitchen. She needed to clear her head.

There was something about him that told her she had been acquainted with him before. She didn't want to ask him directly if they had ever met before today because if they didn't, he'd think she was even crazier than she already was. Spencer laughed internally. She was basically having an internal battle with herself; of course he'd think she was crazy!

Pouring some coffee for Mr Reynolds and herself, she continued her journey til she reached the coffee table that was placed near her television. She sat the mugs down and sat down next to Jack. He smiled in a friendly manner at her.

"Thanks for the coffee," Jack grinned brilliantly, making Spencer's heart melt a little.

She looked at Jack with admiration. Spencer couldn't believe that she was having coffee with the guy that made her life at work today a frustrating piece of hell. "It's fine,"

"So Spencer," Jack began, as Spencer sipped from her mug, "Why do you live alone in a two-bedroom apartment?"

"I don't live alone," Spencer furrowed her eyebrows.

"You have a spare bedroom to the left over there," he replied with confusion.

"Oh right, sorry," she gushed, "I forgot that my best friend moved out a few days ago. She should've come tonight to pick up the last of her stuff, which was basically a lamp and her DVD's,"

"Why'd she move out? Did she get sick of you?" he teased lightly. Spencer tried to frown at his so-not-funny joke, but failed and laughed instead. And to think that he was the serious type!

"She moved in with her boyfriend,"

"So...looking for a new roommate then, are we?" Jack winked. She had no idea why his handsome attributes were making her face feel extremely hot.

"Not exactly," she thought aloud as she took another gulp of her coffee, "Why? Would you like to live with me?" she joked.

Jack's face turned serious, but then, he grinned cheekily at her, while Spencer just gulped. Was he serious? Because she most definitely wasn't.

"I guess the search for my new home is done," he announced dramatically, "Meeting over!"

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