Earth was once beautiful, or so the stories say. I wouldn't know. The planet in which we live now-the "new earth", does not "look" like anything. Even if it was beautiful, we wouldn't be able to see it. No one can see. Except me. I see. I see the tree, the fires, the rivers. I see the earth. I can see, although I have no eyes. I can see it all. I can feel it all. I think it is beautiful.

No one else understands what "beauty" is. They do not understand sight. They can only hear, smell and taste. The explosion stole out eyes from us. Only I can see this planet. I watch with my mind, the beauty. I have never considered this to be of special importance. I have helped my family and friends. I have done my work, I never knew how much this power would affect the survival of my planet. I never knew how it would change me. I had no idea the planet would even need to be saved, and that I would be the one to save it.

I never knew.

That is, until the embers started falling….