Verse One:

Hey girl!

Why you look so confused?

You weren't the one being used

You left me alone shedding tears

Forlorn – grappling with my fears

All because I liked you...


Don't make me hate you!

'Cus I don't want to

Just let me hate me

It's how things should be...

Verse Two:

Why must I be forever alone?

I know I can't do it on my own

Because you made me better

You'd know if you ever met her

Oh, I really liked her...


And all because I wanted to feel

Is this pain false or is it real?

If so – it was worth losing you

At least I know what I feel is true


You flirt, charm and tease

But you scarcely know how to please

I simply don't know what to do

I'm sore and hurt – feeling blue

All because I needed you....