Verse One:

Girl you need a compass

Girl you need a map

Girl you need special attention

You always find a way to get yourself lost

You're always gonna ask for directions

Verse Two:

Then you met me on the wrong side of the track

Papa dun' tell you to find a way back

Then you start breaking all the rules

Then you start fighting the fools

But you're still very lost to me!


How many times I must tell you?

You're going the wrong way!

Why don't you come my way!

Or no way at all (x2)

Verse Three:

Every morning you wake to blow my top

Girl you so good, I tell you don't stop

Girl i'm not your pony you're riding me to death

Oh you gotta learn to respect yourself

You're still very lost to me!


You're bringing out the big guns

You're running from the law

You say that it's so fun

Craziest girl that I ever saw...

But you're still very lost to me!

Chorus (x3)