Lora made sure

Spencer took his cough medicine.

Kevin gave Reba

A heart-shaped locket.

Matt took a picture

Of his and Rachel's interlocking hands.

Cody told Mary he loved her

When everyone could hear.

Mike made Erin a card

Because he didn't have enough money.

Intimate memories

Between the two of them,

Between all of them.

No explanation

Other than love.

But what happens when

Something goes wrong?

It took so long

For Lora to say yes.

Reba told me,

Her picture's fading.

Matt barely noticed

When Rachel got her surgery.

Mary cried when she heard what happened;

He could have been lost, just like that.

Mike's not improving

His anger.

Is love ever eternal?

Will they know when they need each other,

No matter what logic says?

Forget after high-school,

And remember on your deathbed:

The one you pledged to love

As long as you live.