The government modified my DNA. Translation for all you super dumbasses: the prez let people screw around with what makes me tick. My eyes are so sharp I can see clear as day in the dark. My ears are enhanced so I can hear whispers through concrete. My reflexes are lightning quick. I can run so fast a cheetah could not catch me. I am also smarter than half the bastards that made me this way.
No one knows about me, except for those wacked out science geeks. They do no even know where I am, though. Truthfully, all I know is that I am in a forest in the U.S. I kill my own meals with a knife I acquired. My clothes were cargo khakis and a black tank top I had stolen from a thrift store a year ago. I had some more jeans and t-shirts in a canvas bag in the cave I use to sleep in at night. My average body heat is so high that I hardly ever need a sweatshirt, so it is too bad for those scientists I will never freeze to death.
Anger? You think I have a lot of anger? Correction, I have a lot of fury. For ten years I was kept in a rubber room and for the past three I have been out in the woods on my own. None of the Nerds care enough to go after me. They all think I have gone wild, barking and clawing at random things. I have not. I am more civilized than you think. I have a second canvas bag in my cave with soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, et cetera that I steal from wholesale places when needed. My cave is right along a small stream that gets up to about seven feet deep at some places. See? The Nerds are wrong. I am not wild.
The Nerds only have one concern about me: that I stay out of "civilized" society. They do not want me infiltrating the world with the fighter habits they gave me. They know if I got out of control, no one could stop me. I fight hard, but I have never gone out of control. I do not think it is possible for me to "go out of control" because like the Nerds tend to forget, I am human.
I would love to say that I have that sweet, angelic look that could fool anyone into thinking I am the next freaking Mother Mary. I do not. I have gray eyes, like a storm cloud, that look silver in the moonlight. My black eyelashes are long and thick, so much so that my eyes always look outlined and slightly exotic at night. I am five foot six, skinny because of my living habits. My thick hair is jet black and is long from not being cut in a while. My skin is ultra-pale because I have sun resistant pigments in me or something crazy like that. Basically, it is like I am wearing 50 SPF sunscreen all the time. My teeth are perfect and my nails are a good length and perfect too. Both are sharp as a great white's choppers.
As of right now am doing nothing interesting. After breakfast I caught a fox, which was easy. I skinned it, using the bones and fur and stuff for fuel for the fire since I do not like to waste too much wood. I beat the meat with a clean rock before putting it in a banged up pot with water. I was watching it boil over the fire while I laid out some wet clothes on a larger rock in the direct rays of the sunlight.
The meat was taking forever to boil so I lied down next to the rock, in the sunlight. Even if I do not get burned or tanned from the sun, I still like to lay in it. I can still feel its warmth and I like it, even if my body temperature is way up there already. I was playing with a weirdly large leaf when I heard voices off in the distance. They were probably about a mile and a half or so away, maybe a little more. They were trying to whisper but apparently they suck at it. I did not switch my position because I was totally concealed behind the rock from the direction they were coming.
"Are you sure she's here?" a male voice asked.
"Yes," a deeper male voice replied, "she was spotted here. We have to get her before someone else sees her. If people find out that we created her they will-"
"Yeah, yeah, we know what they will do," a female voice said in annoyance. "Let's just find this bitch."
"Sh, she might hear you," the first male voice said. "Are we even sure we can get her?"
"It's three on one. She hasn't had combat training in three years, she's probably lost her touch."
"But what if she hasn't?"
"She has, Riley, so shut up!"
I got up. I calculated that I had twenty-one minutes before they reached the river based on their footsteps. I gathered all my clothes quickly and ran into my cave. I left all my dry clothes in their canvas bag and transferred some of the things in my other bag to that one. I went back out to the fire, batting it out with my damp clothes before chucking the meat into the forest and bringing the pot back into the cave. I placed all the things I was leaving behind in he giant pot. I went back outside, climbing the nearby tree easily, like I had done before. I put my canvas bag against the trunk. I stood crouched on a branch, just waiting.
When the three reached the river, I was a little surprised. They were all at least six feet, pretty muscular, and armed. I flicked out my blade as I fixed my stance on the branch to take down the girl first. She seemed the most trained out of all of them by the way she was standing, ready to fight at a moment's notice. Besides, she also seemed like the smartest and she would know to call for help on the walkie-talkie that only she was carrying.
"Come out, come out, wherever you are," the smaller of the two men called.
The other two shot him a quickly look before they spread out, going in a circle with their backs to each other. I moved to the end of the branch slowly before leaping right into the middle of the circle. I landed silently on the ground so none of them noticed. After I took a silent step the girl felt something behind her and began to turn. I stabbed my blade into her back before she could say anything to the others or get a full glimpse of me.
"Ohmygosh!" the small one said when he heard the girl fall to the ground and turned to see me.
"Not even a hello?" I asked. "And you call me uncivilized."
By now the other one had turned. At the exact same time they both shot me. I sidestepped both bullets easily. I went for the smaller one first, planting one foot firmly before snapping out quickly with the other. His rib was just snapping when my foot hit the ground and I jumped, my legs going around like windmills, and landed right in front of him. I punched up as he blinked, sending his nose bone straight into his brain. It took me three seconds to kill him after he shot me.
The bigger guy shot again, but ran over to the dead girl's body to get her walkie-talkie. I leaped forward, jumping twice as far as any human can, and landed on his back. He managed to throw me off. I landed on my feet. I kicked out before the guy could turn. I kicked him behind the knees, making them pop. He started to fall back. I grabbed his neck and slammed him against the ground. His neck snapped in my grasp. I had dug my nails into his neck and the small gashes started to bleed, the blood trickling onto the ground by the man's blank face.
I stood up, brushing off my pants. I ran back to the tree, climbed up it, and got my bag before returning back to the ground. I looked at the three dead Nerds next to the river. By tomorrow another party of them would be sent out to see what had happened to them. They would just keep sending the Nerds out, trying to catch me. All their attempts would be fruitless because they had made me uncatchable. They only wanted to catch me because someone had seen me, apparently. I remembered that a hunting party had gone through the forest but I did not think they had seen me. The Nerds seemed pretty freaked out by that. I wonder how freaked out they would be if I tried to join society, become a civilian. They would send out twice as many people to go after me, but I would be able to kill all of them.
I started walking through the forest, toward the nearest city. Time to piss off America's, and possibly the world's, most screwed up scientists.